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11 DEC 




 Declared Emergency

  Day #316 


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NO FEAR ......



10 DEC 2019


Shooting in kosher market in 

New Jersey leaves multiple dead, wounded 

FBI Had Warned of Loophole Allowing

Foreign Nationals to Buy Guns

Indian-origin doctor faces jail

for sexually assaulting patients in UK

Small group of Democrats floats

censure instead of impeachment

Deficit spikes 12 percent in first

two months of fiscal year: CBO

North Korea’s Kim Tests Trump’s

Patience With Rockets, Taunts

Huawei CFO wins Canada court 

fight over arrest-related documents

Nancy Pelosi bragged to Democrats

that 'we ate their lunch' on Trump's

NAFTA replacement deal

Four People Killed, 6 Injured in Militants'

Attack on Hotel in Somalian Capital

Putin calls disqualification of 

Russian athletes political

Review of Four FISA Applications and
Other Aspects of the FBI's Crossfire
Hurricane Investigation

IG Report Proves Democrats Were Wrong,

and Nunes Right, About FISA Warrant

"This Was An Attempted Overthrow":

Trump Slams FBI After FISA Report Release

"Undeniable Evidence": Explosive  

Classified Docs Reveal Afghan War 

Mass Deception

Major Freight Carrier Bankrupted,

Leaving 3,000 Truckers Jobless,

Many Stranded On Highways

Chile military plane with 38 on 

board disappears en-route to Antarctica

Moscow, Kiev agree on

‘comprehensive ceasefire’ in Eastern Ukraine

Macron Braces for Second Day of

Protests Against Pension Reform

Indonesia may fall short of foreign

tourist target in 2019

African Countries Borrowing Like

It’s the 1990s Worries the IMF

Bolivian ex-president calls for

Israeli army protection

Hong Kong police defuse two fully    

functional home-made bombs placed

inside school

China Inc's search for factories

hits technological wall in Cambodia

UN Calls for Truce Around Next Year's

Tokyo Summer Olympics

Iran: How Much Does The World 

Really Know About The Atrocities In Mahshahr

Red State Senate Democrats Not

Yet Convinced They Will Vote to

Convict Trump on Articles of Impeachment

Hillary Clinton emerges as top

choice of Democratic voters in

Harvard-Harris presidential poll

AG Barr condemns IG report's  

finding that FBI probe of Trump

campaign was justified

No political bias but many mistakes 

in FBI probe of Trump campaign

In opening Trump campaign investigation,

FBI felt it had reached a 'tipping point,'

Lou Dobbs: DOJ IG Report a ‘Whitewash,’

Shows ‘The Deep State’s Awesome

Control of Our Permanent Bureaucracy’

Saudi gunman who killed 11 people

at Pensacola Naval station had       

tweeted against US before shooting

Finland picks its youngest-ever 

Prime Minister

China says it will continue ‘training’

Xinjiang people

Kazakh Ambassador presents credentials

to Hungarian President

Trump warns North Korea after

'very important' missile tests

Former Lebanon PM Hariri re-enters  

election race after political opponent


Death Toll From Measles Outbreak in

Samoa Rises to 70

Polio returns to haunt Malaysia

after almost 30 years

New Zealand Volcano: 'Indescribable' 

eruption leaves at least one dead

"The Fed Was Suddenly Facing Multiple 

LTCMs": BIS Offers A Stunning 

Explanation Of What Really Happened 

On Repocalypse Day

Notorious Duct-Taped Banana Exhibit Vandalized 

With "Epstien Didn't Kill Himself" Sign

FBI hunt for missing Saudi servicemen as it's

revealed Pensacola Naval base killer hosted dinner party

to watch

mass shooting videos and visited New York to see

Rockefeller Christmas tree lights turned on just

two days before

Saudi airman may have become

radicalized before U.S. Navy base attack

Saudi airman’s colleagues filmed as

he killed 3 at US naval base as cops

detain 10 with others missing

Epstein Was A Mossad Agent Used

To Blackmail American Politicians,

Former Israeli Spy Claims

A Sinking Deutsche Bank Faces

An Existential Question: How Much

Can It Spend On Bonuses?

Israeli aircraft bomb Hamas

positions in Gaza after rocket attack

25 killed IN iRAQ 130 INJURED!

4 dead in shooting near Mexico's 

presidential residence

Ukraine and IMF agreed on a new

program of cooperation

Elon Musk could face retrial in

‘pedo guy’ case

Pakistan confers civil awards on 4

Chinese nationals

Algeria: Crackdown As Election Looms,

Warns HRW

Serbia: President Vucic Accused Of 

Spreading Hate By Denying Massacre

Professor renowned for predicting elections

says 2020 ‘too close to call’

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins:

‘Salvation Army Gets Ringing Endorsement’

from Trump

Luongo: "Pelosi's Mask Just Slipped"

Is Russia Overtaking The US In The

Realm of Strategic Bombers?

Saudi National Suspected in Shooting

at U.S. Navy Base That Left Four Dead

NAS Pensacola shooting suspect was Saudi

aviation student
Suspected shooter at Naval Air Station Pensacola

was Saudi Air Force member

EU delegation visits Turkey

U.S. Mulls Withdrawal From Open Skies Treaty

Several killed in central Baghdad 

as assailants fire live rounds

U.S. House passes resolution breaking 

with Trump on Israel policy

French Prime Minister to

Unveil Universal Pension Plan Next Week

Venezuela’s opposition leader failed

to depose Maduro. He explains why

he’s not giving up.

Brazil police crack down on gold

smuggling on Venezuela border

Greece expels Libyan ambassador in

dispute with Turkey

Fed Adds $72.8 Billion to Markets,

Balance Sheet Moves to $4.07 Trillion

Frail-looking Harvey Weinstein, 67,

hobbles out of court clutching a stick

after being accused of violating

his sex assault bail conditions by

'mishandling' his ankle monitor

US says Iran may have killed over 

1,000 protesters in government crackdown

The Electoral College Was Terrible

From the Start

ICJ to be asked to help stop

violence against Rohingya

Central Banks Set to Keep 

Pumping Out Cash Through 2020

Six Million Filipinos Lifted Out of Poverty,

Philippines Says

Syrian Security Head met with 

Kurdish officials in Qamishli

Banks gave $745 billion to groups

planning new coal power plants: NGOs

88.5pc Afghans favour peace talks

Indonesian journalist blinded in

one eye seeks answers from Hong Kong police

Foreigners will be able to renew 

and replace Singapore driving licences 

online from Dec 9

Scotland’s long game

More Than 1,000 People May Be 

Dead in Iran Protests

Vietnam attends 22nd IFRC General 

Assembly in Geneva

Russia, Israel and Saudi Arabia:

Jeffrey Epstein ‘Found a Niche 

 Blackmailing American 

and Other Political Figures’ For 

Foreign Powers, According to His 

Ex-Spy Handler

Biden finally finds social media buzz with

viral Trump video, voter spat

Hyderabad case: Police kill

suspects in Indian vet's rape and murder

Larry Page steps down as CEO of Alphabet, 

Sundar Pichai to take over

Dem Rep. Green: ‘No Limit’ to How 

Many Times We Can Try to Impeach Trump

Japanese doctor among six

killed in Jalalabad attack

UN appeals for de-escalation in NW Syria after 

19 recent deaths

Another hot mic moment!

Pentagon Official: Indications Iranian

‘Aggression’ Could Occur

Huawei appeals US federal agency over 

'unconstitutional' ruling

Areas of Concern

Samoa’s Capital Deserted as Teams 

Battle Deadly Measles Epidemic

Colombia: Tens of thousands march 

in third strike against president

18 Indian workers killed in Sudan 

factory explosion

Multiple casualties in shooting at 

Pearl Harbor shipyard:

Dozens dead as migrant boat sinks

off Mauritania coast: UN

Strike to paralyse France in  

Macron showdown with unions

Profs make impeachment case; 

Democrats say they’re all in

Navy sailor fatally shoots 2 civilian workers, 

injures another, before killing himself at 

Pearl Harbor

White House gears up for aggressive

effort to defend Trump in the Senate

as House moves toward impeachment vote

Democrats Signal Trump Impeachment

May Go Beyond Ukraine

Iran Is Secretly Moving Missiles Into Iraq,

U.S. Officials Say

Adam Schiff’s Report Cites No ‘Bribery’

or ‘High Crimes’; Only Tweets

The Memo: Will impeachment hurt

Democrats or Trump?

Epstein Accuser Hits Out Against

Prince Andrew, Dershowitz In Wake

Of Potential New Evidence

Former Counter-Intel Officer:

Durham Needs To

Bring Indictments

World's Biggest Pension Fund Stops

Lending Shares To Short-Sellers Amid

Threat Of Market Crash

Nunes Sues CNN Over "Demonstrably False"

Report During Impeachment Hearings

The Nuclear Option: Biden Hates

‘Malarkey,’ Loves When Kids Jump

in His Lap

DOJ Watchdog Expected To Downgrade 

‘Spying’ On Trump Campaign To 

‘Typical Law Enforcement Activities’

Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Banker at         

Deutsche & Citi Found Swinging From 

a Rope; Executive ‘Suicide’ Before FBI 

Questioned Him

‘Cry More, Homewrecker’: Ex-FBI Agent 

Lisa Page Blasted Over Puff Interview 

Portraying Herself As A Victim

India girl shot dead in suspected

gang-rape as fury over sex crimes mounts

25 Senators Press for Probe Into China’s 

Corporate Ranking System

Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuses 

began by 1985, targeted 13-year-old, 

lawsuit claims


Officer stabbed, student shot in altercation

at Wisconsin high school, say police

Measles death toll rises to 60

in Samoa

with five deaths

in past 24 hours

U.S. Senators Want Turkey Sanctioned

Over Russia Missile System

Homeland Security wants to scan

US citizens’ faces, too

Suspected grenade blast near Indonesia's

presidential palace hurts two

Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi set

for first visit to South Korea in 5 years

amid missile defence row

Overnight airstrikes in Libya kill 5, wound 10

FaceApp may pose

'counterintelligence threat'

says FBI

India's crashed Vikram moon    

lander spotted on lunar surface

S&P 500 Put Trade Hedges $4.8 

Billion Portfolio for 4% Drop

Feds: Marine smuggled guns to Haiti 

so he could train military, become president

International Criminal Court Declines     

to Prosecute Alleged Israeli War Crimes

AG Barr Disagrees with IG on 

Whether Trump Surveillance Justified

Pelosi faces tough choices on

impeachment managers

Prince Andrew accuser slams 

'ridiculous excuses'

Will she? Won’t she? Hillary STILL

considering 2020

5:50am email to Ghislaine Maxwell

China Suspends U.S. Military Visits to

Hong Kong, 

Sanctions U.S.-Based NGOs

Border Patrol Seizes Over 5,000

Fake ID’s in Louisville Shipment Containers

from China

Pedophile priests operated at a California

school for decades
FROM CNN????????????? WOW FOLKS.......

Iraq: Abductions Linked to Baghdad Protests

Hunter Biden Files Suit to Keep

Financial Records Secret

in Child Support Case Filed Against Him

Amazon pulls 'disturbing' Christmas

ornaments bearing images of Auschwitz

The White House told Democratic

lawmakers on Sunday that U.S.

President Donald Trump and his

lawyers would not participate in a congressional impeachment hearing this week,

citing a lack of "fundamental fairness."

Burkina Faso: 14 people killed in

gun attack at church during Sunday mass

Africa Against Ebola: A Private

Sector and Partners Forum

Why haven’t others in India Inc    

questioned the Modi government,

like Rahul Bajaj did?

China plans new coal plants, trims

support for clean energy

Pakistani exporters eyeing China’s 

meat market

Mexican Officials Arrest Suspects 

in Massacre of 9 Women and Children

One more cocaine bust on bulk carrier in Mexico,

no news on crew

Polish protesters demand free     

judiciary after judge suspended

Death toll from weekend of Mexican cartel gun battles rises to 21

Fourteen killed in Burkina Faso Sunday

church attack

Russian-controlled ‘Donetsk republic’ 

claims more Ukrainian territory

Hong Kong protesters' U.S. 'gratitude'

march turns violent

Ursula von der Leyen’s first trip

outside the EU will be to Ethiopia

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey says

he's going to live in Africa

Iraq: 400 killed, 15,000 injured, one 

Prime Minister out

Merkel government in peril as leftwing 

duo take charge of SPD

Terror struck at event designed to 

let graduates help ex-prisoners

Australian foreign minister says 

China holding citizen in 'unacceptable' 


UN Chief warns countries that the 

'point of no return' on climate change 

is fast approaching

Alabama unveils statue of civil 

rights icon Rosa Parks

Ukraine Lawmaker's 3-Year-Old Son 

Killed In Shooting In Central Kyiv

Newsweek Reporter Fired After  

Peddling Fake News That Trump 

Golfed On Thanksgiving

India Test Fires Nuke-Capable

Missile Amid "Israeli Model" For

Kashmir Controversy

China Adopts Malicious "Cybersecurity" Rules

Shootout in Mexico between security forces,

cartel gunmen leaves 14 dead

Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian

boy in West Bank

DR Congo army kills top Ugandan

rebel leader

Ireland set for Islamic State detainee,

young daughter to return from Turkey

Australian family ‘overjoyed’ at Taliban 

hostage release

Philippines: Protesters rally against

Duterte's 'opening up to foreign powers'

Russian Leaders Today Believe In 

Soviet Myths More Intensely Than 

The Soviet Leaders Did

9 dead in Brule County, SD plane crash




Iran, Russia, China to Hold Joint      

Wargames in ‘Message to the World’

Trump Is First to Use PATRIOT Act to 

Detain a Man Forever

'Democrats can't beat Trump'

Taliban now 'ready' for

peace talks

with the US

Three wounded in stabbing in The Hague, 

manhunt under way: Dutch police

London attacker ID’d as ex-terror convict, 

reportedly had Islamic extremist ties

Malta's PM on brink as murdered

journalist's family tell him to quit

U.S. Citizen Killed in Terror  

Attack in Afghanistan

Jerry Nadler Gives Trump Friday Deadline; 

Impeachment to Include Russia Collusion

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to Defy Trump,

Appoint Establishment-Backed

Kelly Loeffler to Senate

President Bouterse of Suriname

convicted of killing 15 of his opponents

Peru's Keiko Fujimori leaves prison

after court order

Protesters clash with riot police in China

60,000 people ordered to flee 

as another explosion rocks burning 

Texas chemical plant

Syrian National Army denies

receiving weapons from Germany

Spain ‘narco-sub’ reportedly carried

€100m of cocaine

PG&E Loses Fight Over Wildfire   

Policy That Led to Its Bankruptcy

Killer drones: how many are   

there and who do they target?

Afghanistan: Land mine blast

kills 15 civilians

Donald Trump signs Hong Kong 

Human Rights and Democracy Act into law, 

brushing off China’s warnings

Iraqi protesters burn down Iranian

consulate in Najaf

18 dead after bus plunges into

gorge in Nepal

Giuliani calls Trump to tell him  

'insurance' comment was a joke

Trump to designate Mexican

drug cartels as terrorists

Schiff Hits The Fan: First House

Democrat Publicly Opposes Impeachment

Ukraine's IMF Gold & The Gold Carry Trade

The Nazi in your feed:
Regulating social
media and hate speech
NAZI HUH ??????? HHUMMmmmmm

Namibia votes in election set to

challenge ruling party's grip on power

India successfully launches earth

observation satellites

Italian government admits there is

no consortium to ready to take over Alitalia

Facial recognition technology:

fundamental rights considerations in

law enforcement



Iraq Daily Roundup: 23 Killed; Bombers

Return to Baghdad

Earthquake kills 4, injures 150 in Albania

Bolivia's interim government

appoints first US ambassador in 11 years

Pompeo: Turkey’s Test of Russian

Weapons System ‘Concerning’

Trump Admin Vows Continued

Support for Iranian Anti-Regime Protesters

Bodies of victims found in UK 

truck repatriated to Vietnam

First look at Jeffrey Epstein inside 

his ‘Pedophile Island’ lair

Federal Subpoenas Seek Information

on Giuliani’s Consulting Business

Don McGahn must testify about

time as White House lawyer, judge rules

Peru’s high court releases opposition

leader Fujimori pending probe

Argentine priests who sexually abused

deaf children get 40-year prison terms

Lebanon Protesters Defiant Despite 

Hezbollah Attack

China summons U.S. ambassador, 

makes solemn representations over 

U.S. interference in HK affairs

Pakistan: Press Under Stress – Analysis

Bloodshed in Baghdad as Sweden

investigates Iraq minister for 'crimes

against humanity'

FBI: Agent in Puerto Rico robbed

in attempted carjacking

India’s Big Plan to Bring Rupee Trading

Home Is an Uphill Task

Afghanistan’s Air Force Receives Five

More MD-530 Helicopters

Samoa measles outbreak: 

Death toll 32, 243 new cases in 24 hours

Malaysia's Mahathir hails Seoul's

'look south policy,' affirms plan to

embrace Pyongyang

Peru opposition leader Keiko Fujimori freed

pending graft probe

Business mogul Bloomberg

eyes one last prize: the White House

Imprisoned WikiLeaks founder 

Julian Assange needs urgent medical care, 

doctors urge UK authorities

America's F-35 Stealth Fighters

and B-2 Bombers Are Powerful, 

But AI Will Make Them Truly Unstoppable

Palestinians to launch protests

against U.S. declaration over Israeli


Schiff on more public hearings:

'Don't foreclose the possibility'

Smoke-Filled Mazes, Drift Tracks, 

and Rocket Attacks

Navy Secretary Fired Over SEAL Controversy

State Department Releases Detailed   

Accounts Of Biden-Ukraine Corruption

At Least 13 Killed in Southern Iraq Protests

Lebanese Hezbollah supporters 

attack protesters near the Ring Bridge

Exit polls show Romania's

incumbent president wins presidential runoff

Barr Ends All Conspiracy Theories:


Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself In

"Perfect Storm Of Screw-Ups"

US Vice President Mike Pence

reassures Kurds during surprise Iraq visit

The secret war fought by US Navy's   

most capable hunter-killer submarine

Mummified cats, cobras, crocodiles

and scarabs unveiled in huge

ancient Egypt find

Hezbollah MPs step up attacks on US

over Lebanon ‘meddling’

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Should Follow

Trump’s Lead and Slash Regulations

Did Joe Biden Just Threaten

Lindsey Graham For Investigating Him?

Republicans & Democrats Agree:   

Give Vast Snooping Powers To The

US Government

The Most Important News Story

Right Now Isn’t Impeachment,

It’s The Crisis In Mexico

Hillary Clinton asks if Republicans

will place Trump "above the law"

Ex-CIA officer jailed for 19 years

in China spy conspiracy

Colombia president orders curfew

in Bogota amid protests

Huawei condemns US security

threat designation

U.S. Judge Orders Iran to Pay $180 Million

in Damages to Washington Post

Reporter Jason Rezaian and His Family

F-35 unit from Utah base begins

deployment to Middle East

As Syria committee enters new talks,

regime pushes hard in Idlib

Saudi airstrikes in Yemen down 

80 per cent in two weeks - UN envoy

Giuliani associate Lev Parnas claims  

to have 'hard evidence' of wrongdoing 

for Trump impeachment inquiry

Malta's PM urged to step back  

from case of murdered journalist

Trump repeats debunked Ukraine

claim a day after Hill's tough testimony

Trump Tells Fox & Friends ‘I Want a Trial’

John Bolton: White House Took

My Twitter Account Hostage

A Nation Held Hostage

FBI Official Under Criminal Investigation

For Fabricating Evidence In Russiagate Probe

Colombians Fill Streets in Protest,  

Riding Region’s Wave of Discontent

Iranian government begins restoring

internet after near-total shutdown

Serbia accuses Russia of spy plot

after video leak

Now is the time to seize progress 

in Yemen and end the war

China warns of retaliation over 

new US bill on Hong Kong

Colombians join wave of protests

with march against




'Our national security is at risk':

Retired US Army brigadier general

Eight killed, 90 injured in clashes

in central Baghdad

Biden Pledges to End Weapons

Sales to Saudi Arabia

Berkeley police arrest 'multiple

masked protesters' at Ann Coulter event

David Holmes Refuses to Say He

Will Be More Careful with Communications

Ron Johnson: Ukrainians Felt No 

Pressure From White House Over 

Withheld Aid

EU ambassador throws Donald Trump,

Pompeo and Mulvaney under the bus:

Gordon Sondland says there WAS a

quid pro quo,

testifies he was ORDERED to

'talk to Rudy,' and says Bidens

probe was to benefit the president

- who fumes 'I wanted nothing' from Ukraine

Cooper says Ukrainian officials

asked about aid in July

Are Russian Authorities Trolling

on Domestic Violence?

A Hong Kong protester on why he 

won't surrender to police

Prince Andrew going public is

the real cause of his downfall

Georgian Parliament Votes Against    

Constitutional Reform Demanded by 

Opposition Protesters

Estonian President Sees Signs 

of Life During the ‘Brain-Death’ of NATO

Space travel barrier removed 

as docs freeze and revive human

for first time

King: Sondland has guaranteed

Trump's impeachment

Bolivia's president asks Congress

to approve law for new elections

Businessman arrested in Malta

journalist murder probe

Epstein Prison Guards Charged

FBI Interviews Alleged Boy Rape Victim of         

Bill Clinton; Chilling Details of Sex Assaults &

Satanic Rituals on Yacht

U.S. Deploys Additional Troops

to Middle East to Counter Iran

Kurt Volker completely reverses his

previous impeachment testimony

and now says he thought discussions

about political investigations were


More than 100 protestors killed in

Iran during unrest: Amnesty International

Pentagon & war-hawks agree:

US troops should stay in Syria - 'because ISIS'

Dozens Remain Trapped on Hong Kong

School Campus

UK support of Egypt's president

could lead to bloodshed,

whistleblower Mohamed Ali warns

In Pakistan, two kidnappings of

underage Christian girls

What We're Watching: A widening

Bolivian divide

Julian Assange: Sweden drops

rape investigation

Former White House Physician

on Trump’s Health: There’s a

‘Neurological Issue’ Not Being Addressed

Chief justice orders delay in

House fight for Trump records

Dozens of migrants found in 

refrigerated container on ferry

White House Official Sues Politico:

‘Conspired with Schiff’ to Leak False Info to

‘Further Impeachment Inquisition’

Trump Says Discussed "Negative Rates"

In Unscheduled Monday Meeting With

Chair Powell

Hong Kong Anti-Mask Law Ruled 

Unconstitutional By High Court

Chick-fil-A To Stop Donations To Charities 

With Anti-LGBT Views

Three dead including shooter at Duncan, 

Okla. Walmart

Pelosi invites Trump to testify

as new witnesses prepare

U.S. House panel agrees to 10-day

hold in fight for Trump’s financial records

Iraqi officials say Iran runs

‘shadow government’ in Baghdad

Russia returns Ukrainian naval ships seized last year near Crimea

Germany, France must influence

Kiev to take new steps under Minsk

Agreements, says Lavrov

High Profile ‘Kidnapping’, ISIS Leader 

Arrested In Ukraine Bust, Suspected Links 

To Yovanovich, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, 

And Romney

Hong Kong Police Storm Into University

After Violent Standoff With Student "Rioters"

Prince Andrew's Epstein-Related

BBC Interview Was "Catastrophic Mistake"

Bolivia Proves That Latin America 

Cannot Exit The American Empire, PCR

Missile attack hits area near 

Green Zone, Iraq

Thousands Protest in Lebanon 

as Politicians Trade Barbs

Mexico: 3 shot dead at auto shop

in city bordering Arizona

‘Narco country’ — the battle for 

Mexico’s north

Trump casts Louisiana vote as 

impeachment referendum

Iran’s top leader warns ‘thugs’ as protests

reach 100 cities

Conservatives seek to stifle new 

'alt-right' movement steeped in anti-Semitism

ISIS 'preparing clip of al-Baghdadi

ALIVE' using deepfake propaganda

How a CIA analyst, alarmed by

Trump’s shadow foreign policy,

triggered an impeachment inquiry

Border Patrol agent shoots Russian 

man near Mexico border

Mexican gang slaughters family of

5 in resort of Acapulco

Evo Morales condemns death

of coca growers in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Mexico has reached a turning point:

Will it destroy the cartels or itself?

French protesters, police clash on

'yellow vest' anniversary

Deadly car bomb blasts rip through

bus terminal in al-Bab town, 18 killed

Protests erupt in Iran after 

government raises price of petrol by 50%

Rally urging Czech PM to resign

ahead of Velvet Revolution anniversary

Crowds gather in Venezuelan’s capital for rival protests

‘Game over’ for Trump if Sondland

confirms phone call revealed

by David Holmes: ex-Watergate prosecutor

YEAH OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mainland Chinese Soldiers Take 

to Hong Kong Streets for First 

Time During Protests

Fired-up AG Bill Barr says the

Democrats are 'using every tool' to

'sabotage' President Trump in a

'scorched earth, no-holds-barred

war of resistance' and slams

the Left for their

'constant harassment'

that is 'dangerous' to America

More vapers are making their own juice,

but not without risks

Pentagon Progress in New Audit

Undercut by Worsening Shortfalls

Feds Probe Giuliani Over Ukraine Gas Pitch

Marie Yovanovitch Admits Obama 

Administration Was Preparing Her to 

Address Biden’s Controversy

China envoy threatens to ban Swedish 

minister over Gui Minhai award

Is Lebanon's central bank governor

to blame for fuel shortages?

Protesters reject Carlos Ghosn

as possible Lebanese politician

Venezuelan opposition party says

armed men raid its office

Palestine's declaration of 


under threat

IRAN: Protests against gasoline

price hikes – No. 2

WTO rejects most of India's claims

against US steel duties

Prince Andrew interview: I let the

side down by staying with Jeffrey Epstein

DHS Plan to Shoot Down Drones    

Near U.S. Airports Draws Criticism

Atlantic Council Gives Saudi Agent

Prime Perch to Peddle Influence    

in Washington

4 main takeaways from Marie Yovanovitch’s

impeachment hearing
MORE SPIN.......................ON BOTH SIDES FOLKS

Massive anti-coup protests explode

across Bolivia ‘against the many

violations to Democracy’

Four killed in protests as Ali Al Sistani 

backs Iraqi protesters' calls for 

new election law

IRAN: Khuzestan Province residents 

protest the rise in gasoline prices

Dow jumps more than 200 points 

to 28,000, posts 4-week winning streak

'Very intimidating' - Trump launches Twitter attack

on witness during impeachment testimony

Marie Yovanovitch Compares Herself 

to Diplomats Killed in Benghazi

Mozambique court rejects Renamo's

appeal to annul recent election

Unresolved Kashmir dispute a

permanent threat to regional peace

Bolivia to Expel All Venezuelan

Diplomats, Minister Says

IEA: Increase in global oil demand doubled in Q3

Roger Stone, confidant of Trump

and WikiLeaks connection, found guilty

on all seven counts
The GOP operative was charged with

making false statements, obstruction

and witness tampering tied to his pursuit

of Russian-hacked emails in 2016.

Rand Paul To Initiate Senate Vote

To Force Hunter Biden   

Impeachment Testimony

3 protesters killed in Baghdad as

bloody clashes continue

Leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany,

France to meet Dec. 9 to seek deal on

Ukraine conflict - French president’s office

Turkey sends American ISIS fighter to 

US after stalemate with Greece

In Win for Protesters, Chile to

Vote on Replacing Constitution

These Kurdish Women Fought on

the Frontlines Against ISIS. Now 

They’re the No. 1 Target in Syria

DRC leader hopes to eradicate Ebola

in his country by December

Nunes claims ambassador’s ouster is HR issue

Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Plan Would

Bring Rates Over 100% for Some

Yovanovitch responds to Trump tweets at hearing, 

says he's trying to intimidate

Italy Declares State Of Emergency As

Record Flooding In Venice Worsens

Libyan Official Urges New US 

Intervention After Russians Seen 

"On Front Lines"

Jack Ma Warns Trade War Could 

Last 20 Years Amid Threats Globalization 

Has Peaked

Recession Warning: Freight Volumes  

Negative YoY For 11th Straight Month

2 students killed in California school shooting,

16-year-old suspect in hospital in

'grave condition'

At least two dead in California school attack,

assailant shoots self

Republican Bevin concedes in

Kentucky governor’s race

Indonesia 7.1 Earthquake

Putin: Russia to deliver S-400 missiles

to India as planned

US vows to continue effort as anti-Daesh group meets

British Police Say Arrest Man on 

Suspicion of Terrorism, Arrest 'Syria-Related'

Court rejects journalist Altan’s

objection to his re-arrest

Ukrainian political prisoner gets

year in Russian punishment cell for

refusing to collaborate

Climate change: EU bank to stop 

fossil fuel lending

Santa Clarita high school shooter 

identified as Nathaniel Berhow

Iran imposes fuel rationing, 

increases prices

Bloody alliance has created a new 

cradle of facism

Coalition against ISIL in disagreement

on how to handle detainees

34 Palestinians killed, 58 Israelis

injured in rocket attacks from Gaza

and Israel this week

Venezuela's ex-spy chief disappears on eve of extradition to US

International court judges authorise 

Rohingya investigation

Maduro Threatens to Arm More  

Civilians to Suppress Opposition

Jeff Sessions: Democrats’ Impeachment 

Efforts Against Donald Trump 

‘Dangerous for the Republic’

Nancy Pelosi accuses Trump of 

bribery after first public impeachment hearing

Gunmen drag elderly British man 

and wife from beach resort in 

Philippines kidnap

McConnell On Dismissal Of Trump Impeachment

Articles: ‘We’ll Have To Have A Trial’

'Yes or no?' GOP grills witnesses at

impeachment hearing
GOOD ON CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Canada spy agencies split over proposed

Huawei 5G ban, reports media

Middle East Strategic Alliance

General Conference

Argentina: people protest upcoming

Uruguay friendly in Israel

Islamic Jihad sets preconditions for 

accepting Egypt-brokered truce with Israel

India’s ‘Failed’ Moon Mission Still Active,

Sends 3D Images of Lunar Surface

Gaza strikes leave 21 dead

Rep. Omar goes against US policy,

values: Former Clinton White House adviser

Czech president plans to celebrate VE Day in Moscow

Elizabeth Warren puts more billionaires

on blast, reportedly purchasing CNBC

ad time to further push her wealth tax

The GOP's ditch-Rudy strategy on


'An apocalypse happened': Venice

counts cost of devastating floods

Hamas Claims It Has ‘Thousands of Missiles,’

Miles of Underground Terror Tunnels

Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Commander, Rockets

Rain From Gaza

AOC: Impeachment ‘About Preventing a

Potentially Disastrous Outcome from Occurring Next Year’

Trump and Erdogan fail to resolve conflicts

Palestinians say latest Israeli airstrike

has killed five members of one family

Clashes rock Bolivia as new interim leader challenged

Russia ready to share experience in digital

technologies with BRICS states - Putin

Australia Fires Claim Fourth Life With 

Conditions Set to Worsen

Top Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann

offers impeachment advice to Democrats

UF student president faces impeachment over

Trump Jr. visit

Drag queen sashays into Trump 

impeachment hearings

Horowitz Report Will Be Damning, 

Criminal Referrals Likely

Supreme Court allows families of 

Sandy Hook shooting victims to sue 

gunmaker Remington

Bolivia crisis: Jeanine Áñez declares

herself interim president

Lebanon protests turn deadly 

as local party official killed

Hong Kong on ‘brink of total collapse’

as police and protesters clash

'Words matter': Trump accused of

fuelling attacks on Hispanics as violent

hate crimes hit 16-year high

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump's Potentially

Impeachable Offenses Include Bribery

As Trump Attacks, Death Threats

Against the Whistleblower and His Lawyers Increase

In private speech, Bolton suggests 

some of Trump's foreign policy decisions 

are guided by personal interest

Fox legal analyst Napolitano 

emerges as Trump critic

Argentina Votes For More Inflation, 

Spending, And Economic Instability

Afghanistan to swap Taliban militants

for American, Australian captives

Mexico makes arrests in massacre 

of American women, children, says minister

Kuwait oil price up 34 cents to US$63.22 pb

Congress Warns E.U. Against 

‘Warning Labels’ for Jewish-Made Products

‘Impeachment Inquiry’ Witness:

Trump Lectured Previous Ukraine

President About Corruption, Too

Israeli airstrike kills Islamic

Jihad commander

Police fire tear gas as Hong Kong  

protesters disrupt peak hour trains

Former U.S. President Carter hospitalized 

for bleeding on the brain

Factcheck: Is there really a green

conspiracy to stop bushfire hazard reduction?

Bangladesh: Many dead as train 

collides head-on

Theatre performers wounded on

stage in Saudi Arabia knife attack

Spanish king travels to Cuba, 

sparking protests — and the killing 

of stray dogs in Havana

N. Korean thieves targeting car parts

sentenced to 14 years

Bolivia sends strong signal

Singapore baggage handler 

jailed for swapping luggage tags

Google’s ‘Project Nightingale’     

Gathers Personal Health Data on

Millions of Americans


BY #45 



Nikki Haley claims top aides tried 

to recruit her to 'save the country'

by undermining Trump     
RHINO STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas Republican reiterates call to

protect Ukraine whistleblower’s identity

Mulvaney’s Move to Join Impeachment   

Testimony Lawsuit Rankles Bolton Allies

Transcripts Reveal Ambassador

Gordon Sondland Never Knew of Any

‘Quid Pro Quo’

How countries have reacted to

Bolivia’s president stepping down

Trump tells Iran return of missing 

FBI agent would be ‘very positive step’

US urges early Iraq elections as 

rights group warns of 'bloodbath'

Turks feared Russia might bomb 

Erdo?an’s palace in 2015, intelligence 

memo shows

Syria's Bashar al-Assad Reflects

on Civil War, Oil, Terrorism

and America in Rare Interview

UN chief voices concerns over 

events in Bolivia

Mongolia and Ukraine sign visa 

waiver agreement

Mexican organizations reject

coup in Bolivia

Former U.N. Ambassador Haley: 

Trump Actions 'Not A Good Practice' 

But Not Impeachable

India’s Economy Needs More

Than Prayers

Pakistan stoops to new low with Abhinandan

Varthaman's manne ..

Zimbabwe Bourse CEO Bemoans 

80% Currency Crash Ravaging Market

Oil company seeks to keep 

records closed in Alaska buyout

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Dares 

‘Weak and Scared’ Trump to Testify 

in Impeachment Inquiry

Hong Kong police officer shoots

masked protester

Bloomberg’s wealth gives him 

options his rivals don’t enjoy

The Billionaires Hit The Panic Button

State Department Slams Iran for 

Blocking Nuclear Inspector From 

Accessing Contested Sites

India Awaits Verdict on Ayodhya Site,

Leaving Hindus and Muslims on Edge

Everything you need to know

about the protests in Iraq

Brazil ex-President Lula freed from jail

Chilean Protesters Reportedly Loot, 

Torch Santiago University Amid Violent Unrest

Clashes, unrest continue in Bolivia

as more call for removal President Morales

Pompeo Rips Iran For Detaining UN

Inspector At Nuclear Site

A white restaurant manager was

sentenced to 10 years for enslaving

and beating a black man

Democrats' new moves show

House could wrap up

impeachment by Christmas

Germany’s Online Crackdowns

Inspire the World’s Dictators

Hey, Alexa: Can a robot with AI   

or your voice assistant help you

feel less lonely?

Hollywood Revisits Battle of Midway 

With Backing From China 


Shallow, strong earthquake hits Iran

Not Just Billionaires: Now Democrats

Want To Hit Millionaires With 10% Surtax

"CBS Sided With A Pedophile": Network 

Fires Staffer Who Had Access To 

Robach-Epstein Rant

UN General Assembly again calls 

for end of US embargo on Cuba 

Senior U.S. envoy in Syria highly 

critical of troop withdrawal, memo shows

Moscow hails Macron’s ‘brain death’ 

NATO comments

MSM HARD # IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous author's 'Warning' portrays

a presidency on the brink

Trump’s Top Aides Clash Over Impeachment 

as House Probe Expands

Glenn Greenwald Assaulted By 

Pro-Bolsonaro Goon During Live Broadcast

Bolton willing to defy White House and testify

Ukrainian court upholds radical C14

group’s hurt feelings at being correctly

called neo-Nazi

Congo warlord sentenced to 30

years for murder, rape, sexual slavery

Burkina Faso on edge after 37 

killed in ambush on Canadian mining convoy

The Narcoregimes Strike Back

Fernández v. Bolsonaro: Argentina-Brazil

Trade Now At Risk

New York Fed Adds $115.14

Billion in Short-Term Liquidity to Markets

Donald Trump Jr. Defends

Whistleblower Tweet, References

Drudge Report

Global debt surges to record high 

$188 tn: IMF chief

Meghan McCain Confronts Don

Jr. in Stunning Segment: Does

Your Family Hurting People

‘Make You Feel Good?’

1 in 4 Americans are uncertain

about Trump impeachment, poll finds

Slayings of Americans show 

drug war worse this time around

Steyer aide offered money for endorsements

Congress Seeks to Sanction 

Officials From Countries Holding 

Americans Hostage

Impeachment Testimony of

Senior State Department Official

George Kent Released

The Rule of Law or CIA Coup?

Ukraine ambassador objects to 

Straits Times illustration of country 

without Crimean peninsula

Protests in Chile spread into wealthy

Santiago neigborhoods

Romania finally has a European Commissioner

Czech Central Bank Likely to 

Hold Rates on Euro Zone Weakness

Bangladesh seen as climate

threat by boosting coal reliance

North Korea Threatens to Upend     

Nuclear Talks Due to U.S. ‘Reckless

Military Frenzy’

Leading Democrats Call for 

Conditioning Military Aid to Israel

GOP Lawmakers to Trump: You’re

Getting Bad Advice on Iran

Three charged in US with spying

on Twitter users for Saudi Arabia

Attack on Canadian mine convoy in 

Africa leaves 37 dead

Malaysia detains Cambodian 

opposition party vice president

Anti-govt protesters storm

Baghdad bridge in Iraq, medic killed

Macron warns of 'profound shift'

in Iran deal as new report finds

Tehran is dominant power in Middle East

Pakistan warns against adverse   

affects on UN peacekeeping amid

budget cuts

Elizabeth Warren Offers to Meet      

With Bill Gates and Talk Wealth Tax 

After His Criticisms

Book Claims Senior Officials Believed

Pence Would Support Use Of 25th Amendment

Sessions expected to announce 

plans to run for Senate 
TRUST SESSIONS ?????????????

Intel officials want CIA Director

Gina Haspel to protect Ukraine

whistleblower from Trump

Trump races to avoid a second electoral debacle in Louisiana

Google Wants More Work from

the Defense Department

Death toll climbs in Mexican cartel 

shootout as more US citizens identified

ISIS Tells Followers to Set Forest Fires in U.S.,



Yemen government, separatist

council sign Riyadh deal

Trump abandons US climate

leadership with pact withdrawal

Turkey, Russia carry out new

joint patrol in Syria

Timing Of British PM's Release

Of Russian Meddling Report Causes Stir

German court releases Kurdish 

activist jailed in Stuttgart

Libyan government forces announce 

gains made in fight against LNA

Cuban Minister of Communications

begins working visit in Shanghai

U.S. Sanctions Five Venezuela Citizens

Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat 

the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say  
AGENDA 2030 FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flat tire could have put Mormon family  

in the crossfire of Mexican drug cartels 

who slaughtered three mothers 

and six children then burned 

their bodies in SUVs as Trump vows 

to wage WAR on the 'monsters'

Mexican Cartels Are Winning the 

Propaganda War

O'Keefe Bombshell: ABC Host 

Says Network Spiked Epstein Story in 2016

Africa’s Socialism Is Keeping It Poor

The Hillary Clinton Resentment Machine

NIS Says N. Korea, US Likely to   

Hold Working-Level Talks by Dec.

Supreme Court clears way for

South Dakota execution

Turkey captures sister of slain

Daesh leader Baghdadi in northern Syria

Police find 41 migrants alive in 

truck in northern Greece

Bank of America to raise minimum 

wage to $20 a year earlier than expected

Iran Finds Itself in Crosshairs 

of Arab Protesters

Iran's production of enriched 

uranium rises tenfold in two months

Rep. Cheney to Introduce Legislation

Mandating Full Dismantling

of Iran Nuclear Deal

Islamic State Exacts Revenge On    

Turkey For Selling Out Al-Baghdadi

Trump begins formal US withdrawal

from Paris Agreement

Mega-rally marks Chile protests  

third week as president struggles

New UK Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle uses       

first speech to pay tribute to daughter who

took her own life

Indicted Giuliani Associate Parnas

Will Comply With Impeachment Probe

Relatives say 5 US citizens killed 

in northern Mexico

Justice Department seeks info on

'Anonymous' author of soon-to-be-published

insider book

Russian Firm Sells Autonomous Robot

Clones of Real People

The 10 most vulnerable senators

in 2020: Republicans play defense

Outrage in Calais over death of

Nigerian man in tent

Veterans Oppose the Endless Wars,

Back Trump: ‘A Lot of Wasted Lives’

for ‘a Goal We Never Accomplished’

‘We'll see what happens’: Trump

refuses to rule out government  

shutdown if Democrats continue

impeachment inquiry

Thousands protest in Lebanon 

after rally to support president

Australian among 33 injured in 

French bus crash

Bloody chaos in Hong Kong as 

man bites politician's ear

UK election battle heats up,

Brexit dominates

US Commerce Secretary Is 

Hopeful of Imposing No New Car Tariffs

Venezuela and El Salvador expel 

each others' diplomats

Norway's Ugland says nine      

crew abducted by pirates from

vessel off Benin

India aims to grow defence cooperation

with Thailand

Colombia: Residents mourn 

indigenous leaders killed in Cauca

Turkey demands Germany take back

20 captured 'Islamic State' members

Hamas leader: Israel doesn't even

have a cabinet

US forces leave another base in 

northern Syria-CHINA HEADLINES

Malian government says 54 dead 

in jihadi attack on army

Combat Veterans Call for Hero 

Dog ‘Conan’ to Receive Purple Heart

SICK! Antifa Supporter Brags About 

Giving MAGA Kids Fentanyl Laced 

Halloween Candy

Airbnb bans house parties after California

Halloween shooting

German city Dresden declares 

'Nazi emergency'

Bank Of America’s Outage Panics Consumers.

Here’s What We Know So Far.

Car bomb explodes in Syrian town 

captured by Turkey from Kurds

Thousands march for   

Scottish independence

Iranian student leader from 1979 

U.S. embassy takeover says he now 

has regrets

At least 53 Malian soldiers, 1 civilian die

in terror attack

At least one dead, dozens wounded

after Iraqi security forces fire on protesters

Illegal drones ground water-dropping   

helicopters at critical moment in Maria

fire battle

Joe Biden's Campaign Is Imploding

Greta Thunberg Begs For Help After Traveling Halfway

Around The World 'The Wrong Way'

First Images Of US Troops Occupying 

Syria's Oil Fields Stir Outrage

Russia's Lavrov Calls Baghdadi 

A "Spawn" Of US Policy - 

Still Awaits DNA Proof Of Death

"What Are You Thinking?": Pelosi Warns  

2020 Candidates They're On The Wrong Track

Assad Calls Trump "Best US President"

Ever For "Transparency" Of Real US Motives

The Federal Reserve Is A Barbarous Relic

Smugglers are sawing through new sections 

of Trump’s border wall

Nearly 40% of 2019 farm income 

will come from federal aid and insurance

Boris Johnson challenged over 

Donald Trump trade comments

WTO Authorizes China to Hit 

US With $3.6 Billion in Sanctions

Spain: Court acquits men of

gang-raping unconscious fourteen-year-old

Iraq: Anti-government protesters

hold largest rally since

demonstrations began

Impeachment investigators ask 

Rick Perry to testify

Who’s bullying who in the South China Sea?

South Africa Eludes Third Junk 

Rating as Markets Beg to Differ

US debt surpasses $23 trillion for first time

Jeff Bezos would pay nearly $7

billion to Elizabeth Warren's

Medicare-for-all tax

Pelosi Expects Public Impeachment

Hearings to Begin This Month

Beto O’Rourke Drops Out of the 

Presidential Race

UK police believe 39 victims in Essex 

lorry were Vietnamese nationals

$2 trillion? Aramco courts investors

to hit IPO valuation target

Trump Admin Again Gives Iran     

Green Light to Conduct Sensitive 

Nuclear Work

Former CIA Acting Director on 

Impeachment Inquiry: 

‘Thank God for the Deep State’

WATCH! Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s

Powerful Speech on Impeachment

Sham from House Floor (VIDEO)

ISIS- names new leader after Baghdadi

MORE FEAR CONT........................S FOLKS

North Korea test-fires

'super large'

multiple rocket launcher

Car Blast Kills 8 in Syria’s Afrin

19 killed after truck plunges into

Philippine ravine

Pakistan: death toll from train fire climbs to 74

Spain offers to host UN climate      

conference after Chile cancellation

McDonald's Portugal apologises for

'Sundae Bloody Sundae' ads

Qantas pulls three 737s from service after

hairline cracks found

Santa Ana blows up fresh fire

storms in California

U.S. imposes new Iran sanctions, 

but waives others

Trump to move permanent residence

to Florida

Democrats hoped they'd win over 

Republicans on impeachment. 

But it's not looking that way so far 
HOUSE VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beltway's 'Whistleblower' Furor

Obsesses Over One Name

Democrats push impeachment rules

package through House

Who are the two Democrats who    

voted against the House resolution

formalizing impeachment?

Hong Kong protesters, police in 

Halloween standoff

The US city preparing itself for the

collapse of capitalism

Voters In Key Battleground States 

Oppose Impeachment: Polls

In Major Announcement ISIS

Confirms Baghdadi Death & 

Names New Leader

Stocks Slammed As Trump Rages 

"China's Not Our Problem, The Fed Is!"

Hezbollah shoots at Israeli drone

over southern Lebanon

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the revenge porn

campaign targeting

Rep. Katie Hill is a 'major crime' that wouldn't

happen to a male member of Congress

North Korea launches more missiles

after saying it is losing patience with US

Corbyn's Campaign to Seek to

Disprove Tories' Claims of Being


Communists are fascinated by 

contradictions. China faces a big one

Bolivia's coca growers in a peaceful 

march in defense of democracy

Japanese commuters try new ways 

to deter gropers

HMS Urge: British submarine that     

mysteriously vanished in WW2 found

off Malta

US Fed Cuts Key Interest Rate 

for Third Time in Four Months

Iraqi soldier killed in Katyusha attack

on area near US embassy in Baghdad

California fires: new evacuations as

blaze threatens Reagan library

John Bolton summoned to

Trump impeachment inquiry

US, China to finalise Phase 1 of 

trade deal despite canceled 

APEC Summit - White House

New York Times Upshot/Siena

College Poll: Majority of Voters

Oppose Impeachment

and Removal in Battlegrounds

Islamic State mole likely to get 

$25 million US bounty on Baghdadi's head:

Philippines Struck by Second Big

Earthquake in Three Days

Japan's justice minister to quit 

over wife's electoral scandal

'He's a patriot': Republicans defend       

key impeachment witness from attacks

Exclusive: State Dept. Launches Investigation 

of ‘Deep State’ Targeting Top Trump Iran Official

Group Demands Docs Related to

Qatar’s Suspected Infiltration of

U.S. Public Schools

Full House To Vote On Trump

Impeachment Inquiry

Russian MoD Doubts Trump’s Announcement

of Killing ISIS Chief al-Baghdadi
Rejects claims it assisted US forces in op

France warns of 'even more serious

crisis' in Lebanon after Hariri quits

U.S.-Led Nations Criticize China 

at UN for Treatment of Uighurs

Turkey rejects US resolution

on Armenian claims

Scalise and Jordan Denounce        

'Soviet-Style' Impeachment Inquiry

Military dog wounded chasing 

al-Baghdadi is already back on the job

Al-Baghdadi Associate: Islamic

State Chief Buried, Lost $25 Million in Desert

Chile: Protests and looting erupt

despite president's new Cabinet

Mortar rounds hit US military base 

north of Iraqi capital

Washington Extends TPS End-Date

for Salvadorans

Syrian Kurd spy 'stole Baghdadi's

underpants for DNA test'

Argentina's Fernandez pledges to

'turn the page' as left wins power

The super rich elite have more money

than they know what to do with

Federal Income Taxes and Federal  

Spending Both Set Records in FY19

Military's top officer says he CANNOT confirm 

Donald Trump's account of al-Baghdadi 

'whimpering' before he died, 

saying president must have spoken to 

soldiers directly - but says Pentagon 

WILL release footage of raid

Graham claims victory with 

impeachment vote

Trump Greeted by Boos, Chants 

of ‘Lock Him Up’ at World Series Game 5

1 In 3 Millennials See Communism As

Favorable, Survey Finds

ISIS Reportedly Names New Leader

After Killing of Baghdadi and

His Right-hand Man

France mosque shootings: Two injured

in Bayonne attack

Argentinians reject austerity

and elect new centre-left leader

Chile President Lifts State Of Emergency,

But Protests Continue

Lebanon Economy Days From

Collapse Unless Government Changes,

Central Bank Chief Warns

16 killed in Burkina Faso in

suspected jihadist attack

Air Zimbabwe resumes South Africa

flights after settling debt

Iraq declares Baghdad curfew as 

protests persist

Mysterious X-37B space plane

lands after record 780 days in orbit

Intentional blackouts of this magnitude are

unprecedented in California history

UFOs across US 'could be Space Force

craft built from secret military budget'

'Special breed of courageous':

Delta Force operator hails valor of

military dog wounded in Baghdadi raid

Why the Democratic superdelegate

whispers are starting again

Over 40 skulls found at altar in den

of Mexico cartel suspects

Microsoft Wins $10B Pentagon Cloud Contract,

Amazon Loses Out

Andrew McCabe cites Barr in

bid to avoid charges 
DONT RUN ..................

"No Proof": Russia Dismisses 

Trump's Baghdadi Victory Lap As 


Netanyahu meets with Gantz

Colombians vote in first local elections

since 2016 peace deal

Dick Morris on Hillary Clinton:

‘She Feels That God Put Her on the Earth’

to Run for President

Argentina Investors Look Ahead

After Fernandez Pulls Out Win

Hundreds of Pakistani children test 

positive for HIV after rogue doctor 

reused syringes, report says

President Xi Jinping uses China's 

biggest annual meeting for politics,

not economy

Colombia's capital city of Bogota 

elects first female mayor

Aussie police get shoot-to-kill

power for marauding drivers

10.27.19: Brigadier General Aquiles




France on high alert for revenge       

attacks following death of Baghdadi

Ferocious winds fuel blazes throughout 

Northern California

Expert Panel Finds Gaping Plot-Holes 

In OPCW Report On Alleged Syrian 

Chemical Attack

California's Rollout Of Automatic 

Voter Registration Didn't Go As Planned

Donald Trump to Address Nation as 

Reports Say ISIS Founder 

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Captured or Killed

FBI Entrapped Flynn With Manipulated

Evidence As Clapper Allegedly Issued 

'Kill Shot' Order: Court Docs

India, US Officially Suspend Defense


Big Brother Meets Big Pharma: 

Harvesting Biometrics Of Everyone

Millions face power cuts as California

fires spread

U-Turn Or Perfect Storm?

Globalization At Crossroads – Analysis

Syrian Kurds: 'The world has

closed its eyes on us'

'I feel bad that I left': John Kelly 

warned Trump he would be impeached

Trump frustrated as White House

effort to defy impeachment inquiry

fails to halt witness testimony, advisers say



GOP Lawmakers Cannot View 

Impeachment Docs Without Supervision 

of Democrats

Resurgent Hong Kong Protesters

Stage Huge Rally, Violence Erupts Again

Turkey Plans Presence Across  

Northeast Syria, Erdogan Says

Security forces arrest assailant

shooting at protesters, police in

Baghdad: Video

Violence as masked protesters  

surround police HQ in Barcelona

Ivan Milat: Australia's 'backpacker killer'

dies aged 74

Bolivia: U.S., Western Democracies

Suggest Socialist Evo Morales Rigged


Argentina election: Economy main 

issue for voters

Libya in chaos as endless war

rumbles on

The Drones Are Coming! How Amazon,

Alphabet and Uber Are Taking to the Skies

Federal deficit increases 26% to

$984 billion for fiscal 2019, highest in 7 years

Justice Dept. Is Said to Open       

Criminal Inquiry Into Its Own 

Russia Investigation

Russia Will Test Its Ability to Disconnect 

from the Internet

US to send ‘additional military assets’ 

to protect Syrian oil

Indonesia's report on Lion Air 737 MAX

crash recommends redesign, better training

The five brothers forced apart

by the war in Syria

Record Number of Palestinian

Homes Demolished: Rights Group

‘The door’s not closed’ on Hillary in 2020:

Fmr. Clinton adviser



Singapore Home Prices Rise in Sign

Market is Still Resilient

Japan trade minister Sugawara 

resigns over money scandal

Justice Department review of 

Russia probe is now a criminal probe

Iraqi PM says protests allowed 

but violence not tolerated

California wildfire explodes, doubles size

Texas GOP leaders enter custody 

battle over child’s gender

Fed to Increase Temporary Liquidity 

Available to Markets

Iraq Urges UN To Kick "Unauthorized" 

US Forces From Country

Ed Snowden: US Government

"Could Have Prevented 9/11"

Elizabeth Warren Asks if Banks are Using

Repo Madness to Loosen Liquidity Rules

Islamic State’s TikTok Posts Include

Beheading Videos

Trump Calls Republicans Who Oppose

Him ‘Human Scum’: ‘More Dangerous

For Our Country’ Than Democrats

Europe's Spending Binge Is Slowing 

Its Economy

Empire & Interventionism Versus

Republic & Noninterventionism

Paul Craig Roberts: Better Relations

Between The US And Russia Are Not

In The Cards

Wages In Venezuela Are As Low 

As $3 A Month As Hyperinflation Continues

NYT Stealth-Edits Story To Hide 

Hillary's Accusation Russia Is 

"Grooming" Gabbard

NASA: Ozone Hole Is Now The 

Smallest On Record

Japan and South Korea agree 

on need to cooperate on North Korea

In Bolivia, Coup, Fraud Charges 

Mar Presidential Election

Spain, where Franco's legacy

inspires love and loathing

Californians Go Dark in Blackout 

That May Affect 1.5 Million

UN Expert: Iran Executes Children 

in Violation of Rights Law

Nusrat Jahan Rafi: Death penalty 

for 16 who set student on fire

The Unraveling Quickens

U.S. withdrawal vacuum: Russian      

forces head for Syrian-Turkish border

in blow to Kurds

West Point cadet hinted at suicide 

on Snapchat before his death

Syrian Kurd sets self on fire in front of 

UN refugee office

Why the guillotine may be less 

cruel than execution by slow poisoning

South Africa: 1st black leader

of main opposition quits

China Rekindles Afghanistan Peace Talks

Saudi Arabia Appoints Prince  

Faisal Bin Farhan as New Minister of  

Foreign Affairs

Zuckerberg appears in Congress as

Facebook faces bipartisan hostility

GOP Lawmakers Storm Secretive

Impeachment Hearing In Capitol Basement

It's Official: Trump Says US Keeping Syria's Oil, 

Secured By "Small Number" Of Troops

Goodbye Middle Class: 50% Of        

American Workers Make Less Than

$33,000 A Year

SAME PLAY BOOK !............AS 2016

"Racist Watch" Website Outs 

Trump Donors; 

Goes Offline

Turkey Syria offensive: Erdogan

threatens to resume assault when

ceasefire ends

Norway police shoot man who        

drove stolen ambulance into people

Germany Seeks European Intervention 

on Disputed Syria-Turkey Border

What Lebanese protesters want

Gantz 'optimistic' as Rivlin set to  

task him with forming government,7340,L-5611015,00.html

Japanese Emperor Naruhito 

enthroned in elaborate, brief ceremony

Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump?

Trump Calls His Impeachment a ‘Lynching’

in Frenzied Morning Tweets
HERE WE GO.........................FOLKS MSM SPIN....

McDonalds Tumbles After Missing Earnings,

US Comps; Drags Dow In The Red

Who Owns The World's Central Banks

Brazil's Bolsonaro Suggests Oil Spill 

Could Be Attempt to Sabotage Auction

Air Force Hires Seven Companies     

In Long-Awaited Mega Adversary Air 

Support Contract

UN grants sanctions waivers for 

Red Cross assistance efforts in N.Korea

Predictability is not the Philippines' 

strong suit

Chevron Wins Venezuela Waiver 

Extension As Sanctions Bite

Paul Craig Roberts: RIP 

The American 


Ron Paul: Homeschoolers Are Educated, 

Not Indoctrinated

PG&E Would Be Bought And Converted 

To Public-Owned Utility Under 

California Mayor’s Plan

Hillary 2020? Is The Democratic Party 

"On Suicide Watch"?

Abortion to be decriminalised in 

Northern Ireland

Tornadoes leaves heavy damage, 

power outages in its wake  

after moving through Dallas

Manhattan D.A., Trump lawyers

strike deal to speed fight over        

Trump tax returns to Supreme Court

UPDATE: Mandatory Evacs in 

Place as Firefighters Battle    

Fast-Moving Pacific Palisades Fire

Spanish politicians are spinning 

the Catalan crisis to suit their own interests

Sanders: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Will Work in My Administration

Diplomat who raised Ukraine concerns

to testify in Trump impeachment probe

Clinton attacks on Gabbard become 

flashpoint in presidential race

Will Pelosi and Schiff come 

back from suspicious Jordan trip

Hillary Clinton posts parody Kennedy

letter mocking Trump ...

Pentagon chief in Afghanistan for

firsthand look at U.S.’ longest war

Defense chief reiterates China's 

defensive military strategy

Iranian newspapers on Lebanese 

protests: conspiracy against axis 

of resistance

Chilean state of emergency extended

around country after deadly riots

Death Toll From Riots in Chile Rises 

to 10 - Local Authorities

Bolivia: Evo Morales leads election, 

faces presidential runoff

General strike begins in Lebanon 

as PM Hariri’s 72-hour deadline approaches

SDF fighters evacuate from besieged 

Syrian town of Ras al-Ain

Five things to know about Canada's 

general election

Australian newspapers black 

out front pages to fight back against 

secrecy laws

Greens surge in Swiss election as   

climate change worries come to the fore

Petrol bombs thrown in Hong Kong

as anger flares over 'triad' attack   

on protest leader

US completes troop withdrawal 

from Syrian provinces of Aleppo,

Raqqa: Report

Chile's president declares state of emergency

Stein: Hillary’s Pushing ‘Conspiracy Theory’

to Explain Why She Lost

Mexican FM: Lopez Obrador, 

Trump to Target Flow of Arms to Mexico

Veterans find purpose, support

through motorcycle rides

Turkey, Kurds trade accusations

as Syria truce largely holds

Zimbabwe: National park elephants

die of starvation

‘She’s favourite of the Russians’

Death toll rises to 73 in Afghanistan

mosque bombing

Russian Media Cheers Trump Moves

in Syria: ‘Putin Won the Lottery!’
WOW REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FBI tests find no evidence of 

wrongdoing in Dominican deaths

AOC endorses Bernie Sanders at    

major rally, lending support to 2020

hopeful after he suffers a heart attack

At least 15 dead after dam

collapse in Siberia

Nestor makes landfall on Florida island,

heads north

Afghans Search for Bodies After 

at Least 69 Killed in Mosque Explosions

China on last lap in fight against poverty,

to wipe it out by 2020

Italy's far-right leader Salvini pledges 

return to power at Rome rally

'Trump' bound, abused appears in

Dhvani's Times Square ad buy:     

'We're not afraid'

Louisiana could become the first

state without abortion access as

soon as next year

Jim Mattis fires back at President Trump

for "overrated" insult

Turkey Plans Presence Across

Northeast Syria, Erdogan Says

Violence escalates in Barcelona

after half a million separatists protest

How The Sinaloa Cartel Bested 

The Mexican Army

Protests Engulf Large Parts of Lebanon as

Economic Situation Deteriorates

Hillary Clinton suggests Putin has

kompromat on Trump, Russia will back

Tulsi Gabbard third-party bid

'Peace-Expert' George W Bush Says   

"Isolationism" Is Dangerous To Peace

Pat Buchanan Asks "Is Putin The

New King Of The Middle East?"

America's Road Map To $40 Trillion

National Debt By 2028

Trump Boasts The US  

"Has Secured The Oil"

In Syria

Venezuela Wins Seat on U.N. Rights 

Council Despite U.S. Opposition

Pence Announces Ceasefire Deal

With Erdogan to End Turkey’s Syria Offensive

Trump Administration Cracks

Down on Chinese Diplomats in U.S.

Rand Paul Blocks Senate Democrats'

Rebuke Of Trump's Syria Pullout

The United Nations hammers another

nail in its credibility coffin

Kushner to meet Netanyahu and Gantz

Palestinians take action to demarcate maritime borders

Russia reduces sentence of ‘top secret’ 

Ukrainian political prisoner

Mitt Romney rips Trump over Syria pullout,

questions cease-fire

China Secretly Ordered NBA 

Commissioner To Fire Rockets' GM 

Over Hong Kong Tweet

Schiff: Mulvaney comments on

Ukraine aid have made things

'much, much worse'

Napolitano on Doral G7: ‘As Direct 

and Profound a Violation of the 

Emoluments Clause As One Could Create’

Farmers Welcome China Deal Expected 

to Boost US Farm Exports by Tens of Billions

House Passes Bipartisan Resolution

Rebuking Trump Over Troop Withdrawal

From Syria

McConnell eyes quick impeachment

trial in Senate

Rand Paul slams Lindsey Graham:

'Been wrong about almost every

foreign policy decision of the last two decades'

Pelosi Storms Out Of Oval Office After Trump


China, Russia, Brazil, India,

And Now UAE: Everybody Wants

A Gold Trading Platform!

John Bolton: Hero Of The

Resistance Or Traitor?

Obama endorses Trudeau

Three US diplomats held near Russian  

test site where mystery blast killed five

Turkish, Russian presidents to 

meet in Russia's Sochi

Macron and Merkel hint at Brexit 

optimism as negotiators scramble for deal

Rep. Steve Scalise: What is the 

end game with containing ISIS?

Lawmakers hit Trump administration

for including tech legal shield in

trade negotiations

Congress Approval, Support for

Impeaching Trump Both Up

Man, six children rescued from

Netherlands basement after 

nine years' 'waiting for the end of time'

Erdogan hit by more arms bans as 

pressure grows over Syria invasion

Nolte: ABC Fails to Fact-Check Hunter

Biden’s Claim of ‘Not One Cent’ from Chinese Govt. Deal

Twitter Paves Way For Trump Ban 

With New Content Rules For World Leaders

Greed Or Incompetence: What's

Behind The California Power Cuts?

Catalan leaders pledge new referendum

as separatists say jail terms have

boosted movement




Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Receives Putin:

UAE, Russia Agree on

Need to Confront Terrorism

Giuliani won’t comply with subpoena

in ‘illegitimate’ impeachment inquiry

Cartel Hitmen Murder 13 Mexican Cops

Exploded homemade bomb discovered

in Montana school playground

Russian forces sweep into U.S. 

base abandoned in Syria

US Officials: Turkey Deliberately

Releasing ISIS Prisoners, Then

Blaming Kurdish Forces

Viacom Says It Has “No Intention” Of Launching 

Conservative Rival to Fox News

U.S. spec ops secrets could fall into

hands of Russians and Syrians in pullout.

Iranian-American Businessman 

Coordinated With UAE Monarch to 

Target Iran Critics, Lawsuit Alleges

Trump Sends Emergency Delegation to 

Turkey Amid Bloody Offensive in Syria

Mattis: ISIS Will Resurge If U.S. 

Doesn’t Keep Up the Pressure

"Joe Biden Has A Problem" 

CNN Senior Justice Correspondent   

Tells Undercover Veritas Operative

Adam Schiff: ‘There Doesn’t Need to 

Be a Quid Pro Quo’ for Impeachment

Victory Or Fire: That's The Plan

For Hong Kong

EU ‘Needs More Time’ Over

Boris Johnson’s

Brexit Deal

Clashes erupt as Catalan independence 

protesters block airport

ABC Admits To Using Fake Footage 

Of Kurdish 'Slaughter'

The Latest: 37 injured, 108 flights

canceled in Barcelona

England thrash Bulgaria after game 

is halted over racist abuse

Fourteen police dead in Mexico gun attack

New Zealand To Create Unit To 

Tackle Online Extremism

Kurds displaced in northeast Syria 

through Turkey offensive

Trump Followed His Gut on Syria. Calamity

Came Fast.
MSM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle

on Network President Jeff Zucker’s

Personal Vendetta Against POTUS

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz kicked   

out of impeachment inquiry hearing

Schiff: Public Has No Right To Observe

Impeachment Inquiry...

Then Kicks GOP Lawmaker Out

Trump To Authorize Sanctions Against 

Turkish Officials, Reintroduce Steel Tariffs, 

Halt $100BN Trade Deal

Mexico halts caravan of 2,000 migrants 

bound for US; critics call roundup a 

'human hunt'

Raw, angry, uncensored: Welcome to

Trump's impeachment-era campaign

In the Event of Impeachment,

Trump Counts on Republican Senate

to Save Him

Video captures individual on Mexican 

side of new border wall spraying new 

wall with chemical agent

Islamic State Affiliates Break Free

From Camp in Syria

Protesters erect 'Lady Liberty' statue

on Hong Kong mountain top

Syria’s Kurds look to Assad for

protection after US pullout

Hungary opposition wins Budapest

in major blow to Orban

Protesters Burn Two Military 

Vehicles in Quito - Ecuadorian Interior Ministry


Merkel urges halt to Turkey's 

military incursion in Syria

No breakthrough on Brexit talks 

despite intense weekend negotiations

'That's murder': Fort Worth police 

officer shoots woman inside her home

Spain readies for landmark ruling

on Catalan independence trial

Japan troops out as typhoon kills 35

Ecuador seeks a way out as 

unrest continues

Rep. Jim Jordan Asks 17 Awkward

Questions About Pelosi's

"Impeachment Inquiry"

NBA Now Requiring All Players 

To Stand For Chinese National Anthem

Extinction Rebellion activists glue  

themselves to DfT and Home Office

Environmental activists superglue

themselves to the U.S. Capitol walls

in call for action on climate change

Military leader of Syrian Kurds tells US 

'you are leaving us to be slaughtered'

France & Germany Halt Arms Exports

To Turkey As 100,000 Syrian Kurds Displaced

J.P.Morgan Warns About The 

"State" Of The American Consumer

Marie Yovanovitch's testimony 

on Trump cracks the wall of silence

Erdogan Lashes Out: Saudis & Egypt's

Sisi Are "Murderers" - Claims Assad

Killed 1 Million People

Saudi Arabia Demands End to

Turkish Incursion in Syria

Xi and Modi Meet,

Focus on Trade,


Hong Kong protests: Molotov 

cocktails thrown in metro station

Syria’s Kurds may turn to Damascus

in absence of U.S. forces

Indonesia nabs 2 accused of planning 

to attack Bali police

Federal Prosecutors Said To Be 

Investigating Rudy Giuliani

Global Air Freight Decline Now Worst 

Since 2008 Financial Crisis

Trump Holds Louisiana Rally

Trump To Exit 'Open Skies' Treaty, 

Banning Russian Recon Flights Over US

Sweden Backs Down From Abolishing 

Ancient History Classes After Huge Backlash

National Geographic Warns Billions 

"Face Shortages Of Food And Clean Water" 

Over Next 30 Years

40% Of Hongkongers Want To Flee City 

Amid Protests And Imminent Recession

Luongo: Pompeo Can't Blame 

Iran For Attacking Itself

"Rip The Mask Off Anonymous LLCs:"

NYC Billionaires Set To Be Exposed   

In New Housing Law

Iranian oil tanker hit off Saudi coast,

may have been missiles: Iranian media reports

US troops come under fire as    

Turkish forces advance in Syria

Federal prosecutors are investigating 

whether Rudy Giuliani violated   

foreign lobbying laws in Ukraine

Trump announces that acting     

Secretary of Homeland Security 

Kevin McAleenan is out after 6 months

Terrifying footage shows more than 

1,000 firefighters battling to contain


in Southern California as 100,000 

are forced to flee their homes

Terminally-ill scientist is about to         

'transform' into world's first full cyborg

Will America Catch Parasite Fever?

One person dead, according to local media,

as Typhoon Hagibis bears down on Japan

Greta Thunberg back to work  

after being overlooked for Nobel Peace Prize

Ecuador President Calls on Indigenous 

Protest Leaders to Discuss Decree 

Behind Unrest

Biden: Trump Is Too Weak on China

Mexico Mayor Dragged Through

Streets From Back Of Truck For

Not Delivering On Campaign Promises

Islamic State car bomb attack

in Syrian Kurdish city kills six people

Pentagon sending more troops,    

materiel to Saudi Arabia over Iran

US Special Forces In Syria 'Mistakenly' 

Bombed By Turkey

ISIS Jail Break Begins? Riots At Sprawling 

Al-Hol Prison Camp As Turkey Invades




CIA 'Whistleblower' Assisted By 

James Clapper Associate

Libra Is Dead: eBay, Stripe, Visa 

And MasterCard All Abandon

Facebook's Cryptocurrency

Cheney: Trump’s Withdrawal

From Syria ‘Having Sickening

and Predictable Consequence’

Graham: Congress Won’t Abandon the Kurds

Thousands Flee, Dozens Reported

Killed as Turkey Pushes Syria Assault

Sale of Long Beach Container Terminal 

finalized by port commission 


Police shoot 

pepper spray


amid protest

as Trump

rally wraps up

Trump Loses It on Fox News: Polls

‘Suck’, Napolitano is ‘Terrible’,       

Donna Brazile Was ‘Fired From CNN’

22 photos show how an estimated

2 million Californians are coping

with mass blackouts to prevent wildfires

PG&E loses exclusive control of its 

bankruptcy recovery plan

14,800 pairs of fake Nikes from 

China seized at Southern California port





Joe Biden worked with whistleblower

when he was vice president,

officials reveal

Most Voters Agree With Trump's 

Withdrawal From 'Endless Wars'

New Vaccines Are In Our Future         

That Will "Literally Change Your DNA"

US China Business Council: A Deal

Is Coming (But It Will Be Small)

UK, Ireland leaders see possible  

pathway to Brexit deal after talks

El Paso mass murder suspect pleads

not guilty

Xi’s Seaside Summit With Modi 

Aims to Reset China-India Ties

Trump Adviser Claims China Handed 

Him Intelligence on Hunter Biden

NYPD Suicides: Commissioner O’Neill Says

Department Is Dealing With A ‘Mental Health Crisis’

2 Giuliani Associates Tied to Ukraine

Scandal Arrested on Campaign

Finance Charges

Erdogan Threatens Europe With 

Refugees After Syria Criticism

Polish, Austrian novelists win

Literature Nobels for 2018

and 2019 respectively

General Strike Against the IMF

Shuts Down Ecuador

US blacklists South Africa's

Gupta family over widespread corruption

Sylvie Goulard: Emmanuel Macron’s pick

for EU commissioner blocked by European Parliament

Gains made in DR Congo Ebola fight, 

but challenges persist – W.H.O.

Comprehensive elections necessary to 

rebuild Palestinian political system: Hamas

UAE to make history by restoring Iraqi churches 

Syrian Kurdish leaders urge EU to pull 

envoys over Turkey offensive

Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Salman’s

Self-Inflicted Isolation – Analysis

Fox News Poll: Record support

for Trump impeachment -


U.S. TV channel reports on new 

whistleblower in 'Ukraine scandal' in U.S.

He turned to Atkinson to declare his

intention to share this information.

It is assumed that the data of this

person confirm the information about the

conversation previously transmitted

by the first whistleblower,

American media noted.
What US whistleblower scandal

means for Ukraine

Turkish military operation underway in Syria, 

Kurdish fighters seek cover as U.S. 

support is now where to be found

World’s biggest book sale opens in Dubai

'He's picked a fight with the wrong guy' -

Joe Biden calls for

Donald Trump to be impeached

Federal Reserve policymakers increasingly 

divided on way ahead, minutes show

Seven Latin American Nations Accuse    

Venezuela of Instigating Ecuador Riots

Taliban Observes 18th Anniversary 

of Afghan War

Kuwait calls Turkish offensive direct 

threat to regional stability: KUNA

PG&E Shares Rise Even as Epic 

Blackouts Roil California

EU Takes Another Step Toward  

Visa Liberalization With Belarus

Tunisia presidential candidate 

Nabil Karoui freed

Iran parliament speaker cancels 

Istanbul visit over Turkey's Syria offensive

Trump Again Threatens To "Wipe Out" 

Turkey's Economy As Full Ground 

Invasion Begins

Epstein Co-Conspirators Named 

By Accuser; Alleged Pedo Scout Ready 

To Spill The Beans

Elizabeth Warren Whips Out 

"Environmental Justice"    

Plan For Poor Communities

Unprecedented power outages begin 

in California as winds bring critical fire danger

Hillary should try it!' Donald Trump 

dares Clinton to enter crowded Democratic  

Democratic presidential field a third 

time after she claims she could beat him 


Defense Intelligence Agency worker

arrested on charges of leaking

top-secret information to reporters

Anti-Semitic Yom Kippur shooter is arrested

after livestreaming himself killing two people

near German synagogue while ranting

about the Holocaust, feminism and immigration

Ronan Farrow Book Alleges

Matt Lauer Raped NBC News Colleague

Trump’s all-out blockade threatens Democrats’

impeachment drive

Giuliani predicts Senate Judiciary       

will call on Biden to testify on Ukraine

Erdogan announces start of  

Turkish offensive in northern Syria

Germany lorry attack: Police 

investigate possible terrorist motive 

after eight injured in Limburg crash

Scott Maddox, Florida’s former

Democratic chair, pleads guilty in probe

BOMBSHELL: Audio, Email Evidence

Shows DNC Colluded With Ukraine    

To Boost Hillary By Harming Trump,

Report Says

‘Don’t Tempt Me’: Hillary Clinton

Fires Back at Trump Daring Her to

Run With Eyebrow-Raising Tweet

Brutal new poll shows 3 in 10

Republicans support Trump

impeachment push

EXCLUSIVE: FBI lover Lisa Page LIED about

her affair with Peter Strzok, new book reveals,

which also tells how 'biased' Loretta Lynch

stopped a special counsel taking over

Hillary Clinton email probe

Turkey rejects Trump's threats amid 

conflicting U.S. signals over Syria offensive

Martel: NBA Scandal Challenging

Every Teenager to Condemn China

Trump Impeachment Inquiry Not 

Limited To Ukraine, House Lawyer Says

Senate intelligence panel warns 

Russian meddling continues

UN may run out of money by

end of October:


U.S. Sanctions 28 Chinese Entities

over Human Rights Atrocities Against Uighurs

Turkey launches strikes on Syria-Iraq

border ahead of offensive as US

prepares to pull troops back

France delivered the first of 36 Rafale 

fighter jets bought by India, 

and India's defense minister 

already took a spin in it

Afghan intelligence 

confirms death 

of AQIS emir

Kurds Have Been Preparing for 

Trump’s Syria Betrayal—With a Vengeance

Ukraine 'Anti-Corruption' Director 

Bragged About Helping Hillary Clinton In 2016:

Leaked Audio

Rare Fox News Segment Details 

Saudi State Sponsorship Of 9/11 Attacks

Former CIA Officer: Trump Impeachment

'Hoax' "Very Similar To A KGB Operation"

US seeks to blacklist Chinese

artificial intelligence firms

Does the United States Need the UN?

(2003 article)
What will be the role of the

United Nations in future U.S. foreign policy?

How many UN troops are in America?

Trump’s Green Light to Turkey       

Raises Fears About ISIS Detainees

Iran to Sue U.S. Over Breach of Nuclear Deal

U.S. Pulls Troops From Northeast

Syria Ahead of Turkish Attack

Turkey launches airstrike after 

US confirms withdrawal

Uyghur Language School

Co-Founder Detained in Xinjiang

Internment Camp

"The Unforgiven": Qatar's Al-Ghufran

tribe members tell of loss and deportation

N. Korea Warns Against UNSC 

Meeting on Missile Test

Pat Robertson ‘Appalled’ By Trump: 

He ‘Allowed Khashoggi to Be Cut in Pieces,’ 

May Lose ‘The Mandate of Heaven’ Over Syria

Trump warns Turkey of going too 

far after greenlighting Syria invasion

DoD prepares for martial law in CONUS: 

Marines approved for activation on 

American soil 
"... will come with little warning...

in order to respond to threats in the Homeland."

By Shepard Ambellas - October 6, 2019

Trump On Syria Pullout: 

"Enough Of Endless War", If ISIS Returns

"We Can Go Back & BLAST!"

I was elected on getting out of these

ridiculous endless wars, where our

great Military functions

as a policing operation to the benefit

of people who don’t even like the USA.

The two most unhappy countries

at this move are Russia & China,

because they love seeing us bogged.....

Trump threatens to 'obliterate'

Turkish economy after criticism

over his green light to invade Syria

Diplomat at Center of Trump Impeachment

Inquiry Quits McCain Institute Directorship

Cash injection required: Lebanon's PM

pins hopes on UAE

Afghanistan: 10 killed, 27 injured after suicide

bomb targets security recruits in Jalalabad

Trump defends Syria troop plan

from criticism home, abroad

Trump pulls troops from northern

Syria as Turkey readies offensive

‘Foreign Policy is in Shambles’:

Colin Powell Unloads on Trump

and the Republican Party

Former Trump Exec Predicts

Trump Will Resign Over

Impeachment Threat ‘To Save Face’
DONT BET ON IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Collins calls Trump’s

invitation to China ‘completely inappropriate’

Bob Woodward: GOP senators 

'choking' on Trump-Ukraine scandal

Jerusalem Post Israel News 



Socialists on course for victory

but no majority in Portugal election

Why Did Iraqi Forces Shoot Protesters?

Turkey's Erdogan to meet Trump

next month in US over Syria 'safe zone'

Ecuador arrests shopkeepers for 

price rises, protests rage

UK signals it could soften Brexit

stances amid EU pressure

Afghan generation knows only conflict 

as war turns 18

Tax-return whistleblower in 

spotlight amid impeachment fight



The Navy Needs Sailors,    

Not Sailors Trained as Soldiers

Iran Instagram star known for 

plastic surgery arrested for blasphemy

Manhunt underway for Kansas City 

shooting suspects: U.S. police

Moscow issues protest over 

FBI interrogation of Russian MP






INFOWARS ARTICLE ????????????????????

2nd whistleblower adds to 

impeachment peril at White House

Trump's impeachment

poll warnings

North Korea decries breakdown 

of talks US says were ‘good’

Erdogan says Turkey to launch

military operation in northeast Syria

Bank Crisis Hits India:

"Bank Stops Functioning,

People Crying Outside Bank Branches"

Ireland’s PM says he wants to

meet UK’s Boris Johnson about

Brexit next week

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia fail to

reach agreement on Nile dam

Pompeo: State Dept. will follow 

law in impeachment inquiry

Rev. Graham’s tour evokes evangelical 

support for Trump

Marines (Reserves) 

Ordered To Active Duty ISO 

Defense Support Of Civil Authorities

Four Sleeping Homeless Men Beaten to

Death Early Saturday Morning in NYC's Chinatown;

1 in Custody: Police

Domestic ISIS Arrests Are on the Rise Again 
Terror arrests have doubled since 2018

Anti-terror police take over Paris

knife attack case

Spanish police plucked from ocean      

by drugs smugglers they were chasing

Schiff on Impeachment: Moving

Forward Before Being Able to

‘Flesh Out the Facts’

SLOPPY JOE: Ukraine’s Prosecutor General

To Reopen ALL Biden Cases

One hundred dead, thousands 

injured and arrested in Baghdad riots

Kurdish fighters warn of 'all-out war' 

in response to Turkey threats

US and North Korea resume

nuclear talks

Australian bloggers held in Iran

return home in possible swap

Six elephants die in Thai waterfall

while trying to save each other

Tunisia presidential hopeful

halts campaign for 'ethical reasons'

Saudi Arabia to allow foreign men

and women to share hotel rooms

in push to boost tourism

"Flat-Out False": WaPo Calls Out 

Adam Schiff For Lying About Whistleblower





How Vulnerable Are America's Power Grids?

Saxo: Weakening The Dollar Is The

Global Economy's Last Best Hope

Trump Reportedly Raged at Aides

After Drudge Report Highlighted Huge

Payout to Mexico: ‘What the F*ck

am I Getting Out of This!?”

Owner of B-17 bomber in deadly

crash suspends other flights

Syrian opposition vows to back any

Turkish operation into northeast

House Oversight Committee

Subpoenas White House for

Ukraine Documents

New York Times: 2nd intelligence

official might submit whistleblower


Four days of escalating protests

in Iraq leave at least 60 dead, 1,600 wounded

Hackers linked to Iranian government

targeted a U.S. presidential campaign

Thousands rally against Haitian president,

clash with police

Iowa Science Teacher Placed On

Leave After 'Sniper Rifle' 

Facebook Comment Directed at 

Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

Ecuador Transport Unions Declare

Strike Over, Others Continue

The Australian Capital Territory 

Recognizes Animals As ‘Sentient Beings’

2nd Official Is Weighing Whether

to Blow the Whistle on Trump’s

Ukraine Dealings

Bernie Sanders had a heart

attack this week,

campaign says

US Customs Officer Harasses Defense

One Journalist at Dulles Airport

Romney: Trump requesting Biden

investigation from China, Ukraine

'wrong and appalling'

NO SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Futures Fall As Traders Brace For

Dismal Payrolls Report

Hong Kong invokes colonial-era

emergency law to ban face masks in public,

but protests continue

Palestinian said killed in border riot

as 6,000 join Gaza protests

Ukrainian prosecutors are reviewing their

investigation into Burisma, the energy

company where Hunter Biden worked

Iran says it will release Russian

journalist accused of espionage

UN seeks ‘transparent’ probe

into death of Iraqi protesters

The real reason for Trump’s meltdowns

Energy Secretary Rick Perry eyeing

exit in November

Pompeo Warns About Chinese Influence

in Balkans

McConnell signaling Trump

trial to be quick,

if it happens

Supreme Court to hear Louisiana

abortion case

JPMorgan Banker Beaten In Hong Kong

As Protests Rage

House Democrats Dump Volker

Texts In Search Of Trump-Ukraine 'Gotcha'

Jeffrey Epstein Made $200 Million After His 

Pedophilia Became Public Knowledge

Giuliani mocked in anonymous NYC 

subway ad: 'Need a lawyer? 

Call crazy Rudy.'



India Changed The Game In Kashmir 

—Now What?

Saudi Arabia restores full oil       

output after attacks, focused on

Aramco IPO

Clashes as Ecuador declares

'state of emergency'

Death toll rises to 26 in Iraq's

violent protests

Paris knife attacker who killed 4 

in police headquarters had converted 

to Islam: report

2 Injured, 1 Dead in Washington State

Senior Center Shooting

Donald Trump Just Admitted Doing  

The Thing He Said He Didn't Do On Live TV 
FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



Former U.S. army interpreter sentenced

to 30 years for dealing fentanyl on dark web

Mexico senator, reports:

Supreme Court judge abruptly quits

Northern Army commander     

reviews situation along LoC in

J-K’s Rajouri

Protests In Kyiv After Ukraine's 

President Signs Formula For Peace Plan

IRS whistleblower said to report 

Treasury political appointee might 

have tried to interfere in audit of 

Trump or Pence 
RIGHT ON QUE HU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not just Ukraine: 

Trump now calls 

for China 

to probe Bidens

GOP Challenger Bill Weld Calls for

Death Penalty for Trump ‘Treason’

Over Ukraine

US attorney general 'met Italian

officials to discuss Russiagate'

Putin Shames Greta Thunberg 

And Her Handlers Over Environmental Agenda

Schiff And NYT Do Damage Control

Over Sneak Peek At CIA

Whistleblower Complaint; Trump

Says Schiff Wrote It

NRA & San Francisco: City

Backs Down In Face Of Lawsuit

"The Collapse Is Here": Initial 

U.S. Auto Sales For September Paints 

An Ugly Picture

Graham Asks Foreign Countries 

To Cooperate With Russiagate 

Origin Investigation

NY Times Reports Schiff Had

Contact with Whistleblower

Hillary Nervous As Bill Barr Turns 

Up Heat in Reopened Email Investigation

New Zealand mosque shooting

suspect drops bid to move trial

Libyan National Army Says

Liquidated Over 20 Militants Who

Fled US Airstrikes in Southwest

Democratic demands test Trump 

impeachment strategy

Giuliani consulted on Ukraine

with imprisoned Paul Manafort via a lawyer
BLAH BLAH BLAH...............................

Iraq protests: Second day of

violent clashes in Baghdad

70 years on, China-Russia ties 

poised to grow stronger

Impeachment standoff: Trump sees hoax,

Democrats see stonewalling

Opinion: Whatever happened to Trump’s

boast of 4%, 5% or even 6% growth?
Market Watch -ANY CLUE WHAT

THERE DOING HERE FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report: Russia's S-500 Missile System Test Fired in Syria

Shooting of Hong Kong schoolboy 

Tsang Chi-kin ‘totally legal and appropriate’, 

Chinese state media says

Kashmir unrest spreads to Ladakh, 

the mountainous region on the Chinese border

Yemeni Foreign Ministry Condemns

World Org. Activities by Terrorist Al-Houthis

Sanders has heart procedure,

cancels campaign events for now

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile,

Possibly From Submarine, Days Before Talks

Rifle Murders Declined Nearly 24 Percent, 

FBI Report Shows -WOW HUH

Iraqi security forces open fire as

protests spread

Schiff: Deeply concerned by potential

Pompeo interference
CABAL NEW NETWARK..........................


Pakistan loses Hyderabad Fund Case as

UK top court favours India

Mysterious fireball that crashed

and burned wasn't a meteor

As Impeachment Moves Forward,

Trump’s Language Turns Darker

Bolton Declines to Share His Opinion     

of Trump's Call with Ukraine's President
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Phony Australia Freak-out Proves 

Ukraine Hoax Is Running Out of Steam

Two killed as Baghdad erupts in protest 

and Iraqi troops use live fire

N Korea to hold nuke talks

with US on Saturday

Israeli unity gov’t talks falter after

Netanyahu rival rejects meeting

Army's first female four-star

general to receive Thayer Award next week

Indonesia inaugurates new Parliament amid tight security

South Africa’s Risk Premium Limits 

Room for Rate Cuts, SARB Says

Ukraine signs key agreement

with pro-Russian separatists

Russia in Review: Diversifying

Foreign Policy Tools

China and North Korea's



Reporters scramble after mouse

falls from White House ceiling

A Republican takes heat for  

impeachment remarks

Tense Relationship Between Barr

and Giuliani Complicates Trump

Impeachment Defense



‘He conned us from day one’: 

Giuliani’s Ukraine ally leaves trail of 

South Florida debts

State Dept. ramps up probe into Clinton email server: report

State Department ramping up probe

into Clinton emails — report

Trump blurs lines between

personal lawyer, attorney general

The Battle Over Hong Kong: New

Silk Road Or New World Order?

Top Gun Governor: Ralph Abraham Aims 

to Fly Over the Swamp into 

Louisiana Governor’s Mansion

Afghan presidential election: Voters

head to polls amid threats

Syria demands withdrawal of US, 

Turkish forces, warns of countermeasures

Trump, FDR, And War

Want To Save The Environment?

De-Fund The Pentagon

Stunning Clip Shows Billions In Gold,

Cash Hidden In Chinese City

Mayor's Secret Basement




A Nation Divided: U.S. Politics Taking Physical,

Emotional Toll On Americans

Subpoenas mark first concrete steps

for Trump impeachment

Rep. Mark Amodei supports the House’s

inquiry into whether President Donald Trump

should be impeached,

but is withholding judgment on whether

Trump has crossed the legal line.

Trump told Russian officials in 2017   

he wasn't concerned about Moscow's

interference in U.S. election

Barry Blitt’s “Whack Job”


Memorial dedicated to USS Thresher  

at Arlington National Cemetery

Iraq paramilitary: Israel behind 

drone attack near Syria border

FM says China committed to 

non-confrontation, win-win cooperation 

with U.S.

Pakistan’s Khan warns of all-out

conflict amid tension

Hundreds of thousands join

children’s climate strikes in Europe

Airstrikes said to hit Iran-backed 

militia in Iraq

Warsaw Bourse Pays for Stock  

Research Investors Can’t Afford

Indian Occupied Kashmir Is Calling Out Loud,

While the World Plays Deaf

Hong Kong protester 'blindfolded,

tied to a table, held for 30 hours

Trump has nearly destroyed US refugee

program, experts say

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Geng Shuang's Remarks on    

China's Announcement on the

Arms Trade Treaty

French President Emmanuel Macron

says Greta Thunberg will 

'antagonize societies' 

after she filed a lawsuit accusing  

France of inaction on global warming

NYTimes 'Outs' Ukraine-Call "Whistleblower"

As CIA Officer

Venezuela Wants To Use Bitcoins

For Oil Transactions

US confirms another chemical 

attack by Syria's Assad regime

Audio of Trump discussing whistleblower

at private event: ‘That’s close to a spy’

Federal Agents Raid McCook, 

Lyons Township Village Halls: Sources

Suburban squeeze: Feds hit McCook, 

Lyons and Summit as part of 

criminal investigation

Ex-Texas judge who took bribes

hidden in six-packs in exchange for

favorable rulings gets prison time

DA Files Briefing In Case Against 

Oklahoma Co. Judge Accused Of 

Failing To File Tax Returns

Rudy Giuliani: ‘You Should Be  

Happy for Your Country That I 

Uncovered This’

Trump warns again that the 

stock market would crash if he is impeached

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Trump Admin Bans Iranian Regime

Figures, Families From Entering U.S.

Gertz: The United States Must

Identify China as a ‘Real Enemy’

Whistle-Blower Is a C.I.A. Officer 

Who Was Detailed to the White House

Whistleblower complaint says 

White House officials acted to 

'lock down' record of Trump-Ukraine call

Damn the torpedoes. Full speed 

ahead on impeachment.

Trump deflects and defies as 

Democrats speed up impeachment strategy

Cracks emerge among Senate Republicans

over Trump urging Ukrainian leader

to investigate Biden

Whistle-Blower Is Said to Allege 

Concerns About White House 

Handling of Ukraine Call

US: Whistleblower claims White House 

attempted cover-up



Saudi Prince bin Salman accepts

responsibility but not

blame for Khashoggi death

Australia: Abortion decriminalised    

in New South Wales after lawmakers

overturn 119-year-old law

Afghan ambassador to UAE: Despite flaws,

the elections are inexorably tied to peace

Gabbard: Iran’s Attacks on Saudi Arabia

Were ‘Retaliatory’

Abbas to promise elections in UN speech

Deputy Secretary of State Urges

End of China’s Mass Repression of Uighurs

Ex-DIA Officer Gets 10 Years in

Prison for Spying for China

Iran Has Spent More Than $16

Billion on Terrorism in Recent Years

U.S. intelligence panel members,

including one Republican, say     

whistleblower complaint disturbing

Iran President Hassan Rouhani Warns Of

A Region ‘On The Edge Of Collapse’

Fear, Fatigue Could Undermine        

Afghan Presidential Vote – Analysis

Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia to

jointly start English channel to

confront Islamophbia

Fmr. ICE director joins FOX Business  

ahead of testifying before immigration


Reports Of China's Plan To Deploy

Weaponless Stealth Drones On Its

Carriers Make Perfect Sense

Majority of House members now

back some type of impeachment

action against Trump

Whistleblower complaint turned

over to select members of Congress

Washington plunges into Trump

impeachment investigation

Warren passes Biden in new 

nationwide poll

24 hours in the Rudy zone

Trump insiders see reasons 

to worry about Warren-LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump ordered hold on military aid

days before calling Ukrainian president,

officials say

ON HRC EMAILS OR U1 UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These allegations are a threat to all we have

sworn to protect

Trump calls on world to stand up to

'Iran's bloodlust'

Trump ordered aid frozen; more

Democrats want impeachment

Boris Johnson blasts Supreme Court

ruling and says he WON’T quit as

‘unlawful’ parliament shutdown

derails his Brexit plan

Fed adds $105 billion in cash to 

U.S. banking system

Aurora Shooting Victims Voice 

Fears Over 'Joker' in Letter to Warner Bros.

EU sides with Google in data

protection case

Thousands protest against new

criminal code in Indonesia

Water cut off for 2 million residents

of Zimbabwe's capital Harare

Pakistan quake death toll climbs 

to 19, 300 wounded – police

Congress wants answers on

Trump’s dig for Biden dirt

Silicon Valley’s final frontier for

mobile payments — ‘the neoliberal takeover

of the human body’

Why the Repo Market Is Such a Big Deal—

and Why Its $400 Billion Bailout

Is So Unnerving

Giuliani Hits Bidens With New $3 Million

"Ukraine-Latvia-Cyprus" Money

Laundering Accusation

"You've Stolen My Childhood" - 

16-Year-Old Girl Throws Tearful 

Climate Tantrum At UN

DoD Threatens To Kill Millennials

With Stealth Bomber In Area 51 Raid

Jimmy Carter Turned A Blind Eye     

To Israeli Nuclear Test, Declassified

Docs Reveal

Mnuchin: US-China trade talks  

to resume soon, Japan deal near

Xi meets Iraqi PM on bilateral 

cooperation, situation in Middle East,

Gulf region




The Latest: UN chief: ‘The tide is

turning’ on climate

FBI arrests Army soldier who allegedly 

discussed plans to bomb major

American news network




China footage reveals hundreds of 

blindfolded and shackled prisoners

Pelosi hints at impeachment

over Trump-Ukraine whistleblower complaint

Russia grows impatient with Turkey in Syria

Amid cheers from Indian Americans,

PM Modi invites Trump to visit India with family

Hong Kong protesters trample Chinese flag,

set street fires

Iran Asks West To Leave Persian

Gulf As Tensions Heightened

Erdogan, Trump Discuss Regional, 

Bilateral Issues in Phone Call

Hundreds of people hold 'funeral'

for Swiss glacier lost to global warming

Stocks blog: Futures point to mixed

openings on Hong Kong and China

equity exchanges

Sinn Féin's Michelle O'Neill says

referendum on Irish unity 'only solution'

to no deal Brexit'

Syrian refugee children face 

considerable challenges in Ireland, 

report finds

Saudi Arabia seeks action against 

Iran after oil attack, allies wary

U.S. trade regulators approve

some Apple tariff exemptions

amid broader reprieve

Gowdy: It is harder to indict a

high-profile defendant like McCabe