16 OCT 2018 


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-LONG-LIVE 1776-









Matt Couch & Bill Pierce Discuss Las Vegas Investigation



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"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."




Hillary Clinton Supplied Cash, Weapons,

Tanks, Training to Al-Qaeda to Kill Gaddafi

& Weaponize

“ISIS” in Syria

Was John Brennan a traitor who allowed

9/11 terrorists to enter the United States

and murder thousands?

Obama administration covers up

missile theft

What Difference Does it Make Now ?

Hillary’s Operation Fast And Furious:

Al Qaeda Edition

The Stingers of Benghazi

The Truth About Benghazi –

Hillary Clinton Brokered Illegal Arms

Deals with Libyan Rebels?



As U.S. Polls Tighten, The Signs All Point To Hillary

(This is BIG)

Veritas Undercover Exposes MO Sen. McCaskill

Hiding Liberal Agenda From Moderate Voters:"People

Just Can't Know That" Another individual who works

on Senator McCaskill’s campaign,Glen Winfrey,

explains plans for the impeachment of President Trump

Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Dismissed, Trump Entitled

To Legal Fees

BREAKING: Former Trump Campaign Official Carter

Page Sues DNC and Perkins Coie Law Firm (Video)

Diamond and Silk to Kanye West: ‘Don’t Stop Talking’

(Radio Interview & New Movie Info)

Hazmat Team Investigating “Suspicious Letter”

Sent to Senator Susan Collins’ Home in Maine

Top GOP Rep. Says FBI Kept Evidence That Could

Torpedo Trump Investigation

Newly Released Docs Reveal FBI Investigated

Andrew McCabe For Leaking About General Flynn

EXCLUSIVE – Trump Tower Collusion Conspiracy

Implodes During Interview with Key Witness

Second Caravan Begins Journey to US Border

Florida family spells out 'HELP' with logs after

Hurricane Michael devastates area

President Trump gets bird's-eye view of

devastated Florida communities

Disabled and retired vets to see largest cost

of living raise in six years

Gen. Abrams approved by Senate to command

US Forces Korea, Vice Adm. Faller to lead

Southern Command

Jordan says Rosenstein should be subpoenaed if he

refuses to testify before Judiciary Committee

FBI Withheld Evidence that ‘Directly Refutes’

Premise of Trump Surveillance

Trump Overhauling Notoriously Liberal 9th Circuit,

Excluding Sens. Harris And Feinstein

32 House GOP Incumbents Make Deal To Sell Out

Conservatives On Health Care

As Donald Trump Tours Hurricane Michael

Damage With Him, Rick Scott Announces

Plan to Skip Campaign Events

Trump says 'rogue killers' could be to 

blame for Saudi journalist

Warren releases results of DNA test

Obama Campaign Manager Vents Frustration

Over Warren’s DNA Test: ‘Why Can’t Dems

Ever Stay Focused?’

Trust has been lost, Merkel admits after

Bavaria election blow

Brooklyn witches plan to hex Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Julian Assange’s Communications Not Yet

Restored, Will Have Severe Restrictions on

His Speech and Writing

Stay Alert With Extreme Prejudice! The 'World In 2019'

Economist Magazine Cover Hints At The Arrival Of

The 'End Game' - Globalist Mouthpiece's 33rd Edition

Is Midnight Black!  Is The Cabal Hinting at an

Imminent Blackout?

HR 1111-The Democrats and the UN Plan to

Seize Control of the Government

Trump Assassination Plot Foiled After ISIS

Operative Tweets Plan: Secret Service Reveals

Bear spray, bloody brawls at Patriot Prayer

'law and order' march in Portland

In some cities, police now take FOUR DAYS to

respond to a 911 call… are you armed yet?

(VIDEO) President Trump says Defense Secretary

Mattis is ‘sort of a Democrat’ and ‘may leave’

Facebook, Google declare all pro-liberty speech

to be “political spam” or “Russian bots” as

pretext to censor conservatives

George Papadopoulos set to speak with House

Investigators on October 25th

"Someone Is Not Telling The Truth": Fusion GPS

Founder "In Real Legal Jeopardy" According To

GOP Lawmaker

George Papadopoulos Insists He Was Set Up by

UK Spy Joseph Mifsud – And John Brennan’s

Toadies Don’t Like It

Trump Calls Out Leftwing Hack Leslie Stahl on

“60 Minutes”- “I Never Knew How Dishonest the

Media Was...You Treated Me Different Than Obama”


WEATHER WARS UNDERWAY: A couple of months

back the Pentagon warned the US Public that China

has Space Based Weather Altering Platforms.

US advisers begin partnership with Paraguayan

air force

U.S. F-35 Stealth Fighter Jets CLEARED to Fly Again

Vital Information: Weather Terrorism Obliterates

MAGA Panhandle (Video)








STAY ALERT, BE  AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TNFM BREAKING ..................................

The independent press in Venezuela experiences

new pressures in an environment of permanent hostility

A humanitarian crisis in Venezuela? 

Nothing to see here, government says

Venezuela 'frees Lorent Saleh 

amid suicide concerns'

Brazil's Military Poised to Amass Power 

After Three-Decade Wait 

As Global Stocks Fall, 

Investors Put Trust in Brazil


Lake Maracaibo: an announced

environmental disaster.

7 Ways to protect yourself from the

Ruling Elite’s World Depopulation Agenda

5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves

As Pentagon Crowd

Control System

Leaking Nigeria pipeline explodes,

killing at least 19

Venezuela Creates New Migratory

Police Force as UN Visits Border

The Oily History of Offshore Operations:

From Venezuela to the Gulf

Wolf at the Door: Prospects of

US Military Intervention in Venezuela

Venezuela ‘militarizes border with Colombia’

as tensions grow

Colombia’s military emerges as a global player

in US-led alliance

Brazil will deploy 3,200 soldiers 

in the border region with Venezuela

Rand Paul EXPLOSIVE Speech at

Trump Rally in Richmond Kentucky - October 13, 2018

Is Kanye Crazy?-Brandon Tatum

An Open Letter to Governor Rick Scott

Crowbars, cadaver dogs in search for survivors, bodies after Florida hurricane

Gas shortages in wake of Hurricane Michael

US pastor freed from Turkey prays with

Trump in Oval Office

Freed Pastor Brunson Prays for President

Trump in White House Ceremony

Collusion judgment looms for

key Senate panel

Trump vows 'severe punishment' if Saudi Arabia killed journalist 

Minnesota Dems worry about Ellison allegations as state AG race tightens

Gillum to miss first debate against 

DeSantis due to storm recovery efforts

Five things to watch for in deteriorating US-Saudi relations

Communist challenger exposes cracks in 

Putin’s grip on power

UK millennials' costs among EU's highest  

but pay lags behind 

3 Arrested After Violence Erupts Outside

NYC Republican Club Event

Is Trump on a Collision Course With

Democrats are largely ducking the topic

on the campaign trail,

but few people in Washington doubt that it

will be on the table if they win the House.

Police On Scene After Protesters Stomp 

ANTIFA in Street Fights and Pockets of 

Wild Rioting Saturday Night

Google Relies on Soros as an ‘Expert’ 

in Good Censor’ Report

Hundreds of Hondurans Fleeing Poverty Are

Marching Through Mexico to US Border

A Ripple Not a Wave: Nervous

Democrats Worry Election Disaster

May Strike Again

House Judiciary Chairman

Bob Goodlatte Preparing to

Subpoena Rod Rosenstein




Family of Pakistani Christian Mother Sentenced 

to Death for Blasphemy Prays for Deliverance

Negligible impact seen on internet 

service due to upgradation-ICANN

Fed Inspector Turned Whistleblower 

Reveals System Rigged For Goldman Sachs

Tyndall sustains ‘direct hit,’

‘extensive damage’ from hurricane

Massive, coordinated social media PURGE

silences hundreds of conservative,

libertarian channels before mid-term election

Thousands of Trump Supporters Line up For

“Make America Great Again” Rally in Lebanon, Ohio 

We need answers’: Florida residents

increasingly desperate for food and shelter

Hurricane Michael leaves friends, relatives

searching for thousands of people

White House, Turkey reach deal for 

release of detained US pastor 

Hillary Clinton lost her security

clearance according to an announcement

from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday.


Antifa Mob Vandalizes New York

Republican Headquarters

ISIS Posts Another Western Concert 

Threat Depicting Jihadist with a Grenade

Innocent People Don’t Act This Way:

DAG Rosenstein Declines House Interview,

Fusion’s Simpson Pleads the 5th

The Self-Defeating US Empire

Trump administration proposes

tough rules on protests

How America’s urban-rural divide is

changing the Democratic Party

Kavanaugh tensions linger after bitter fight

Democratic Candidate Stacey Abrams:

‘Undocumented’ Immigrants Are Part

of the ‘Blue Wave’

Rand Paul wants to cut military aid to

Saudis until missing journalist is found alive

"An Atomic Bomb Has Hit Our City": 'Apocalyptic'

Post-Michael Scenes From Mexico Beach

Turkey Releases American Pastor Brunson:

‘We Hope to Have Him Safely Back Home Soon!’

Whalen: Donald Trump Is Right About The Fed

Jim Rickards: The Bull Market In Bonds Still

Has Legs

President Trump vows to slowly ‘weed out’

administration officials he distrusts

Now we know what Strzok meant in that

'insurance policy' text to Page

The Russia Hoax As Contingency Plan

Republicans push to confirm more than 40

judges before midterms

Democrat Witches to Hex Justice Kavanaugh

in Occult Ritual on Saturday

Rand Paul: Media Covered Up Scalise Shooter

Shouting, ‘This Is for Health Care!’

Silicon Valley's attack on conservatives now

in Congressional Record


SEARCH SITES - Stop being censored by

Facebook, Google and Twitter

'We are fine': Melania Trump dismisses gossip

about marriage

‘Changed Forever’: Florida Panhandle devastated

by Hurricane Michael


Raises Rates **AGAIN** on Trump — DOW DIVES

1,501 POINTS IN ONE WEEK! (Must Read)

Facebook Purges Over 800 Accounts With Millions

Of Followers; Prominent Conservatives Vanish

Report: Glenn Simpson Lied Under Oath –

Met with Bruce Ohr Before Election and Now

Defies Congressional Subpoena

Pentagon reverses course in Trump campaign

spy case - Employee punished after questioning

$1 million Obama- administration payment

US suspends all F-35 operations worldwide

Senate Starting Campaign Recess Two Weeks

Early, Gone Through Midterm Election

"I Have No Words": Aerial Footage Shows Trail

Of Devastation Left By Hurricane Michael

‘Unimaginable destruction’: Hurricane smashes

rows of houses
Tom Cotton: Schumer’s Political Operation Along

with Preet Bharara Were Behind Christine Ford’s

Hit on Kavanaugh

Shocktober Day 2: Stock Rout Accelerates As Bonds,

Bullion Surge

McCabe Snaps After Wray Delays His FBI Book:

‘I’ve Been Singled Out,’ Persecuted

DHS Official Warns ‘Dam Breaking’ with Illegals

Miracle escape for Space Station astronauts

as rocket fails mid-launch: American and

Russian hurtle back to Earth in harrowing

7G 'ballistic re-entry' and survive

President Trump’s DHS Begins Defense Against

Nuclear Bomb ‘Electromagnetic Pulse’

Leaked Google Document Advises to “Police Tone

Instead of Content” in the “Shift Towards Censorship”

FBI Chief Warns: MS-13, Islamic State May Use

Drones to Attack U.S.

Joe Arpaio: The War on Cops Needs To End

(PHOTOS) 627-foot smuggling tunnel found containing

electricity, water, ventilation between CA and Mexico

Andrew Gillum: Soros Helped Me Win Democratic

Gubernatorial Nomination - Gillum’s win was more

evidence that Soros is meddling with democracy

Obama Had Planned for Trump to Lose, Contend

Results in 2016

How to Help Those Impacted by Hurricane


Michael Treks Through Southeast After Leaving

Florida Beach Towns in Ruins, Kills 2; Flooding

Swamps North Carolina Towns

2 Dead, 700,000 Without Power As Damages

From "Nightmare" Michael Top $20 Billion

Gov. Scott: 100% of Focus on Search

and Rescue, Recovery Panama City Beach

building partially collapses as Hurricane

Michael lashes Florida

Michael Slamming Georgia with Fierce Wind,

Torrential Rain

"It's Just Beginning": US Futures Plunge As

Global Rout Hammers Asia, Europe

Carnage Continues After-Hours -

Dow Down 1000 Pts, Nasdaq Collapses 5%

Donald Trump Vows to ‘Spare No Expense’

to Help Victims of Hurricane Michael

Rosenstein Bails On

Congressional Testimony

Antifa’s Latest Targets: Elderly

Women and The Handicapped

US Intel Knew Of Saudi Plan To Abduct Missing

Journalist; Turkey Releases Footage Of "Hit Team"

China Legalizes Detention Of

"Religious Extremists" In

"Re-Education Camps"

After the Fed Screws President Trump Again,

He States the Obvious 

The Fed has “Gone Crazy”!

Breaking: Rod Rosenstein Refuses to Turn

Over Subpoenaed Memos 

Backs Out of Thursday’s

Congressional Hearing

GOP sees new hope to expand Senate majority

Trump rails against Dems at Pennsylvania rally

as Hurricane Michael batters Florida

Catholic Bishops Go Rogue; Will Release

Names of Accused

Priests Regardless of Pope

How are we working to secure

Facebook during elections?

Trisha Anderson, Charles Newman

Fired FBI Official authorized perjury

investigation against Sessions-OH BOY


Here’s what Trump’s ethanol plan means

for farmers, refiners and motorists

New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro

Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom

Hurricane Michael pictures: Powerful

storm slams Florida Panhandle

Dow plunges more than 800 points in

worst drop since February, Amazon

and tech shares lead the rout

NY Man Planned to Blow Self Up 

in DC Over Country's Direction

Ronald Reagan comes back to

life at presidential library – via virtual reality


- Storm Hunter Aircraft have just

recorded wind speed of 137 KNOTS 157.6 MPH

in the southeast quadrant of the storm

Fears Of Hillary Clinton Directed

“Acid Throwing Attacks”

Set To Begin In America

Prompts Red Alert Warning To Diplomats

Romanian man charged with orchestrating

$4 million cyber fraud ring brought back to

U.S. for prosecution

Evidence Shows Dirty Rod Rosenstein is One of the Most Conflicted and Corrupt Officials in US History

Rand Paul Just Dropped a Bomb that Silenced

FBI’s Wray:

“Is NSA or FBI Listening to

Our President?”

Director Wray Refuses to

Deny Trump’s Phone Calls Are Being

Collected in FISA Database

Malloch: Look Who’s Squealing Now –

James “Dirty Hands” Baker

CNN Says Mobs Have ‘Constitutional Right’

To Chase Republicans Out of Restaurants

Trump, Declassification, and Leverage

It's James Baker's turn to throw

Rosenstein under a bus

 FBI RAID Targets

“Threats made to targets in Washington, D.C.”

Veterans are sleeping in their cars at

VA medical centers

Walmart just made an announcement that

may make you never want to shop there again

Trump says he'll likely visit hurricane zone 

Sunday or Monday

Antifa Shut Down Major Intersection,

Threaten Citizens with Violence

If They Don’t Obey

15 months later: Dems still

blocking Trump picks

Key administration posts remain unfilled

Key witness: Obama-targeted

congressman is innocent

VA won’t turn over documents related to

outside businessmen’s influence on

department policy

Are Pentagon weapons systems vulnerable

to cyberattacks? Here’s what the

GAO says

Questions for Andrew Gillum

Shocking Internal Google Docs Prove Their

Orwellian Goals and Desire to Squash

Free Speech

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to

Introduce Bill to Fully Fund

Trump Border Wall


President Trump Confirms Nikki Haley Resignation

Missing journalist is ALIVE and being held

captive in Saudi Arabia after being spirited

out of Turkey in a private jet, claims source

close to the kingdom's royal family

Ex-FBI Top Lawyer: Rosenstein Wasn't 

Joking About Recording, Removing Trump




now forecasting 165 MPH Wind Gusts at

landfall tomorrow.

Evacuations Ordered As "Monstrous Hurricane" Michael Intensifies Into "Most Powerful Storm In

A Decade

Bullet Holes Discovered In Pilot's Body After 

Mysterious Helicopter Crash That Killed 

Russian Prosecutor

Soros Color Revolution In Syria?

Mystery as Christine Ford’s FBI Lawyer

Pal Is Linked to Owner of Limo Company

That Killed 20 People in NY

‘The horror we live in’: Viktoria Marinova

murder shocks Bulgaria

Michael Gains Steam in SE Gulf; Cat 3 

Landfall Likely on Gulf Coast

UN Ambassador Haley resigning in

latest Trump shakeup

Susan Collins becomes top 2020

target for Dems

Trump tariffs raise $4.4 billion

and counting-CHINA

New Evidence Of Chinese Spy Hardware

Found By Ex-Mossad Investigators;

Super Micro Shares Plunge

Kanye West to meet with Trump,

Jared Kushner at White House

Kavanaugh has quiet first day on the bench

Turkey to search Saudi Consulate

for missing journalist

Kavanaugh asks questions in first day on bench

Google Hid User Data Breach from Public

out of Fear Congress Would Take Action
Google Exposed User Data, Feared

Repercussions of Disclosing to Public

Peggy Grande: Dianne Feinstein shows her true

colors in the Kavanaugh fight

FBI’s smoking gun: Redactions protected

political embarrassment, not

‘national security’

Dems wage war on Kavanaugh, court: 

New battles over legitimacy, impeachment,


Brett Kavanaugh: ‘Confirmation

Process Tested Me…

Did Not Change Me’

Trump: Kavanaugh Was

‘Proven Innocent’

Vicious Payback for Liberal Teacher Who Tweeted 

“So Who’s Gonna Take One For the 

Team and Kill Kavanaugh?”

SOS: Democrat Andrew Gillum MUST Be

Defeated Because The Party That Wins The

Florida Governor’s Race Will Determine


Hopefully the Right really understands
how critical it is that Soros-selected

candidate and Tallahassee Mayor
Andrew Gillum be defeated for FL Gov?

Kunstler: Civil War Two Looms As

Deep State Circles The Wagons

Investigative Journalist Probing EU Corruption

Found Brutally Raped And Murdered

Pope blames devil for Church 

divisions, scandals, seeks angel's help 

Hurricane Watches Up For Florida

Panhandle For Rapidly

Intensifying Michael

Avenatti's media honeymoon is over

following Kavanaugh accuser backlash

Erdogan asks Riyadh to 'prove'

journalist left consulate

Democrats' first 2020 debate is only 

months away

Bill and Hillary Clinton are going

on tour in 2018, 2019

Stock markets stage sharp sell-off amid

fear of Italy-EU budget fight

Kavanaugh hires team of 4 women as his 

law clerks, first Supreme Court justice to do so 
"It Was All Made Up, It Was Fabricated" 

Trump Says Kavanaugh Victim Of Democrat 


Trump Apologizes to Justice Kavanaugh

at Swearing-In Ceremony

“You Sir, Under Historic Scrutiny

Were Proven Innocent”

US Freezes Deripaska's US Assets As 

Pressure To Give Up Rusal Stake Intensifies

Here We Go Again… Hillary Clinton Coughs

Uncontrollably at Mansfield College

Requests Water

On Columbus Day, Donald Trump Praises

‘Courage, Willpower, and Ambition’

Kavanaugh champion Lindsey Graham vows

to be powerful weapon for GOP in 2018

midterm elections

Deep State FBI and DOJ Caught Redacting

Key Intel Documents that Implicate Hillary

and DNC – Have Nothing to do with National




HERE WE GO:  Justice Elena Kagan Says

Legitimacy Of The Supreme Court Is Now

At Risk

Democrats: Modern-day lynch mob -

Chuck Norris slams low-down tactics

used against Kavanaugh

The Kavanaugh Effect: Here’s what happens

NEXT (and why you should get ready)

Angry Democrats Vow "Day Of Reckoning

Coming For Republicans"

President Trump Wants Chinese Parts

Out of American Weapons

The Left Is Systematically Tearing Down

Conservative Based News Sources

Confirmed: Hack Reporter Molly McKew Who

Pens Hit Pieces on Gateway Pundit &

Conservative Activists Is Exposed as

Paid Foreign Agent, Podesta Operative

Dems look to women to take back
House after Kavanaugh fight

At least 20 killed after limousine

crashes in New York

Dems Latest Scheme: ‘Balance’

Supreme Court by Adding Two Liberal Judges

Actress Rose McGowan - who triggered Harvey

Weinstein's downfall - now claims the

#MeToo movement is 'all bull****' and a

'lie to make lily-livered Hollywood types

feel better'

[Pg 294]
[Meeting between Comey and Coleman on 

October 4] 
Coleman told us that he could not recall 

this briefing with Comey.
Coleman’s notes from October 4 

contained the following entry:

The Dem Staffer Arrested For Doxxing Republican

Senators WASN'T An Intern

List of CIA spooks running for political office

Sarah Palin - Why was she not allowed at No-Name's Funeral?

(She said Mrs. No-Name probably didn't want her there -

but why? Is there more going on than we know? Thoughts

The CIA Democrats: Part one

Brexit not on agenda for Theresa May's

next cabinet meeting

Gov. Scott warns Floridians Tropical 

Storm Michael will be ‘life threatening’

Solomon: DOJ "Smoking Gun" Redactions

Due To National Embarrassment,

Not "National Security"

America, the radicalized

Leftist Protesters FREAK OUT, Claw At 

Supreme Court Doors While

Brett Kavanaugh Is Sworn In

American Rebels Win “Battle Of Kavanaugh Hill”

As Bloodied Democrat Forces Retreat And

Regroup At November Plain

MUST SEE=> Lindsey Graham Celebrates with


Cloture Vote on Senate Floor! (Video)

Kavanaugh confirmed: We the People are

taking America back from the lunatic mob

Devin Nunes: Top Democrat Lawyer Gave Top

FBI Lawyer the Russian Dossier That FBI Used

to Spy on Trump (VIDEO)

Meet Deep State Shill John Burton, Digging Dirt

On Republican Candidates

WWII veteran, 99, on a mission to visit all 50 states

Pro-China Rebels Up Persecution of Christians,

Detain Pastors and Destroy Churches in Shan State

USS Blue Ridge sets sail for the first time after two

years of maintenance

US And North Korea Agree To Second Summit

Meeting After "Productive Conversation"

Danske Bank – Who Helped Them Launder?

Fed Killing the Economy – John Williams

Congress Can Slash the Cost of Health Care

Premiums by as Much as a Third. Here’s How.

It speaks: David Rothschild Melts-Down

Over Kavanaugh


Trump's secret communication with Q about Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation

Christine Blasey Ford’s friends:
‘Where does she go from here?’


Creepy Porn Lawyer Tries Again,

Has Another Sworn Statement


Kavanaugh sworn to high court

after rancorous confirmation

Brazil's Far-Right Candidate Gains 

Support in Election-Eve Polls

UK music stars rail against Brexit in

open letter to Theresa May

Kavanaugh confirmed: Senate OKs

Supreme Court nominee
The bitterly polarized U.S. Senate narrowly

confirmed Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday to join

the Supreme Court, delivering an

election-season triumph to

President Donald Trump that could swing the

court rightward for a generation after a battle

that rubbed raw the country’s cultural, gender

and political divides.

Man uses 22-pound ‘rock’

as doorstop for 30 years 

then finds out what it is,

how much it’s worth

Watch the Moment Chris Hayes Realizes

Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed

Ford’s own team kills liberal narrative:

Alleged attack did not happen at July 1, 1982,


China's 'Ultimate Silent Attack' Upon US

Military And Intelligence Agency Computers

Indicates Something Much More Sinister And

Damaging Is Still Hiding Below The Surface
- Are Senator Dianne Feinstein And Other

Globalists Complicit In China's Massive Hack?

Grassley Releases Timeline of Ford


Shows Feinstein and

Democrats Lied Throughout Process

Trump Supporters Camp Out in

Cold Rain Over Night for Topeka Rally 

THOUSANDS Line Up in Rain to See Trump

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 6, 2018 Compiled by Judy Byington-

Several countries turning to Trust; Ongoing talks

about taxes, student loan debts etc;

Susan Rice of Benghazi Fame Hints She

May Run Against Senator Collins in Maine

Protesters gather on Capitol Hill ahead

of Kavanaugh vote
GOP towin Kavanaugh fight but Dems

vow midterm revenge

Unbalanced Feinstein Breaks Down After FBI Report Calls Her ‘Star’ Witness a Serial Liar

Melania Trump says sometimes she tells

President Trump to put down his phone

Leftist Protesters Joke About Pro-Life

Activists Being Raped

Jim Acosta Accuses GOP

Kavanaugh Supporters of ‘Bullying the Press’,

Whines ‘Can’t You Guys Win Gracefully?

Creepy Porn Star Lawyer Michael Avenatti Has

Epic Twitter Meltdown, Attacks Susan Collins

and Reporters Over Kavanaugh


from Dirksen Senate Building

Following Speech by Senator Collins

CIVIL WAR ALERT: Leftists openly plot mass

executions of conservatives as

Democrats release home

addresses of Republican Senators

Cybersecurity Expert John McAfee Issues

Warning About Those Cell Phone

"Presidential Alerts"

A massive Coronal Hole on our Sun is now facing Earth watch out for more major

quake and volcanic activity around Indonesia

Kavanaugh secures votes needed for

Senate confirmation

Senate set for rare all-night session ahead of

Kavanaugh vote

Bioweapon? Scientists Sound Alarm Over DARPA Plans

To Spread Viruses Using Insects

Report: Ford’s FBI Friend, Monica McLean,

Pressured Witness To Modify Testimony

and Statement

A top US admiral warns of a Russian submarine threat

Russia’s Most Advanced (And Stealthly)

Nuclear Submarine Ever Just Went to Sea

Mob Rule Comes

to America

Kavanaugh Charade Gives Cover

For Assassination Of Russian Official Linked

To Hillary Clinton

Money Laundering And Trump Coup Plot

Obama Foundation is raising big bucks

but hiding the identities of its mega-donors

Melania Trump feeds baby elephants,

dances with orphans in Kenya

Collins, Manchin Vote "Yes",

Ensuring Kavanugh Confirmation

Susan Collins Announces She Will

Vote to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

This Afternoon She Took 20 Minutes

To Give All The Reasons For "Yes"

US Senator Unleashes Upon

George Soros Paid

Protesters -

Compares Democrats Tactics To

'Brownshirts Of 1930's Germany'

Saudi Crown Prince Slams Obama,

Praises Trump,

Claims Aramco IPO Is Back On

Trump may fire Air Force Secretary due to ‘undermining’

Space Force efforts, report says - the administration is

already seeking out potential candidates for her

replacement. Rep. Mike Rogers, a strong supporter

of the President’s Space Force entity, is one

individual possibly under consideration, one source said.

Trump announces new

US counterterrorism strategy

Bonfire of the Lefties:

Robert Reich mobilizes

MoveOn's anti-Kavanaugh

mob to descend on


Sarah Palin Fires Warning Shot: Strongly Hints at 

Senate Run Against Lisa Murkowski

TED MALLOCH on Eurabia in Europe

Gianforte Lends Daines His Plane to Fly

Back From Wedding to Kavanaugh Vote

BREAKING: Grassley Releases 

Executive Summary of 

Kavanaugh FBI Report

Collins backs Kavanaugh,

all but assuring confirmation

Grassley Sends Christine Ford’s Legal Team  

SCATHING Letter Demanding Therapy Notes,

Polygraph Results

Soros-Funded Threatens 

‘Direct Action’ in D.C., 

Preps ‘Emergency Campaign’ to Stop Brett Kavanaugh

Cyber Criminals Can Buy Passports 

On The Dark Web For As Little As $15, 

Study Finds

One Step Before Battle Israel: Put the Army on Preparedness 4 - Warns Russia

10-year yield jumps to highest in 7 years as

investors bet on roaring economy,

higher inflation

Bitter partisan battle over Kavanaugh

enters final chapter

Grassley On FBI Report: ‘There’s Nothing In It.

I’ll Be Voting To Confirm Judge Kavanaugh’

Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Descend On Senate;

100 Arrested Including Amy Schumer

Romanians to vote in referendum

LGBT groups say is fuelling hate

Passion, chaos as Kavanaugh

confirmation vote nears,-chaos-as-Kavanaugh-confirmation-vote-nears

Pence paints China as enemy in US election

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip

to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

These States National Guards Are

Standing Down

Globalist “Deep State” Recoils In Horror As

“Kavanaugh Earthquake” Destroys Canada,

With Brazil Soon To Follow

Explosive Report Details Chinese

Infiltration Of Apple, Amazon And The CIA

Sen. Rand Paul's Wife: 'I Now Keep A Loaded

Gun By My Bed' - We Are Not Heading Toward

Civil War,

We Are Already Fighting It - Prepare

Now Because it Is Going To Get Far Worse

Russian government hackers penetrated DNC,

stole opposition research on Trump

US voting systems have ‘staggering’

vulnerabilities: cyber researchers

Far Left Senator Files RESTRAINING ORDER

Against McConnell To Stop Kavanaugh Vote

Doxxer Jackson Cosko Threatened

to Leak GOP Senators’ Children’s

Health Information

International Court of Justice Sides

With the Mullahs
And what President Trump must do.

There's a reason soldiers receive Bibles
Bill Federer recounts need for comfort,

spiritual aid for those fighting on our behalf

Federal Judge Restores Non-Violent

Offender’s Gun Rights Following

Landmark Case
Judge says non-violent DUIs not enough to

meet standard for lifelong gun ban

An Ideology That Is Racist, Sexist

and Anti-Christian Threatens Our Democracy
And the rot is deeper than you think.

Melania Trump donates 1.4 million books

to Malawi school

Declassified Hillary Email Threatens Assange:

“Hope the Wikileaker Gets What’s Coming

to Him”

Like a Military Drone Strike

Did Comey’s Top FBI Lawyer LEAK

Classified Intel to McCain

Who Was Feeding Fusion GPS and

Christopher Steele to Sabotage Trump?


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