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Flag we made on Memorial Day 2020 in Memory of my son





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China "Sought To Influence" 2020 US Election,

Director Of National Intelligence Assesses

Trump Reportedly Will Not Pardon

Himself or His Family

‘Project Pelican’ Unveiled At Port Canaveral

China Ties Raise Questions for Biden’s

Pick for Top Defense Post

Incoming CDC Director Expects Over

100,000 COVID-19 Deaths in Next Month

“Biden Is Not Our Travel Warlord”

DNC Official Responsible For Inciting

Violence At Trump Rallies Met Privately

With Obama 42 Times

China's economy is growing faster

now than before pandemic

Troops, Blockades and Eerie Quiet

Pervade a Locked-Down Washington

FBI warned of large-scale nationwide

protests by Trump supporters,

but they fail to materialize

FBI investigating whether woman

stole laptop from Pelosi's office to

sell it to Russia

Troops at Inauguration Pre-Screened

for Extremism, Says DC Guard Commander

Attack on Capitol was the beginning

of an American insurgency, counterterrorism

experts warn

QAnon Is Destroying the GOP From Within

FBI probing if foreign governments,

groups funded extremists who helped

execute Capitol attack
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some in the GOP parrot far-right

talk of a coming civil war

Switzerland to Hold Referendum on

Covid-19 Lockdown

Alexei Navalny detained after landing

in Moscow

France Says Iran Is Building Nuclear Weapons

Capacity, Urgent to Revive 2015 Deal

Iran Asks UN's Nuclear Watchdog

Not to Publish 'Unnecessary'

Tehran Nuke Details

Several dead as freight ship sinks off

Turkey’s Black Sea coast

Ugandan opposition party to challenge

election result as two dead in protests

US holds its breath as troops

and massive security lock down

Washington for Joe Biden’s inauguration

UNSMIL Reveals Details Of Advisory Committee’s

Proposal On Mechanism For Selecting The Interim Authority.

The security detail around the Capitol

is unlike anything seen before amid

concerns of violence on inauguration day

Mexico’s female vigilantes take

the lead in fighting drug cartels

Nepali Climbers Make Historic 

Winter Ascent of Pakistan’s K2

India starts world's largest Covid-19

vaccination drive

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

wins sixth term as rival Bobi Wine

alleges fraud

Democrats Again Consider Bailing Out

the Wealthy with Billions in Tax Cuts

Assange Allies See Chance of Pardon

Dwindling Amid Chaos of Trump’s Final Days

Trump Admin Issues Last-Minute

Sanctions on Iran, China, Cuba

COSCO cargo ship under search,

“missile-like” machinery spotted, India


Boatloads of cargo are waiting in

the waters off Los Angeles




10,800 Assault Weapons Parts Seized

by CBP in Louisville(FLASHBACK)

Bill Gates owns 242,000 acres of farmland,

making him America's biggest

private-farmland owner, according

to a new report



Google office building evacuated after

report of 'suspicious package'

Mountain View police say suspicious

package that prompted Google

building evacuation 'not dangerous'

China’s Air Force Releases Video

Unveiling New Twin-Seat J-20

Stealth Fighter

Germany To Put COVID-Rulebreakers

In "Detention Camp"

Russia To Start Mass Vaccination Of

Its Population Monday

Up to 25,000 National Guard in DC

for Inauguration: US Army

‘I cannot wait to leave this job’ Acting Defense Secretary Miller has zero f–ks left

United States Cut China Aid In Half In 2020

Abbas Announces Palestinian Elections

After Years of Paralysis

Pelosi calls for prosecution of any Congress

members who might have helped

pro-Trump siege

End of Merkel era begins as German

CDU picks new party leader

Palestine set to hold national elections

after 14 years

Inauguration in DC: Widespread road,

bridge closures; Metro service changes

MyPillow CEO Visits Trump in Oval Office

Carrying Notes That Appear to Propose

Drastic Action: ‘Martial Law If Necessary’

Trump Spends Final Days Focused on

GOP Defectors, Senate Defense

Biden to deploy FEMA, National Guard

to set up Covid vaccine clinics

across the U.S.

Guatemala detains hundreds of migrants

at border as U.S.-bound caravan grows

National Guard at Capitol Authorized

to Use Lethal Force in Aftermath of Mob

Facial recognition reveals political

party in troubling new research

Senior NASA Scientist Pleads Guilty to

Lying About Connection to Chinese

Spy Program

UN officials fear backlash from US

designation of Yemen's Houthis as terrorists

Chinese Officials Barred From US

Over South China Sea

Dozens of people on FBI terrorist

watch list came to D.C. the day of Capitol riot

Man photographed with Confederate

flag arrested

National Mall could be closed on

Inauguration Day

FBI tells police chiefs nationwide

to be on high alert

Tech coalition working to create

digital COVID-19 vaccination passport

Citing Biden Transition, U.S. Cancels

U.N. Envoy’s Trip to Taiwan

New Iranian Bill Vows Israel’s Destruction

Within 20 Years

Gen. Miller Visits Kandahar to Assess

Security Situation

Sudan says Ethiopian military plane

crossed its border

Iran Is Al Qaeda’s New Home Base,

Pompeo Says

Pentagon Presses Ahead With Afghanistan

Troop Drawdown Despite Law Barring It

Italy Starts Largest Mob Trial in Decades

Sudan says Ethiopian military plane

violated airspace

Three U.S. House Republicans declare

support for impeaching Trump

France repatriates children of ISIS fighters from Syria

Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny says

he will return to Russia despite prison threats

Iran to conduct naval patrols in

the Red Sea

Ukraine says it will hold to account

those accused of meddling in U.S. election

India and Indonesia Push Ahead

with Defense Relationship

DO NOT ATTEND Armed Protests

at State Capitols Before

Inauguration! –




President Donald J. Trump

Declares Emergency Exists in

District of Columbia Initiates

Title V Stafford Act

Barr, White House counsel told Trump

not to self-pardon

New Border Wall Reaches 400 Miles

FBI warns of plans for nationwide

armed protests next week

The Great Purge: Twitter Has Suspended

More Than 70,000 Accounts Since Friday

Air Force Brass Order Removal Of All Offensive,

Non-Inclusive Patches, Mottos And Emblems

U.S. Sanctions 2020 Election Meddlers

Tied to Giuliani

Meghan McCain: Capital Rioters Are

‘Domestic Terrorists’ They Should

Be Sent to Gitmo

Locked in a standoff, India returns

Chinese soldier who crossed disputed border

Iran Condoles with Indonesia over

Deadly Plane Crash

Pompeo to declare Houthis a terrorist group

amid fears it will worsen Yemen crisis

Locked in a standoff, India returns

Chinese soldier who crossed disputed border

Biden names veteran diplomat Burns

as CIA director

Pope Francis amends law to allow

more roles for women in Church,

but says they still can’t be priests

Uganda accuses Facebook of 'interfering'

in tense polls

Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia trilateral

meeting starts

Trump impeachment: meaning, process

explained and could Donald Trump be

removed from office over Capitol riots?

IAEA chief says matter of weeks left to

revive Iran nuclear diplomacy

Permanent suspension of @realDonaldTrump

NY State Assembly Bill A416: COVID

Concentration Camps Coming To America?

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un threatens 

to expand nuclear arsenal, cites U.S. hostility

Report Details Space Force Success

in Foiling Iranian Missile Attack

US Blacklists Iraqi Militia Leader

in Connection with Deadly Anti-Govt Protests

Saudi king receives first dose of

a coronavirus vaccine

Articles of impeachment sparked

by Capitol siege drafted by House Democrats

Pelosi calls Gen. Milley to block

‘unhinged’ Trump from using nuclear codes

Storm Filomena Blankets Most of Spain

with Snow

700 Iran Navy 'Fast Boats' Swarm

Persian Gulf As US Conducts Another

B-52 Flyover

Deutsche Bank Pays $100MM

To Resolve Chinese

Bribery Scandal

Iran sends BIGGEST EVER fleet of

oil tankers to Venezuela, defying US sanctions

Y La Gasolina Se Acabó En El País

Con Las Mayores Reservas De Petróleo

If China Invades Taiwan, Taipei Plans

To Throw A Thousand Tanks

At The Beachhead

Top US official to join virtual dialogue

with Taiwan today

After Capitol Violence, Trump Faces

Calls for Removal and Staff Exodus

55 Charged After DC Protests, Top

Prosecutor Says

Votes manipulated in Rome

US election 2020: Is Trump right

about Dominion machines?

Ethiopia kills 4 core TPLF leaders, arrests 9

Sedition charges possible for those

that stormed U.S. Capitol: top prosecutor

Iraqi judge issues arrest warrant for Trump

New Zealand: woman dies after suspected

shark attack near Auckland

Tokyo, 3 regions put under state of emergency

Aides consider resignations, removal

options as Trump rages against

perceived betrayals

Federal prosecutor doesn’t rule out

charging Trump for inciting Capitol riot

UN Rights Chief Slams US Capitol Attack

Indonesian cleric who inspired

extremists freed from prison

Dark Money Behemoth That Hosts

BLM Foundation Received $16 Million

in Government Grants

Guns and Teargas in U.S. Capitol as

Trump Supporters Storm Grounds

Soros Gets Behind Abolishing the Police

Capitol Building Deemed Secure,

Hours After Mob Storming

Multiple explosive devices found

in DC amid Capitol chaos

1 dead after pro-Trump mob breaches Capitol,

National Guard called in

Ivanka Trump describes violent MAGA protesters as 'American Patriots' in now-deleted tweet,

as brother Don Jr begs for calm just hours after standing on Save America stage and telling lawmakers

: 'We're coming for you'

Guns out, windows smashed: Trump 

crowd turns Congress into battlefield

ALL OUT WAR Rudy Giuliani threatens

‘trial by COMBAT’ in Congress and says

Pence can reject Biden win at

‘Stop The Steal’ rally

Chilling threat sent to air traffic

controllers vowing revenge for

killing of Iranian general is

under investigation

Islamic State: We Targeted Qatirji Tanks

No charges in police shooting of

African American Jacob Blake

50 Hong Kong pro-democracy figures

arrested under national security law

Hundreds of President Trump’s supporters

flock to Washington DC ahead of vote

Illinois teenager pleads not guilty in

Kenosha protest killings

Vice President Mike Pence Does ‘Not Believe’

He Has ‘Power to Block

Congressional Certification’

Protesters Threaten Hawley’s Wife and Child

Our team is in Georgia. They took a little

walk. They found shredded ballots in Dell boxes.

Police came as well. They wanted to

confiscate phones with evidence.

Here is just the first few photos.

U.S. Collects $7 Million in Iranian Assets

for Terror Victims and Families

NYSE Backs Down From Delisting Chinese

Companies Following CCP Threats

New EU-China Agreement Will Sideline

Biden Administration

Iran warns US ‘our fingers are on the trigger’

as it tests swarm of Kamikaze bomb drones to blitz ships

Billionaires Made Record Profit,

Donated Record Lows in 2020—

$0 From Elon Musk

McConnell is assured a turbulent road ahead

Nigeria in Talks With China On

Covid-19 Vaccine

North Korea's Kim says economic

plan failed as rare party congress begins

Obama’s Face in Biden’s Mirror

Saudi Arabia embargo on Qatar 

'to be lifted' Kuwait minister

Wisconsin pharmacist who health care 

center said 'intentionally' removed 57 

coronavirus vaccine vials was a 

conspiracy theorist, according to 

new court documents

GCSEs and A-levels likely to be

cancelled in UAE as UK warns

of prolonged lockdown

Australia vows not to rush vaccine

roll-out, citing UK 'problems'

UN adopts $3.2 billion budget

over US and Israel objections

UK scientists worry vaccines may

not protect against S.African

coronavirus variant

Proud Boys leader arrested in the

burning of Black Lives Matter banner,

D.C. police say

GA election officials reject Trump

call to ‘find’ more votes

UK prime minister orders new virus

lockdown for England

Double Stock-Market Bubble Brings

Toil and (Perhaps) Trouble

FBI located Ghislaine Maxwell at

her $1 million New Hampshire hideaway

by obtaining a search warrant that

allowed them to track her cellphone data

India stops tourism in Himachal after

1,700 birds die

Turkish Military Delegation Scouts Syria’s 

Hama Regions for New Post

Russian Envoy: Enrichment of uranium

to 20% reversible by enforcing JCPOA

Covid camps? Put disease ‘carriers’


New York law suggests

Top US Official Says

'Growing Body Of Evidence'

Shows COVID-19 Leaked From Chinese Lab

Lockdown Proponent Bill Gates

Quietly Funding Plan To Dim The Sun's Rays

India bars export of Oxford

University-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines

for several months

Attacks on 2 villages in Niger kill at

least 100 people

Who is Julian Assange?

Texas pastor killed with own gun

after confronting fugitive

This Economic Collapse Is Much 

Worse Than You Are Being Told

Baltimore Cop Slammed Man On

Crutches  Into Pavement For Improperly

Wearing Mask

Israel Delivers Second Iron Dome

Missile Battery To US Army

Inaugural Parade Viewing Stands Taken Down Parade in Doubt

They’re Afraid it Will Turn into a Massive MAGA Rally

How D.C. and its teachers, with

shifting plans and demands, failed

to reopen schools

Weakened Nancy Pelosi Wins Another

Term as Speaker with Less than a

Majority in House

More GOP senators vow to

challenge Biden's win

India Approves Oxford-AstraZeneca 

Covid-19 Vaccine and 1 Other

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for attack on

French soldiers

Bodies recovered after landslide in Norway,

several people missing

Dozens of civilians killed in Niger

gun attacks

Pakistan arrests suspect in 2008

Mumbai attacks

Anti-vaxxers are dangerous. Make

them face isolation, fines, arrests.

Venezuela’s Maduro Plans Shift to

Fully Digitalized Economy

'World War III,' says L.A. County doctor

beset by intensely sick COVID-19 patients

Come clean on logjams at British 

borders as new Brexit rules kick in, 

ministers told

Bill Announcement
S. 3418, the “Safeguarding Tomorrow

through Ongoing Risk Mitigation Act”

or the
“STORM Act,”

Gunmen Kill Prominent Journalist

in Western Afghanistan

Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge

to Trump Census Order

Trump hotel looks to cash in on

Biden inauguration

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against

Pence Over Electoral College Vote Count

Republican-led US Senate overrides 

Trump veto for first time

Israeli army fire paralyzes 24-year-old

Palestinian man in West Bank

Australia's NSW tightens restrictions

as virus cluster expands

Nancy Pelosi Proposes Replacing

'Gendered Terms' Like 'Husband'

and 'Daughter' in New House Rules

18 die in Honduras during

New Year's Eve celebrations

FBI Investigating The Intentional

Destruction Of 500 Doses Of The

Moderna Vaccine

US pharmacist 'intentionally' spoiled

more than 500 coronavirus vaccine doses,

hospital says

WHO lists Pfizer-BioNTech COVID

vaccine for emergency use

McConnell calls Jan. 6 certification his

"most consequential vote"

Pregnant Influencer Who Ran 'The Hidden Way'

Blog Dies at 36: 'Our Hearts Are Broken'

Federal Grant: $6.9 Million to Develop

'Smart Toilet' That Identifies Your 'Analprint'

"Don't Be A Sheep": Washington Sheriff

Voices Support For Restaurant Facing

Shutdown, $100K Fine

'At Least 140' House Republicans Plan

To Object To Biden Electoral Votes

Pentagon Orders Aircraft Carrier Out

Of Gulf In Potential Iran De-Escalation

Suspected Russian Hackers Behind

Massive Breach Accessed Microsoft's

Source Code

Iran executes man convicted of murder

as a 16-year-old, drawing UN condemnation

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai

back in custody

Madrid and London Reach Initial

Agreement on Gibraltar

Iran-Linked Ship to Aid Construction

of Contested Russian Pipeline

Iran offers $150,000 to families of

each victim of jet shot down over Tehran

2020 Man of the Year: Israeli Tech

Who Invented Remote-Control Machine Gun

Trump administration declassifies

unconfirmed intel on Chinese bounties

'No realistic path'

McConnell rejects standalone

stimulus check increase

1st case of new, more contagious

variant of the coronavirus detected in SoCal

Swiss Patient Dies Shortly After 

Receiving Pfizer COVID Vaccine

As Anti-Cop Protests Continue,

Americans Are Murdering Each

Other In Record Numbers

Are We Really Going To 

'Build Back Better' 

After A "Dark Winter"?

Part 3

Nashville Bomber's Girlfriend Warned

Cops In 2019 He Was

'Building Bombs In RV'

‘A catastrophe’: 15 missing and

10 injured in Norway after landslide

sweeps away dozens of houses

EU Reaches Investment Pact With

China Amid Human Rights Concerns

Canada to require negative coronavirus

test for air travelers entering country

Second Indigenous activist killed

in Honduras this week

Syrian state media says 28 killed

in bus ambush in Deir al-Zor

Sri Lanka's army opens a bar on

occupied Tamil land in Mannar

Mexican president makes show of

popularity against world leaders

Fed, Treasury Provide One-Week Reprieve

for ‘Main Street’ Program After

Demand Surges

Vaccine Passports Are Big Tech’s

Latest Dystopian Nightmare

Republican Louisiana Congressman-elect

Luke Letlow, 41, dies from COVID-19 just

over ten days after testing positive for the virus

First known US case of Covid-19

variant found in Colorado

NY prosecutor hires forensic accounting

firm as probe of Trump escalates

Republican Senate on hot seat over

COVID stimulus checks as Trump

tweets: ‘Give the people $2000′

Defying Trump, McConnell delays

vote on $2,000 checks, urges

Senate to override defense veto

Apple's longtime supplier accused

of using forced labor in China

Russian Investigators Open Case

Against Navalny Over Allegations

of $4.8 Mln Donation Fraud

North Korea prepares for key party

congress as challenges mount

India can’t defeat Pakistan militarily,

says book

Turkish Generals Led War on Artsakh:

This was a Turkish, not Azeri, Victory

Iran's Energy Minister Visits Iraq

After Slashing Natural Gas Exports

Venezuela: All Residents To Be Vaccinated for Free, Maduro

In Spain a "register" for those who

refuse the vaccine:

"It will be shared with EU countries"

U.S. to allow small drones to fly over

people and at night

House passes bill to hike stimulus

payments to American households

China sentences citizen journalist

to four years in prison for challenging

COVID-19 response narrative

US Judge Again Denies Bail to

Jeffrey Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell

Bangladesh ships second group

of Rohingya to isolated island

Argentina To Begin Vaccinating Population

With Russia’s Sputnik V on Tuesday

UN urges Saudi Arabia to free

women’s rights activist

Sudanese Army retakes border

area with Ethiopia

Yemen fights cholera outbreak

with vaccination drive

Mexico electricity outage leaves

10.3 million temporarily without power

Syria Tops Agenda of Latest

Netanyahu-Putin Phone Call

Trump signs $2.3T relief,

spending package

Anthony Warner Died In Nashville RV Bombing,

Police Chief Said

Republican senator: Trump will be

'remembered for chaos and misery

and erratic behavior' if he lets

COVID-19 relief expire

Georgia Makes Early Ballot Counting

Mandatory in Jan. 5 Runoff

Sydney told to watch its famous

New Year's Eve fireworks from home

Next round of Afghan talks to begin

in Doha on Jan 5

Malaysia considers opening border

to boost tourism

Chinese banks to feel fund-raising pain as

investors fear bad loans

BOJ divided on stimulus tweaks

as pandemic stokes deflation fears




What Happened in Nashville and

What it Means

There is rampant speculation this

attack has something to do with the

2020 Presidential election as AT&T

and this building and the functioning of

this building were integral to the auditing

of Dominion servers, the voting machines

and mechanism that are being questioned.

That would make this domestic

(perhaps with foreign actors/funding)

and politically motivated.

Three killed and three injured in

US state Illinois shooting

Three people killed as gunman

opens fire in Illinois bowling alley

Japan bans new entries of foreigners

after virus variant arrives

Scores of migrants freezing in 

heavy snow in Bosnia camp

Moroccan delegation to visit Israel

to advance relations

Germany, Hungary skip ahead of

EU vaccine rollout, give first shots

At least 10 climbers killed in avalanches

in Iran's Alborz mountains

Canadian government should show 

courage to investigate Karima Baloch murder, 

asks Tarek Fatah

Michigan AG Dana Nessel Pursues

Legal Sanctions Against Lawyers

Questioning Election

Covid: EU launches mass vaccination

in 'touching moment of unity'

Bangladesh set to move second

batch of Rohingya refugees to remote island

Pakistan slams Google, Wikipedia over

sacrilegious content, unauthentic

version of Quran

Childhood memories of Hong Kong

reshaped into lilliputian world

Indonesia reportedly looks to

buy Ukrainian

‘cruiser killer’

anti-ship missiles

Russian Navy Project 1155M Udaloy-class 

frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov 

completes factory sea trials

Russian paratroopers accidentally 

fired on shopping mall in Pskov

Pope Francis calls for vaccines for all in

his Christmas message

Manhunt under way after four injured

in Berlin shooting

According to reports, investigators believe

that the Friday morning explosion was

an "intentional act."

Cops release photo of RV used in

mysterious Nashville blast

Human remains reportedly found

near Nashville explosion site

CCTV Footage Appears To Capture

Nashville RV Explosion

Trump Administration Finds Historic

Success Rescuing American Hostages

NYC Orders Sheriffs To Track Down Travelers

Defying Quarantine Order; Hospitalizations

Hit New High

Global Outrage Follows Trump Pardons

Of Blackwater Mercenaries Who

Killed 17 Iraqis

Russia Reopens Soviet-Era Lab To

Develop Weapons For Arctic

Sub-Zero Conditions

Syria’s air defences ‘intercept barrage of

Israeli missiles’

Iran Says US Approved Funds Transfer

to Buy COVID Vaccines

Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica begin

administering COVID-19 vaccine

Ex-Japan Prime Minister to Face

Questioning in Parliament Over

Funding Scandal

Tunisia detains 28 Egyptians fishing

in its waters

Hong Kong imposes 21-day quarantine for visitors,

adds South Africa to banned list

Army to take over Covid testing

for hauliers trapped near Dover

GOP blocks House Democrats’

attempt to pass $2,000 stimulus checks

Boris Johnson hails ‘glad tidings of great joy’

in Christmas message after historic

£660bn Brexit trade deal

Left-Wingers in Disarray

Trump warns Iran over targeting

Americans in Iraq

Britain Bars Travel From South Africa

After New Covid-19 Variant Detected

Singapore reports first case of

new coronavirus variant

Vietnam reaffirms support for

non-proliferation of nuclear weapons

National Railways of Zimbabwe sued

by SA company over R6bn tender

Political Crisis Stricken Peru Tops

One Million COVID-19 Cases

Covid-19 Variant Could Make Herd 

Immunity More Difficult, Says BioNTech

Anti-vaxxers Could Face Public

Transport Ban In France

Illicit Iranian Oil Shipment Shut Down at Sea

Putin signs bill granting lifetime 

immunity to former Russian presidents

US navy ships arrive in Somalia for 

pullout of American troops

Canadian doctor’s open letter 

about Covid-19 contains false claims

U.N. working to send team to

Ethiopia’s Tigray region

Ilhan Omar slams 'disturbing' younger

lawmakers like fellow squad member

AOC for getting vaccine before over-65s

and frontline workers

Mexico most dangerous country for journalists

FBI: White supremacists plotted

attack on US power grid

China aircraft carrier sails through 

Taiwan Strait a day after US warship

Supercharged mutant Covid strain

is ‘probably already in the US

and may even have started here’,

scientists warn

Topsy-turvy weather could trigger

whiplash in East around Christmas

Mutating Virus?: Stay The Course (SHEEPLE)

On Mask Wearing, No Reason For Alarm

Gunman shot dead after firing at 

Israeli police in Jerusalem's Old City

Pakistan to UAE: ‘We not recognize

Zionist occupation regime’

US army scientists examine new UK

coronavirus variant to see if it might

be resistant to vaccine'

After months of inaction, U.S.

Congress approves $892 billion

COVID-19 relief package

Dozens of U.S. Treasury Department

e-mail accounts, high-ranking network

were compromised in hack:

COVID-19: New strain found in Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia and Gibraltar

US Army scientists at Walter Reed

begin examining genetic

profile of new UK 'Super-COVID'

strain to see if it's vaccine resistant 

as deaths in the

US increase by 1,509

and new cases rise by 189K

Stocks Pare Losses, Oil Tumbles

Amid Fresh Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Heartless, Arrogant,

Unelected CDC Bureaucrats’ Giving Vaccine

to Healthy Americans Before Elderly

EU drug regulator approves Pfizer’s

COVID-19 vaccine

US charges third Libyan man in

1988 Lockerbie bombing

Barr will not appoint special counsels

to probe Trump's election fraud claims,

or Hunter Biden

SolarWinds hack: US Treasury’s

unclassified systems breached as

Washington points finger at Russia and China

Kilauea volcano erupts on Hawaii's

Big Island, residents urged indoors

Putin critic Navalny tricked a Russian

agent into revealing he was poisoned

with a nerve agent planted in his underwear

Obama-era defence secretary urges

Biden to take tougher stance on Turkey

Serbia’s PM talks with EU official over

prospects of opening more chapters

in entry talks next year

Taiwan’s new corvette warships

come heavily armed

Barr Says C.I.A.

‘Stayed in Its Lane’

in Examining Russian Election Interference

William Barr: ‘One Standard of Justice’


Joe Biden's niece Caroline, 33, gets

20 days in rehab instead of

'six months in jail'

under plea deal cut with DA for

DUI after she crashed into a

tree in Pennsylvania

As Long As Vaccines Are Tied To Abortion,

Christians Need Exemptions

FDA Approves 2nd Coronavirus

Vaccine in U.S. Developed by Moderna

Aleppo | Turkish forces renew rocket

attacks on Kurdish positions

New Covid strain is 70 per cent more

contagious as experts fear South East

outbreak is racing out of control

Lockheed Martin to provide strategic

weapon system Trident fleet support

for Columbia-class submarines

Egypt demands Italy hands over

ex-diplomats who smuggled antiquities

Turkey: Syrian refugee sentenced to

25 years for killing General Ismail Omair

Brexit trade talks may continue

after MEPs' deadline, says France

FDA investigating allergic reactions

to Pfizer vaccine reported in multiple states

Trump, contradicting Pompeo, downplays

gravity of massive cyberattack against

U.S. government, as well as Russia's role

Pompeo: Russia 'pretty clearly'

behind massive cyberattack

India hits 10 million COVID-19 cases

but pace has slowed

Iraq’s central bank devalues dinar

by 22% amid public anger

Turkish military fires nearly 50 artillery

shells into Kurdistan Region’s Zakho

Pakistan army angry over ex-PM

Nawaz Sharif’s tirades against its leadership,

says Imran Khan

Trump Administration Planning to Close

Two Remaining US Consulates in Russia

Bolivia: Meeting of Abya Yala

Peoples States Support for Venezuela

Employers can require COVID-19 vaccination,

but there are exceptions. Here’s what you

and your boss need to know.

Employers Can Require Workers to

Get Covid-19 Vaccine, U.S. Says

Cyberhack looks like act of war

Pence, top congressional leaders

get vaccines; Trump absent

Russian, Belarusian Officials Agree

On New Level Of Cross-Border

Security Cooperation

Progressive Groups Push Biden to

Tap Accused Iranian Lobbyist for  

Top National-Security Role

High-Tech American

Military Equipment

Lost in Afghanistan

Dems Water Down China Provisions

in Defense Bill

China, Russia Make Inroads

in Space Race

Covid: Austrians who pass antigen

test to be exempt from lockdown

U.S. Congress passes stopgap

funding bill to avoid government shutdown

Yemen announces new power-sharing

Cabinet after reshuffle

French President Emmanuel Macron

blames his Covid-19 diagnosis

on negligence,

bad luck

Moderna vaccine gets FDA emergency

approval, becoming second jab in US

to get green light

Venezuela's ruling Socialists to 

shut all-powerful legislative assembly




Malicious Domain in SolarWinds

Hack Turned into ‘Killswitch’

@Project_VeritasObtains Recording

Of Call Between @Wikileaks
Founder Julian Assange & Lawyer

In Hillary Clinton's State Dept.

Chelsea Manning's mother 'died in bath

after drinking'

Nuclear weapons agency breached

amid massive cyber onslaught

DNI John Ratcliffe Says There 

Was Foreign Interference in 

November Elections:

‘Theft By A Thousand Cuts’ Report 

Conclusive On Election Fraud,

Slams Media Cover Up

Breaking: Data Experts Claim Over 790k

“Laundered” Votes “Injected”

into System in Arizona

President Trump Should Immediately

Impound Dominion Machines

Putin says Russia could have

‘finished’ Navalny

Spanish Parliament votes

to legalise


France: President Macron

Tests Positive

for COVID-19

Biden Will Nominate Michael Regan

To Run EPA Amid Growing Climate Crisis

Dominion demands Sidney Powell retract

'wild, knowingly baseless and false

accusations' in damning letter

'An evil family': Sacklers condemned 

as they refuse to apologize for role in

opioid crisis

Securities and Exchange Commission waters down

resource extraction disclosure regulations

Arab Parliamentary Union expresses

solidarity with Syria

Nigeria’s Boko Haram claims responsibility

for kidnapped schoolboys in video

India farmers’ protests can continue

Ireland brings in tough laws on

revenge porn and online bullying

Palestinians left waiting as Israel is

set to deploy COVID-19 vaccine

Egypt welcomes UAE joining

Eastern Mediteranean Gas Forum

Trump's Mar-a-Lago neighbors are

taking legal action to try to force

him to live elsewhere

Morocco was already a welcome place 40 years

before normalizations

"Great Reset" - 61% Of Nations Have

Decimated Liberty With COVID Restrictions

Trump health official pushed for

herd immunity and mass infections

to counter Covid-19

NHS told not to give Covid vaccine to those

with history of allergic reactions

Coronavirus vaccine causes severe

allergic reaction in Alaska health care worker

US indicts Kenyan man for planning 

9/11-style terrorist 

attack on American skyscraper

China's Chang'e 5 Successfully

Returns to Earth Carrying Lunar Samples

Fed vows to buy bonds until it sees 

'substantial progress' in economic recovery

Air pollution listed as cause of 9-year-old's

death in UK

Hunter Biden Extended ‘Best Wishes’

from ‘the Entire Biden Family’ to

Chinese Energy Firm Chair in 2017

Iraq: KRG premier condemns YPG/PKK

attack on Peshmerga

Russian military buildup in Northeast 

Asia rattles Japan and US

Over-the-counter home test for 

COVID-19 gets US green light

Bed shortage looms as South Korea

reports record surge in coronavirus cases

Matthew McConaughey Addresses

Cancel Culture, Freedom Of Speech &

“Illiberalism” In ‘Good Morning Britain’


Joe Biden Picks Pete Buttigieg To

Be Secretary Of Transportation

Australia to take trade war with 

China over barley tariff to WTO

Nigeria: 17 students rescued

from Boko Haram

Pakistan cracks down on rapists

with new sexual violence law

After long delay, leaders of Mexico

and Brazil congratulate Biden on

U.S. election win

Let Turkey's journalists report freely

House Republicans Demand Pelosi

Remove Swalwell From

Intelligence Committee

Time To Heel, Part 2: ...Or Fight!

China Spied on Americans’ Phones

in Caribbean, Expert Finds

The Global Oil Refinery Crisis Will

Worsen This Winter

Trump Admin Sanctions Iranian

Officials Who Kidnapped CIA Officer

Green Spam: Fed Joins Global Group

For "Greening" Financial System

Vote Machine Company Threatens

Legal Action Against Conservative Media

Cats recover from COVID-19 very quickly,

scientists want to find out why

Nation Of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan

Calls The Vaccine ‘Toxic Waste,’

Refers To White People As ‘Crackers’

McConnell warns GOP off 

Electoral College  

brawl in Congress

Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard Indicted

on Sex Trafficking, Racketeering Charges

New poll is a warning sign for

the GOP in Georgia

Attorney General William Barr resigns,

effective Dec. 23

Smartmatic Demands Fox News Retract

‘False and Defamatory’ Election Conspiracies

Pushed By Bartiromo, Dobbs, Giuliani, Powell

Electoral College confirms Biden is

President-elect': Joe to address the

nation tonight to say 'democracy prevailed'

in rebuke to Trump's refusal to give up

doomed fight

New Covid strain ripping through

the South is forcing millions into

Tier 3 lockdowns

As Biden Prepares to Take Office,

a New Rush at the Border

Arizona GOP Electors Join Nevada,

Georgia and Pennsylvania in Casting

Votes for President Donald Trump

Russian nuclear submarine test-fires 4 missiles

St. John the Divine – Moment gunman 

‘opens fire during concert at New York 

cathedral and gets shot by cops’

Foreign government hacked into 

US Treasury Department's emails

Hundreds of Nigerian students

missing after gunmen attack school

No singing, no fireworks: Germany

heading into Christmas Covid lockdown

EU leaders cancel Iranian business

convention after journalist Rouhollah Zam

is executed

Dogs trained to detect people infected

with COVID-19 – by sniffing their armpits

IRON BARR Bill Barr ‘not intimidated’

by Trump’s ‘deposed king ranting’ on

Twitter as pressure mounts

over Hunter Biden probe

Fears of violence grow amid threats

to election officials

Ministers warn supermarkets to

stockpile food amid no?deal Brexit fears

In a year dominated by pandemic,

many other dramas unfolded

Lebanon’s battered economy spurs

smuggling across Syrian border

Zimbabwe Investigating Graft Among Judges, 

Top Church Leader

Venezuela after the December

6th “Election”

Donald Trump’s Donations to Democrats,

Club for Growth’s Busy Day and More

in Capital Eye Opener: February 17

Newly Sworn-In Justice Barrett Faces

A Motion To Recuse Herself In Election Case

China: Big data program targets

Xinjiang’s Muslims

Drone attacks in Nagorno-Karabakh

conflict ‘a warning for Chinese military’

Bad News: The U.S. Army’s Newest Big Gun

Is Outranged by China and Russia

US-China trade war: Joe Biden hints

he will keep up pressure on Beijing

with pledge to fight ‘unfair trade practices’

Operation Warp Speed’s Gen. Gus

Perna: First Shipments of Pfizer

Vaccine Should Arrive Monday Morning

Dominion Voting Machines Have

the Ability to Create Ballots!

Rain-short Zimbabwe fights taboo    

against farming drought-hardy grain

Joe Biden will embrace allies—and

enlist them to take on China

What’s so wrong with China defending

Hong Kong and national security?

U.S. Warns Iran Moving Closer to

Nuclear Weapon

Brexit fishing row evokes memories of

'cod wars' with Iceland

Tens of Thousands Rally in Washington to Demand Election Integrity

Pastor Raphael Warnock: I “Will Always Fight”

for Killing Babies in Abortions

Iran’s execution of journalist Ruhollah Zam,

briefly explained

Federal Government Spending 

Nearly Twice as Much As Its Taking In





FBI warns state, local police

about China targeting people on U.S. soil

Americans get stern holiday COVID

warning: 'No Christmas parties'

Manhattan DA’s Office Reportedly ‘Escalating’ Investigation of Trump ‘Significantly,’ Recently Interviewed Deutsche Bank Employees

Cuomo: Indoor Dining To Be

Suspended Starting Monday

UK and EU say no-deal Brexit is now

most likely outcome

Chinese Bloomberg News employee

held on suspicion of endangering

national security

Koch and Soros-Backed Think Tank Honors

Former Black Panther for

‘Responsible Statecraft’

Conservatives Urge State Legislators to

Appoint ‘Clean Slates of Electors’

Under the Constitution

Human Rights Day: Taiwan’s Democratization

Gives Hope To 4.2 Billion Under

Authoritarian Rule



Indonesia targets coal output of 550 

million tonnes in 2021

Defense Bill Targets Wallets

of Rogue States,


Covid: Australian vaccine abandoned

over false HIV response

Hunter Biden is facing FBI investigation

over his business dealings in China

Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Afghan journalist

EU to impose additional sanctions on Turkey

Brazil reports over 53,000 new

coronavirus cases

A child in Italy may have been infected

with COVID-19 in November last year

Pak PM Imran Khan Asks Oppn To

Postpone Protest Rally In View Of

Covid Outbreak

Cuba Will Unify Its Currency and 

Exchange Rates On January 1st

Tunisian president inaugurates

new hospital built with Chinese aid

Colombia central bank board

elects Leonardo Villar as new chief

Pound drops as Brexit impasse 

unsettled after Johnson-von der 

Leyen meeting

SpaceX’s Starship prototype explodes

on landing after test launch

Researchers find new species of whale

off the coast of Mexico

UN chief warns ‘vaccine nationalism’

is moving at full speed

Afghan peace talks to begin in

Doha from Friday

China Tells Cabin Crew to Wear Diapers

on Risky Covid Flights

Czech industry grows for first time

since May 2019

ASEAN Defence Ministers' meet has become fulcrum

of peace and stability, says Rajnath

UK issues allergy warning about Pfizer

COVID-19 vaccine after patients fall ill

Pfizer Alleges Cyberattack, Data On

Vaccine 'Unlawfully Accessed'

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden under

federal investigation for tax case

Swalwell Should Be Removed From 

Congress For Ties to Chinese Spy

Bird Flu Detected in 8 Japanese Prefectures

While seeking credit for vaccine,     

Trump says he may invoke Defense 

Production Act

High court rejects GOP bid to

halt Biden’s Pennsylvania win

The FDA says Pfizer’s Covid 

vaccine is safe and effective. 

But trial participants warn of 

intense symptoms after second shot

Iran Using Media To Corrupt

Afghan National Languages

Google's Look to Speak lets users pick phrases with their eyes

Google Wins Key Concession in Law to Pay

for News in Australia

Arizona's Republican Party asks

followers if they're willing to die to

'Stop the Steal'

Suspected Chinese spy targeted

California politicians

China’s Huawei Tests Facial-Recognition

Software to Identify Uighurs to Authorities

Cuba: Investment and Export 

Options in Online Business Forum

Brazil starts producing 

Swedish Gripen jets

Another Airline Announces 'COVID Passports'

Will Be "Essential" For Travel

UN resolution urges Russia to 

withdraw from Crimea

Ratcliffe: China Is the Only Country with

‘Capability’ and ‘Specific Plan’ of

‘Taking Away the American Dream’

Did COVID data whistleblower

hack Florida’s emergency alert system?

Police raid home

Iran Prepares to Expand Nuclear Program

France, UK, Germany Plea For Iran

To Reverse Course On Advanced

Centrifuge Expansion

India: Farmers launch nationwide

strike over new laws

Indian-origin octogenarian first man

to get Covid vaccine in UK

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The 

Stalinist Soviet Union is as guilty of 

starting World War II as Nazi Germany

Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon request a

stop of all corona vaccination studies

and call for co-signing the petition

Here’s What Osama Bin Laden’s Niece

Has to Say About America’s Election

US Attorney General William Barr considers resigning

before Trump's term ends

German experts defuse World War II-era

bomb found in Frankfurt

Venezuela holds National Assembly

poll amid opposition boycott

Romania: Left Scores Narrow Victory

In General Election, Exit Polls Say

Georgia governor rebuffs Trump's call

for special session to overturn election results

Solve generational problems by listening

to the youth who’ll live them

Indonesia receives first Covid-19

vaccine from China's Sinovac

Goldman Sachs eying Florida move for

key division

US Navy official: We have

'uneasy deterrence'

with Iran

Trump to appear in Georgia in 

gamble over control of US Senate

Police Drones Are Starting to

Think for Themselves

California Sheriff Slams Gov. Newsom's 

'Dictatorial' Lockdowns, Won't Be 

'Blackmailed, Bullied Or Used As Muscle' 

To Enforce

Johns Hopkins professor slams the

FDA for 'holding up COVID vaccine approval'

The stock market is soaring to new heights.

But most Americans aren't along for the ride.

Biden Says Inauguration Will Resemble

Virtual Convention

US Election "Success"... And Hey Presto

"Russian Interference" Disappears

Saudis Demand To Be Consulted

Before Biden Reenters Iran Nucleal Deal

Boris Johnson Gearing Up for ‘Final Throw

of the Dice’ in Last-Ditch Attempt to Dodge

No-Deal Brexit

Japanese Capsule Carrying Asteroid

Samples Successfully Lands In Australia

Voting opens in Venezuela assembly

election amid boycott

Zimbabwe opposition VP Biti released

on bail in assault case

Five PKK terrorists surrender

to Turkish security forces

Yemen aggressors taking their last breaths

23 dead, 1 rescued after

accident inside

coal mine in China

Kazakhstan, EU, International Trade

Centre launch regional project on

trade facilitation

Protests against France's new security

law turn violent

China plants its flag on moon before

return trip to Earth

Biden Taps Former Chinese Tech Mogul

For Trade Transition

‘Crisis Level’: Collin County Food Pantry

Distributes Nearly 30 Times Usual

Supply Last Month

Macron attacks 'big lie' that France is

eroding freedoms

Facial Recognition Programs Are

Getting Better at Recognizing Masked Faces

Trump pledged to open classified JFK

assassination files. What happened to that?

U.N. Poses a Stacked Deck Against Biden,

Experts Say

Trump Pulls Most US Troops from Somalia,

But 'Not Withdrawing' from Africa

Human rights groups sound alarm

after Rohingya refugees sent to

isolated Bangladesh island

Palestinian shot & killed by Israeli

forces during West Bank protest

against settlements

Australian Electronic Surveillance Laws

Set for ‘Biggest’ Overhaul in Recent History

India summons Canada envoy

after Trudeau backs protests

Hundreds of Kuwaiti companies

face bankruptcy amid coronavirus

Lebanon’s ‘hunger heroes’ bring food

to people in need

Ex-FBI Director James Comey to

teach at Columbia University next year

US discussing ‘deal’ allowing Huawei’s

CFO to return to China

Anti-Israel Groups Mobilize to Install

Allies in Biden Admin

Congress Considers First-Ever Sanctions

on Top Iranian Terror Group

Biden says he’ll publicly get a COVID-19

vaccine, retain Fauci

Bangladesh ships Rohingya refugees

to remote island despite protests

UN needs reform to face today’s needs,

says Erdo?an

South Africa: Efforts to Ensure Access

to Covid-19 Vaccine On Track

Roger Stone claims North Korea boated in

votes for Biden ‘through a harbour in Maine’

Taiwan Dollar’s Surge Has Market

Watchers Curious Where It Ends

Uzbekistan reveals its COVID-19 data

for December 4

Over 900 Syrian Mercenaries Depart

From Azerbaijan After Resettlement Failure

Trudeau names top military officer 

to lead Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout

E.U. Privacy Rule Would Rein In the

Hunt for Online Child Sex Abuse

Trump aide banned from Justice

after trying to get case info

Dollar Bears Vindicated by Landmark

Week as Drop Accelerates

Couple arrested for boarding San Francisco

flight to Hawaii after positive

COVID-19 test

Ex-CIA Officer Alleges That Election Irregularities

Could Be Part of a Big Scheme

How Attorney General Bill Barr Built

A $40 Million Fortune

Legendary Afghan pilot in hiding

after U.S. reverses decision to help

him flee Taliban

There's no vaccine for the infodemic -

so how can we combat the virus

of misinformation?

Genetic manipulation: HIV-like

virus edited out of primate GENOME in major

advance towards winning war on AIDS

No evidence of widespread vote fraud, says Barr
“To date, we have not seen

fraud on a scale that could have effected

a different outcome in the election,” Barr said.

The Conspiracy Theory That Could

Hand Joe Biden the Senate

Iran nuclear crisis: Law aims to

boost enrichment and block inspectors

Wray Stays: Biden Plans To Keep

FBI Director Installed Under Trump

Treasury Department Sanctions

Chinese Defense Firm For Venezuela Dealings

Max Baucus: Israel’s Assassination

of Iran’s Nuclear Mastermind Is Evidence

of ‘Nefarious Ulterior Motive’

Defunding Police Backfires In Minneapolis

As Shootings, Homicides,

And Carjackings Surge

Iran To Boot Nuclear Inspectors Unless

Access To Banking & Oil Markets Restored

UK becomes first Western country

to approve vaccine

Obama will take coronavirus vaccine

and might film it to build confidence 

‘I trust this science’

China becomes EU’s largest trade partner

Hong Kong activists to be jailed for

2019 protest at police headquarters

Lebanese President Calls on International 

Community to Help Country Overcome Crisis

UN, France urge Lebanon to form

new government amid pledges of aid

Azerbaijan: Armenian Prisoners of War

Badly Mistreated

Iraq: Camp Expulsions Leave Families

Homeless, Vulnerable

UN secretary general: Without the US

in the Paris Agreement, humanity

faces climate 'suicide'

Congress Makes Final Push to Stop

Russian Pipeline to Europe

Senior Mexico cartel figure arrested

over massacre of Mormon family

EU doesn't need Brexit 'at any price',

says Angela Merkel

Science adviser to Donald Trump to leave

the White House

Another monolith appears in Romania

days after unexplained disappearance

of Utah structure

Jens Stoltenberg: Georgia is a

valuable partner of NATO

Detained Hong Kong protester's

family believes 'three meals a day'

letter was sent under duress

Mexico issues warrant for ex-security

chief accused of aiding cartel

'The Arab Spring did not die':

A second wave of Mideast protests

Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion

Contact Tracing Deal With



Sponsor of Bill Six Months

BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

Donald Trump Urges Joe Biden to

‘Get Well Soon!’ After Fracturing Foot

Maria Bartiromo Goes Off After Trump

Claims Biden Could Not Have Received

More Black Votes Than Obama

Trump Suggests FBI and Justice

Department Led By His Own Appointees

May Be 'Involved' With Rigging

Election Against Him

Power to the entire region was cut

as gun and bomb attack blasted his

convoy before he was dragged from

car and finished off... then the 12 assassins

melted away

Syria war photographer 'wounded by police'

during Paris protest

Australian PM demands China apologise

for 'repugnant' fake tweet of soldier killing child

Sri Lanka: Six die in prison riot

over Covid panic

N.K. leader 'harshly criticizes' economic

agencies ahead of party congress

Hong Kong’s courts are still independent.

Some want to rein them in.

New Zealand authorities charge 13

parties over White Island tragedy

Iran newspaper: Strike Haifa if

Israel killed scientist

Summer Protests Led to Violence

Across the Country, Top Cop Group Says

'This lack of humanity can't go on':

Canary Islands struggle with huge

rise in migration

Once enemies, Ethiopia and Eritrea

ally against Tigray

India slams OIC for making

'factually incorrect,

unwarranted references' on

internal matters including J-K

Azerbaijan clears mines from areas

freed in Karabakh

Rocket hits small oil refinery in Iraq's north,

no casualties

Afghan State Minister says deadly

\attack in Ghazni shows need

for immediate ceasefire

Turkey denounces Boko Haram

terror attack in Nigeria

Iran’s supreme leader vows revenge

over slain scientist

As Iran Threatens Payback After

Assassination, Germany Urges Restraint

French security forces fire teargas

at press freedom protesters

Starmer prepares to reopen old Labour

wounds over Brexit deal vote

Pompeo Passes Torch to Biden Admin

Touting a Fundamentally Realigned Globe

Heavy shelling rocks Tigray capital

as Ethiopia steps up offensive

Indonesia police hunt suspected militants

after four killed on island

Afghan, Taliban Teams Agree on

Terms for Conducting Peace Talks

Four killed in Nagorno-Karabakh blast,

Azerbaijan blames Armenia

Anti-lockdown protests: Over 60

arrested as crowds gather in London

India’s Modi Visits Key Vaccine Facilities

as COVID-19 Case Load Surges

Hong Kong's leader is being paid in cash

due to US sanctions. Carrie Lam earns

$56,000 a month and says money is now

piling up at her house.

Iranian nuclear program head

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh assassinated

Iran vows to ‘strike like thunder’ after

blaming Israel for assassinating its

nuclear weapons mastermind

Demonstrators in Iraq take to street unmasked

amid pandemic

Imran Khan thanks Cher for helping

to relocate elephant from Pakistan zoo

Pro-Kremlin Media On Us Elections:

From Amplifying Disinformation To

Influencing The Perception Of The Vote

Aegon’s Eastern European Sale Is

Said to Attract KBC, NN Group

Denmark wrestles with the zombie

mink apocalypse

Most Canadians will get COVID-19

vaccine by September: Trudeau

Kim Jong Un ordered executions amid

frantic efforts to control coronavirus,

South Korea lawmaker says

3 soldiers killed in firing by Pakistan,

says India

Sri Lanka Bans Tamil Remembrance of

War Dead After Court Petitions by

Gotabaya Rajapaksa-led Govt

Nigeria Police Force Won’t Allow Any

Type Of #EndSARS Protest Again,

Says IGP Adamu

Air Runs Thin for World’s Populists

Macron ‘very shocked’ by images of

French police beating Black man

Alleged Israeli airstrikes kill more

than a dozen Iran-backed fighters in Syria

'No end in sight': hunger surges in

America amid a spiraling pandemic

Supreme Court Blocks Cuomo’s

Limits On Synagogues, Churches

in Thanksgiving Ruling

US Army Fires Rockets Capable Of

Striking Crimea Into Black Sea

Russia ‘successfully’ tests terrifying

new 9,000MPH ‘star wars’ missile

that can blow up US satellites in space

Pelosi Goes Ballistic During Democrat

Leadership Call, Calls Trump a

‘Psychopathic Nut’

Hungary, Poland double down to

try to eject rule-of-law condition

from EU budget

Malaysian PM gains political lifeline

with budget approval

Italy to launch first Europe-US

‘virus-free’ flights

Sudan's last democratically elected

prime minister dies of COVID-19

Iraq trains US-sanctioned militia leader

for army position

WHO warns about millions of deaths

a year due to sedentary lifestyles

Spain sees slight uptick in new

coronavirus cases

Qatar Coastguards Intercept Two

Bahraini Vessels, Manama to Report to GCC

What The COVID Vaccine Hype Fails

To Mention

Zimbabwe Loses $1.5 Billion

Annually To Gold Smuggling

Second Amendment Under Threat

After New Third Circuit Decision

Oil Tanker Attacked By Mine Explosion

At Terminal In Saudi Red Sea

President Trump should pardon

himself to stop ‘radical left,’

Florida Congressman says

In Space Program Push, China

Launches Moon Probe

Biden Labor Candidate Oversaw

Fraudulent Payments to California

Prison Inmates

Xi Jinping Congratulates Biden

for US Election Victory

'You took us to the top of the world':

Argentina erupts following Diego

Maradona's death

Brazilian state sues Carrefour unit

for $38 million in damages for beating

death of Black man

South India bracing for severe cyclone

US Navy Destroyer Takes on

Russian Forces in Pacific

Russia claims it expelled USS McCain

from Peter the Great Gulf

Biden unveils picks for national security

team: ‘America is back’

Macron eases coronavirus lockdown

ahead of Christmas

Cuban and Senegalese parliamentarians

exchange views on Covid-19

In Space Program Push, China

Launches Moon Probe

Anger grows over use of 'brutal force'

by French police dismantling refugee camp

US Secret Service Agents May Relocate

to Mar-a-Lago to Guard Trump Post Presidency

EU, Other Donors Step up With Funds to Help Afghanistan

DR Congo: War crimes conviction ‘an important victory’

for justice – UN envoy

Sweden urges Iran to call off 

execution of medical researcher

600 civilians were killed in

massacre in Tigray, Ethiopia’s

rights commission says

China remains open to the world,

but it wants to dictate terms

Trump Crosses China's Line In The Sand Re:Taiwan



Turkish Bombing of Iraqi Kurdistan Villages

Displaces Locals

221 people stranded in Pakistan amid

COVID lockdown return to India

Russia's Media Regulator Opens Case

Against Google Over 'Dangerous Content'

Taiwan Says Unnamed US Official Visiting,

Cannot Give Details

Capitol building set on FireFIREFire

in Flag of GuatemalaGuatemala City!


a conservative and key regional ally,

used his military to stop the "migrant"

caravan weeks ago. Now the

Soros/UN-backed mobs are trying

to destroy congress and force his resignation. #hemisferiolibre

Far Left’s ‘Green’ Pentagon

Jeopardizes National Security,

Republicans Say

U.S. Withdraws From Open Skies Treaty

Donald Trump Allows GSA to Begin

Transition of Power to Joe Biden

Biden to name Yellen to Treasury

to lead U.S. from sharp economic


Protesters face jail over Hong Kong

police HQ siege

Pompeo Meets Taliban Leaders Ahead of Planned U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

State Department Says Anti-American Educators Undermine U.S. Efforts to Counter China

Sidney Powell Not Part of Trump’s Legal Team: Giuliani Statement

Israel launches attack targeting Hamas in Gaza

Trump's legal team distances itself

from Sidney Powell after she suggests that Georgia's GOP governor conspired to help Biden win

An heiress, a judge and a job:

France’s Sarkozy goes on trial for corruption

US, Germany and UK could start Covid vaccinations as early as December

Hong Kong-Singapore bubble delay hits travel rebound hopes

Millions of Americans flying ahead of Thanksgiving holiday despite CDC pleas

More than 300 detained by police in Belarus protests

Kenya Seeks $2.3 Billion Loan From IMF to Help Economic Recovery

China’s Surveillance State Sucks

Up Data. U.S. Tech Is Key to Sorting It.

Pope Francis Presses Young

Catholics For A New Economy

Merkel, Germany's 'eternal' chancellor,

marks 15 years in power

Facebook condemned for

hosting neo-Nazi network with UK links

Libya interior minister campaigns to lead country as fragile peace holds

Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom

and Communism

Twitter to Give @POTUS Handle to Biden on Jan. 20

Navy Investigation: Pensacola Jihadi Murdered

People Because of the Navy’s ‘Toxic Microclimate’

Iran Directs Military & Allies Be On "High Alert" In Trump's Final Weeks In Office

23 Rockets Slam Into Kabul, Killing 8, As Pompeo Negotiates With Taliban In Qatar

IS attack hits Afghan capital; Pompeo joins peace talks

Goldman's "Superforecasters" Say 25 Million Americans Could Be Vaccinated By Mid-January

Government Spies Are Tracking Brits Movements To Check If They're Complying With Lockdown

Plans to improve relations with Armenia may create new situation - Azerbaijani president

Taiwan, U.S. economic talks lead to 5-year agreement

Sidney Powell has

'smoking guns'

4 more MoUs in pipeline, mainly in aerospace: Karnataka deputy CM at tech summit

Turkish government’s shaky 

strategy against Kurds goes on

Omar Backs Warnock:

‘Nobody Can Serve God and the Military’

Mexican General Cienfuegos walks

free after US drops drug charges

Afghanistan condemns 'unforgivable'

Australian war crimes allegations

Biden Faces Potential Congressional

Backlash on China Policy

Shooting at Wisconsin mall injures multiple, suspect remains at large

Pfizer applies for emergency FDA

approval of COVID-19 vaccine

Kenosha teen shooter Kyle Rittenhouse released from jail on $2mn bond

Violence erupts in Brazil after Black man beaten to death at Carrefour store

Turkey's Erdogan and Saudi king

agree to solve issues through dialogue

3 human rights activists detention

in Egypt concerns UN

Dominion Voting execs cancel appearance hours before Pennsylvania hearing: State representative

Taiwan and US ink memo on economic cooperation

Poland’s blind battle against the coronavirus

Airbnb Executive Resigned Last Year Over Chinese Request for More Data Sharing

Barnier self-isolates and Brexit talks

halt after EU official tests positive

Pompeo Visits Georgia as Charges

of Election Fraud Mount

Mexico becomes fourth country

to hit 100,000 Covid-19 deaths

Japan ready to lead in building free

and open Indo-Pacific, says Japan PM

China says Five Eyes alliance will be

'poked and blinded' over Hong Kong stance

Alleging sex abuse, 4 sue Vatican

over handling of McCarrick

Egypt escalates campaign of arrests after activists meet foreign diplomats

Vietnam, Indonesia hope for peace,

stability in Libya

Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Relations:

End Of An Era

CDC pleads with Americans to avoid Thanksgiving travel

U.S. Targets al Shabaab Leaders With Sanctions

Israel Strikes Iranian Bases in

Syria After IED Fears

Taiwan Grounds Fleet Of US-Made

F-16s After Jet Goes Missing

China Used 'Secret Microwave

Pulse Weapon' Against Indian

Troops In Border Battle

Larry Klayman Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Obama And Black Lives Matter

Navy Successfully Tests

Groundbreaking Missile

Defense System

Biden Adviser Eyes Softer Cuba Policy

President Trump’s Executive Order

from 2018 Covering Interference in

US Elections By Foreign Entities Looks Relevant Today

Congress advances Libya sanctions

bill to bolster peace process

Trump Supporters Join Alex Jones for

'Stop the Steal' Protest at Georgia's State Capitol

Coalition to Restore Legitimacy

in Yemen intercepts, destroys

bomb-laden UAV toward Kingdom

Special Operations Command is now

'on par' with the military services,

Acting SecDef Miller says

The Health Ranger Report Daily

News Update Nov. 17, 2020

Protests rock Uganda over opposition

leader’s arrest

Has Russia Ended the War Between

Armenia and Azerbaijan?

US troop withdrawal raises

fears among Afghans

US Cutting Troop Numbers in

Afghanistan, Iraq

by Mid-January??

Palestinian Authority Resuming

Cooperation With Israel

Iraq: rockets fired at US embassy

in Baghdad

Bulgaria blocks EU membership

talks with North Macedonia

US military tests downing a

nuclear missile from a warship

Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden Not

President-Elect Until Court Cases

Dismissed, States Certify Election

Pompeo Forgoes Meetings With

Turkish Officials, Shifts

Focus to Religious Liberty

‘Catastrophe for human rights’ as

Greece steps up refugee ‘pushbacks'

Harris is at Capitol for 1st

time as VP-elect

Pentagon says it shot down unarmed

missile in sea-based test

Don't Blame COVID: The Economy 

Is Imploding From Over-Capacity 

And Corrupt Cartels

"The Great Reset" Trends On

Twitter After Justin Trudeau

Says Pandemic Has Provided "Opportunity"

"No, This Is Trump": Georgia Recount

Auditor Claims Multiple Trump Ballots Fraudulently Called For Biden

Spain’s PSOE-Podemos government imposes internet censorship

Peru's Congress Selects Centrist

Lawmaker as New Leader

McConnell Excoriates Trump’s

Reported Troop Drawdown in

Scathing Senate Floor Remarks:

Would ‘Delight the People Who Wish Us Harm’

Governors ratchet up restrictions ahead of Thanksgiving

Huawei selling Honor brand to agent-dealer consortium to keep smartphone unit alive

Syria Mourns Death of Foreign Minister,

Deputy PM Walid Muallem

Bulgaria’s standoff with North Macedonia

is a lose-lose

Kissinger Warns Biden of U.S.-China Catastrophe on Scale of WWI

South Dakota ER nurse recalls how dying coronavirus patients spend last minutes insisting virus isn't real

A Perfect Crime: Netflix to examine

Germany's answer to JFK assassination

New Defense Chief Puts DoD On Notice:

"All Wars Must End"

Fears of double-dip recession rise

alongside COVID-19 cases

BLM/Antifa Thugs Attack Trump Supporters,

Including Children, After D.C.

"Million MAGA March"

Violence erupts between counter-protestors,

Trump supporters following DC rally

Azerbaijan extends deadline on Armenian

withdrawal in Kalbajar

Iran boosts military cooperation with

Iraq as it warns of US-backed

‘terrorists’ being redeployed to the region

Leader of Ethiopia's Tigray region

claims responsibility for Eritrea strike

Asia-Pacific seals the world's largest FTA

Erdogan calls for 'two-state' solution

to end Cyprus dispute

Libyan Women Participating In

Libyan Political Dialogue Forum

Ask For Genuine Women Representation

In Leading Posts.

Dozens killed in ‘gruesome’ bus

attack in western Ethiopia

Al-Qaeda number two 'secretly killed' by Israeli agents

Moldova: How the diaspora of Europe's

poorest nation keeps its economy afloat

George Soros Looms Large Over

Biden Transition

Biden faces tough choice of whether to back virus lockdowns


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