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23 JAN 2020





Stark photos show miles-long row     

of cars waiting outside a Florida food

bank as 

demand surges by 600 per cent 

and more than half-a-million residents 

file for unemployment

Sailors slam Navy for virus response on ships,

Naval Base San Diego

China Appointed to U.N. Human Rights Group 

Despite Routine Human Rights Violations

Australian Court Overturns Sex 

Abuse Conviction of Cardinal George Pell

Bodies found after canoe accident claims 

two members of the Kennedy family

Military Exercise Defender Europe-20 

Is Cancelled: What Does It Mean For  

The Baltic States

Coronavirus death toll officially    

passes 10,000 in U.S., with nearly

half in New York

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson 

moved to intensive care

U.S. airlines want a $50 billion bailout.

They spent $45 billion buying back their stock.

5G-coronavirus conspiracy theory spurs rash

of telecom tower arson fires

U.S. oil industry pumps near record 

volumes even as demand and prices collapse

Bulgaria offers free education

and scholarships for Bulgarians living abroad

Federal judge orders new hearing after

siding with woman accused of spying for Russia

So It Begins: US Military Counter-Narcotics 

Operation Starts By Killing LeBaron Family 

“Mormon Massacre” Assassins!

Several killed in Mexico drug cartel violence

Official IMHE Model for Coronavirus

Used by CDC Just Cut Their Numbers by Half!...

They're Making It Up As they Go Along!

Govt. Models Overestimated Hospitalizations

by 8 Times; ICU Beds by 6.4 Times;

Ventilators Needed by 40.5 Times

Virus hot spots in South poised 

for disproportionate suffering

US braces for 'Pearl Harbor moment' 

as coronavirus death toll rises

Japan To Declare State Of Emergency

On April 7

Food Banks Overwhelmed As America's

"Working Poor" Starve During Lockdown

Despite Soaring Body-Count Across

The Nation, Americans Continue To

'Resist' Lockdown Orders

Scotland's chief medical officer

resigns after flouting own coronavirus guidance

Mexico's president to lay out 'unorthodox' 

coronavirus plan to help economy, poor

Covid-19 coronavirus: Norway shows

a network of test labs is key to success

Guatemala seeks curbs on U.S.

deportation of immigrants

Syrian refugees villainized as

Turkey faces costs of coronavirus

UN chief urges govts to protect women

during virus lockdown

Turkey pursues Libya campaign 

despite growing financial woes

Bill Gates calls coronavirus pandemic a

‘nightmare scenario,’ but predicts lower

death toll than Trump

Hong Kong government censures

public broadcaster for raising question

on Taiwan’s WHO membership status
The station calls it a move to

"shoot the messenger"

Anti-parasitic drug kills coronavirus

within 48 hours in lab grown cells

Russia Cancels Evacuation Of

Citizens Stuck Overseas,

Promises To Resume

19 killed in clash between drug gangs in

northern Mexico

Turkey reports 3,013 new COVID-19 cases,

76 deaths in 24 hours

‘Look at New York where rich people 

live’: Imran Khan warns Pakistan on Covid-19

Eleven Killed, Four Injured in Coal

Mine Explosion in Colombia

Two dead, five more injured as 

knifeman runs rampant in French town 

under lockdown

Waiting for the Next Historic Number:

Global Economy Week Ahead

Britain set for long lockdown as 

death toll rises to 4,313

Store owners boarding up buildings

across Manhattan

Mainland China sees rise

in new coronavirus

Trump: 'Going to be a lot of death' in U.S.

next week from coronavirus

U.S. attorney general orders release of

more federal inmates due to

coronavirus pandemic

El Salvador’s Reformist President 

Takes an Autocratic Turn

Russian long-range supersonic

bombers perform tasks in the Pacific

Russian Telecom Provider Begs People

to Stop Sending Coronavirus Memes,

Not Overload Network

Kenya’s Covid-19 survivors speak

Merkel back to office after 

ending self-quarantine

Navy relieves captain who raised

alarm about coronavirus outbreak

on aircraft carrier

Coronavirus cases reach 1 million worldwide,

death toll hits 50K

Trump’s Saudi-Russia Oil Gambit

Faces Resistance at Home

Biden joins fellow US Democrats in

call for easing Iran sanctions

Turkey finally releases epidemic

figures: coronavirus epicenter in Istanbul

Oil Market Still Under Pressure

Despite Record Futures Surge

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Coronavirus

Curbs on Children and Older People

Are Ill-Conceived

What to watch: Key data points as

US nears 1 in 1,000 infected

U.S. Army rolls into Seattle with 

field hospital built for combat

Iran, US Heat Up War of Words

Coronavirus: Half of humanity

now on lockdown as 90 countries

call for confinement

Two-Thirds Support Closed-Borders

for Their State, Fines for Social

Distancing Violators

Disaster in motion: 3.4 million

travelers poured into US

as coronavirus pandemic erupted

Germans snitch on neighbours flouting virus rules,

in echo of the Stasi past

Democrats Create Select Committee

to Investigate Trump’s Coronavirus Response



Italy Reports Leveling Off of Virus Deaths,

New Cases

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Addresses Nation on Coronavirus Pandemic

Pakistan Court Overturns Conviction

in Death of Daniel Pearl

New York's scramble to brace for 

peak crisis is warning for rest of U.S.

Los Angeles mayor says all

residents should wear masks

Venezuelan Expats Hopeful After 

US Indictment of Regime Figures

Cambodia Halts Hydropower Construction

on Mekong River Until 2030

China is bracing for a second

wave of coronavirus

Turkish forces hack regime forces’

communications and threaten ‎‎them

with death if they breach ceasefire

Coronavirus: Fearing 'losing ground'

to drug cartels during pandemic,

Trump sends in military

Trump says Iran planning to 

attack US troops in Iraq

Climate summit in Glasgow postponed

to 2021 because of coronavirus -officials

France Reports Record Number

of COVID-19 Deaths in 24 Hours

Military will begin evacuating

aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus

Trump warns 240,000 people in the

US could die as result of coronavirus

Govt set to release 'contact tracking' 

app which detects nearby virus carriers

European experts ready smartphone 

technology to help halt coronavirus spread

Pentagon Seeking 100,000 Body

Bags for Civilians in Crisis

Florida governor Ron DeSantis finally 

issues a statewide lockdown after 

revealing coronavirus 

first started circulating in Miami in 

early February during the Super Bowl and state

cases surge to 6,955

Biden: States Should Prepare

for Remote Voting in 2020 Elections

Prince Charles tells Brits to

‘look forward to better times to come’

after battling coronavirus

Fed steps in once again to try to

smooth out lending markets

Concerns Grow Over Wuhan

Doctor Amid Call For Return to Work

White House projects 100K to 240K

US deaths from virus

Trust the CDC? A Reminder of When The

Former head of The CDC Was Arrested on

Sex Abuse Charges

Army National Guardsman Tells

Project Veritias ‘It’s the Flu! It’s the Flu!’

Some Good News: Navy’s Stealth 

Destroyer Almost Ready for Combat

Coronavirus: Trump says wear

scarves as face masks to fight

COVID-19 'plague'

Migrant workers in India sprayed with disinfectant


Syria claims it shot down missiles

fired from Israeli warplanes

The Inspector General’s Disturbing FISA Memo

New York hospitals overflowing with bodies

Australia Bans Exports of Medical Supplies

After Items Sent in Bulk

to China Amid COVID-19 Pandemic




A Major Medical Staffing Company

Just Slashed Benefits for Doctors

and Nurses Fighting Coronavirus

Pence task force freezes coronavirus

aid amid backlash

McConnell: ‘I Still Think We Have an

Excellent Chance to Hold on to Our Majority’

Arrest Warrant Issued For Florida Pastor 

Who Defied Order To Suspend Church Service

New York governor begs for help

amid ‘staggering’ death toll

DC mayor threatens jail time for

leaving home during coronavirus

Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million,

unemployment rate may hit 32%, Fed estimates

Chinese researchers isolated deadly 

bat coronaviruses near Wuhan animal market

Global lockdown tightens as

virus deaths mount

France Reports Largest Single-Day

Jump In Deaths, Virginia Issues

'Stay At Home' Order

Yellowstone slaughters wild bison to

shrink park’s herds

Trump Downplays China’s 

Coronavirus Disinformation: 

‘They Do It And We Do It’

IRS orders office evacuation, affecting most

agency employees

Deborah Birx: Could Be Up to 200,000

Deaths ‘if We Do Things Almost Perfectly’

Dutch museum says van Gogh

painting stolen in overnight raid

Saudi Arabia to raise oil exports to

record high

Colombia's ELN guerrillas declare

unilateral cease-fire amid coronavirus

Prince Harry, Meghan post final message

as working members of the Royal Family

N.Y. Virus Deaths Hit 1,200;

Rise in Infections Is Slowing

Dolly Parton Believes Coronavirus Pandemic

Is a 'Lesson' From God

Police Break Up Funeral With 40 To 60

People At Northwest Side Church

Amid Stay-At-Home Order

Governor issues stay-at-home order

for South Florida

The next American struggle:

Waiting out the coronavirus

Italy Risks Losing Grip in South With

Fear of Looting, Riots

Pandemic-Related Unemployment 

and Shutdowns Are a Recipe for Social Unrest

Harlem Detective Is First NYPD Officer

To Die From Coronavirus; Nearly

700 Members Test Positive

U.S. military command teams in charge

of protecting homeland security are

being isolated in the infamous

Cheyenne mountain bunker where

they will remain 'sealed off' until

the coronavirus pandemic passes

The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet

of Ventilators. The Mission Failed.

Pandemic Historian: Coronavirus

‘a Disease of Globalization’

Trump says keeping US Covid-19

deaths to 100,000 would be a

‘very good job’

Syria: Riot breaks out at prison

holding IS militants

Tokyo's Sudden Rise in Coronavirus Infections

After Olympic Delay Sparks Questions

N. Korea says it tested


multiple rocket launchers

Indonesia: The rally of
a community facing
a coronavirus threat




Guatemalan deported from US

tests positive for COVID-19: Official

Turkmen, Belarusian diplomats

discuss measures to prevent

spread of coronavirus,_Belarusian_diplomats_discuss_measures_to_prevent_spread_of_coronavirus/

Surviving Globalism and Losing 

Factory Culture in the Embroidery 

Capital of the World



DHS memo says gun stores 'essential'

business as gun-rights groups sue

states closing them

German state minister kills

himself as coronavirus hits economy

Trump Admin Indicts Venezuela’s Maduro

for Drug and Gun Trafficking

Plane catches fire at Manila airport,

killing all 8 aboard

Ukrainian Diaspora in Poland in Flux As

Thousands Attempt to Return Home Due to Coronavirus

Chinese Distributed Faulty Coronavirus

Test Kits Throughout Europe, Reports Indicate

U.S. Space Force Successfully Launches

First Rocket Into Orbit

Fauci says 100,000 to 200,000

Americans could die from coronavirus

Virus pulls federalism debate into 21st Century

Unity must be more than a slogan 

for EU in crisis, says French minister

How bad will the next few weeks

be for California as coronavirus cases surge?

Bishops Accused of Sexual Abuse

and Misconduct
A Global Accounting

CDC asks residents of N.Y., N.J.

and Connecticut to refrain from

'non-essential travel' for 14 days

Trump pushes back against congressional

oversight for $500 billion bailout fund

New York: Quarantine By Trump

Would Be a "Declaration of War"

Italy's coronavirus death toll tops

10,000 – latest updates

North Korea fires two 'projectiles'

into sea in latest apparent missile test

Saudi-led coalition intercepts

missiles over Riyadh, Jizan

Russia’s Rosneft Withdraws from Venezuela

Houthis offer Saudi Arabia POW

swap for jailed Palestinians

Choppy waters await Navy as 

virus strikes aircraft carrier

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s wife

has recovered from coronavirus

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Expands Quarantine

to Louisiana Travelers, Installing Checkpoints

on Roads

Spain: over 5,000 deaths

and 72,000 infected with virus

Suspending The Constitution:

Police State Uses Crises To

Expand Its Lockdown Powers

13 Reasons To Fear The Coming

COVID World Order

Spain sets grim new record with

832 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours

Saudi airline to start repatriation

flights to the UK

Italy, Spain suffer record virus

deaths as infection rate surges

Turkey incited riots at Greek border -

German intelligence report

Terrifying cellphone ‘heat map’ shows

just how much people are still traveling

Hubei Residents Riot After Quarantine

Lifted; Police Beaten With Their Own Shield,

Cop Cars Overturned

"If Getting Us Into $6 Trillion More

Debt Doesn’t Matter, Then Why Not

$350 Trillion?"

Pentagon eyes Chicago, Michigan,

Florida, Louisiana as coronavirus spreads

Coronavirus killing people in

New York City at rate of one every 17 minutes

Congressman Massie denied,

$2 trillion coronavirus bill passed

without a recorded vote

Army Corps of Engineers Commander

Conducts News Briefing

Jacinda Ardern says no change in

Australia's stance to New Zealanders

Mr. No': Meet the U.S. congressman

who requested a formal vote to

delay the coronavirus bill

Trump Rages Against ‘Third Rate’

GOP Congressman for Threatening

to Block Stimulus: Throw Him

‘Out of Republican Party!’

Coronavirus could kill 81,000 in U.S.,

subside in June -Washington University analysis

A Coronavirus Great Awakening?

Italy tops 9,000 coronavirus deaths,

overtakes China in cases

The world has entered a recession,

worse than 2009 financial crisis: IMF Chief...

North Macedonia becomes 30th

member of NATO

Cat found infected with coronavirus

in Belgium

Amazon driver deliberately

SPITTING on a package

and rubbing it in with his hands

Bill Gates warns lockdown could

last 10 WEEKS and should be ‘nationwide’

United Airlines warns aid isn’t enough

to avoid workforce cuts

Irish PM tells nation to stay home to

slow coronavirus spread

US Space Force launches first

mission despite coronavirus

Mexican governor says poor are

immune to coronavirus

UN sees guns go silent as world faces

off against common enemy

Vietnam Will Stockpile 190,000 Tons

of Rice For Food Safety

Standing too close to one another

in Singapore could now land you in jail

U.S. has most coronavirus cases in world,

next wave aimed at Louisiana

Indonesia may ban Idul Fitri exodus

to stop coronavirus transmission

Asian markets extend gains,

dollar sinks on stimulus pledges

Canada criticizes U.S. proposal to

deploy troops at border

Military tries to calm public fears of martial law

Coronavirus: US overtakes China

with most cases

Benny Gantz, Benjamin Netanyahu

To Form Emergency Government

Those who intentionally spread

coronavirus could be charged as terrorists

Man faces terror charges after

coughing on grocery store worker

Traders Puke After Bernie Sanders

Threatens To Hold Up Coronavirus Package

47,000 Stores Shutter Across The

US As Virtually All Retailers

Stop Paying Rent

Ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson

believed to have died in Iran, family says

New Zealand declares state of emergency




Pharmacies Running Low On

Prescriptions For Other Conditions

Three HUNDRED inmates from

New York City's notorious Rikers Island

with less than a year

left of their sentence will be released

to stop coronavirus spread as prisons

continue to free prisoners to control pandemic

Trump’s Bible study teacher claims

‘coronavirus is God’s punishment

for gay people and environmentalism’

NYC morgues near capacity,

DHS briefing warns

Thousands of inmates released

as jails face coronavirus threat

Negative rates come to the US:

1-month and 3-month Treasury bill

yields are now below zero

Nearly half of New York City's

coronavirus cases found in adults under 45

‘I Take My Hat Off to China’: Obama’s

China Ambassador Praises Chinese

Response to Virus

House Stimulus Bills Envision

‘Digital Dollar’ to Ease Coronavirus Recession

US House Wants Economic Stimulus

Payments To Leverage eWallets

House Democrats introduce a $2.5  

trillion coronavirus stimulus plan as

Senate bill stalls

Donald Trump wants US reopened by Easter,

despite biggest jump in coronavirus deaths

Who is Dr. Deborah Birx?

India joins coronavirus lockdown, 

WHO warns US: Live updates

First child in US dies of coronavirus

3 US Navy troops on board aircraft carrier

in Philippines test positive for coronavirus

in first-ever case on deployed ship

'Coronavirus is very, very infectious':

Expert describes how one patient could

infect up to 59,000 others as the virus is

almost THREE TIMES more infectious

than flu

Trump, New York's Cuomo clash over

federal response to virus

Mortgage Firms Brace for Wave

of Missed Payments as Coronavirus

Slams Homeowners

Gov. DeSantis derides those 

'bringing the virus' from hot zone

MSM FEAR CONT.........
Coronavirus Traces Lingered in

Vacated Cruise Cabins for 17 Days

Iranian Officials Stole More Than

$1 Billion in Humanitarian Coronavirus Funds,

Pompeo Says

The UK has gone into full

coronavirus lockdown

US Slashes Assistance to Afghanistan

After Leaders Fail to Reach Deal

South Africa announces biggest COVID-19 

lockdown on African continent

China reports doubling of

coronavirus infections

WHO warns: Virus is accelerating

Italy’s unions threaten general strike over

‘war economy’ decree

Libya: Two expats killed in raid by

Haftar forces in Tripoli

UAE takes tough measures to

beat coronavirus

Sudan to impose partial curfew

over coronavirus

'I know, but what do you want me to do?':

Fauci's strikingly honest review of

Trump's coronavirus response

California police to use Chinese-made

patrol drones with night-vision cameras

during coronavirus lockdown

November could turn into ‘election by mail’

due to coronavirus

Gilead Suspends Emergency Drug Access

In Unprecedented Move, Fed Unveils 

Open-Ended QE Including Corporate Bonds

The Fed Is Now Buying Investment

Grade Bond ETFs Like LQD

Trump Weighs Easing Stay-At-Home

Restrictions To Curb Economic Chaos

The Federal Reserve just pledged

asset purchases with

no limit to support markets

Surgeon General has coronavirus warning:

'This week, it's going to get bad'

Secret Service employee tests 

positive for coronavirus

Lost sense of smell could be a

peculiar clue to coronavirus infection

Pompeo arrives in Afghanistan

on urgent visit

Saudi Arabia imposes curfew, UAE

halts passenger flights as coronavirus

grips Middle East

Rand Paul becomes first known

senator to test positive for coronavirus
Paul tweeted that he "is feeling fine

and is in quarantine."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel 

in quarantine after a doctor tests 

positive for coronavirus

India at 'critical stage' in 

coronavirus outbreak

PA premier declares wide-scale 

lockdown to head off spread of virus

Riot in Colombia prison leaves 23 dead,

government says

Egypt's el-Sisi says handling 

coronavirus crisis 'transparently'

Global majority supports closing

borders over coronavirus

Syria Confirms 1st Coronavirus Case

Synagogues in Argentina completely

close due to nationwide coronavirus lockdown

Ireland readying 'significant'

coronavirus income aid

Turkey’s Coronavirus death toll raises to 30,

289 new cases - health minister

Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer

help those over 60

L.A. County gives up on containing

coronavirus, tells doctors to skip

testing of some patients

L.A. to Move Homeless into

Neighborhood Recreation Centers

Cuomo warns 80% will get virus over

‘9 months’ as Mnuchin tells 80m to

prepare for 12-week shutdown

Fed will make up to $4 trillion in loans

to businesses to rescue the U.S. economy,

Mnuchin says

DOJ seeks new emergency powers

amid coronavirus pandemic
One of the requests to Congress

would allow the department to

petition a judge

to indefinitely detain someone

during an emergency.

Washington, D.C., Closes Streets to Prevent

Coronavirus Transmission

The dangers of using

a filter mask

Iran leader refuses US help,

citing virus conspiracy theory

Strong Earthquake Shakes Croatia,

Damages Buildings

Spain new coronavirus deaths cross 1,700

Singapore, Vietnam impose stricter

entry bans to curb COVID-19

Libya: 1 killed, 2 injured in attack 

by Haftar forces

Toilet paper theft in UK: 3 people detained

Turkey imposes a curfew on a specific

class of its citizens

Intelligence officials' early alarms

about possible pandemic went unheeded

The development of the fastest

computer in the world to help eliminate


Huge chunk of Yellowstone National Park,

the size of Chicago, is 'breathing' in and out

due to magma trapped underneath the surface

Country music icon Kenny Rogers dies

Much of life comes to a standstill

as countries shut themselves off from

the rest of the world

Election limbo as coronavirus

outbreak upends US primaries

Spanish coronavirus cases surge

by 5,000 overnight

'Let's go to battle': New Slovak

government takes office amid

coronavirus fight

Army Blocks Streets in Milan 

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Jordan starts nationwide curfew 

as virus spreads in Mideast

Egypt shuts mosques and 

churches over coronavirus fears

Pakistan suspends international

flights for two weeks

WHO warns young people 'not invincible,’

death toll exceeds 11,400

Military Role Widens in

Pandemic Response

U.S. jobless claims may reach 2.25 million,

Goldman Sachs economist estimates

NIH director: Up to 70K coronavirus

cases could be confirmed in US by

end of next week

Ethiopian Airlines suspends flights

to 30 countries

The Libyan army accuses Turkey of   

transporting “mercenaries” on flights

to return the stranded to Misurata

UAE weather: Dubai hit by spectacular 

lightning and rain storm

Trump eyes 2 week quarantine,

only drug, grocery stores open

Taiwan says WHO ignored Dec warning

‘I want nothing less than some kind

of martial law imposed by the government,

and to hell with civil liberties

and human rights. Supermarkets

should be compelled to operate

rationing system’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer not 

enacting ‘martial law’; National Guard 

activated for coronavirus aid

Four senators dumped millions in stocks

while Capitol Hill was being briefed on

the coronavirus threat but BEFORE

markets started tanking

Senator Dumped Up to $1.7 Million of 

Stock After Reassuring Public About 

Coronavirus Preparedness

Italy calls in military to enforce

lockdown as coronavirus deaths rocket

UAE announces first two deaths

from coronavirus: WAM

S. African Airways suspends int'l 

flights over COVID-19

With no confirmed cases of COVID-19,

Mozambique prepares for looming outbreak
A lot of misinformation circulates

on social networks

Briefing With Senior State Department Official 

On the Global Oil Market

Coronavirus – Illinois joins New York 

and California to give ‘stay at home order’ 

affecting 20% of citizens

Ayatollah’s American Allies Seize

on Pandemic in Fresh Push for Sanctions Relief

Netflix to slow Europe transmissions

to avoid broadband overload

NATO expects members to maintain 

investment despite COVID-19 crisis

Counterfeit coronavirus test kits 

seized at Chicago airport

Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who once ran 

crypto-currency firm, sold off stock 

ahead of coronavirus market crash

Kremlin Under Siege From

Simultaneous Health, Economic Crises

America’s Commandos Deployed

to 141 Countries

California Governor Issues

‘Stay at Home’

Order for Residents

Candace Owens Responds With


Rep Omar Attacks Ivanka’s Family

Escobar: China Locked In Hybrid War With US

"He Must Resign From The Senate

And Face Prosecution": Tucker Carlson

Blasts Burr For Liquidating Stock

While Downplaying COVID

NASA Warns Two Asteroids Could  

Cause Atmospheric Explosion Over

Earth This Week

Frustration mounts at Trump's 

reluctance to use emergency  

production powers

After Long Legal Battle, India Hangs

Four Brutal Rapists, For Second

Time in Recent Years

Coronavirus in Italy: Military transports 

coffins as death toll overtakes China

29 soldiers killed in terrorist attack in Mali

Haiti Confirms First Two Cases of COVID-19

This is what coronavirus numbers 

look like in the United States

China Boots U.S. Journalists

Revealed: the great European refugee scandal

400 foreigners stranded in

Panama after 'tribal' festival

Coronavirus Origins: Covid-19

Wasn’t Produced In A Lab, Scientists Conclude

Florida congressman tests positive

for coronavirus

England's schools to close

and exams cancelled

European Central Bank announces

€750B coronavirus stimulus

Canada announces USD 56.4 billion stimulus 

package to help people buy groceries, pay rent

Australian airline Qantas to cut

all international flights

Iran to pardon 10,000 including

'security' prisoners

Markets Enter New Phase—

Where Cash Is All That Matters

HIV drug combo fails as treatment

for severe COVID-19 in China study

Drive-thru coronavirus test sites

popping up slowly across America

Trump taps emergency powers as virus

relief plan proceeds

NYSE to temporarily close floor, 

move to electronic trading 

after positive coronavirus tests

Hello from Italy. Your future is grimmer 

than you think.

Why The Financial Sector Now Rules

The Global Economy

US-Canada border to close amid virus crisis

Army stops unit rotations to combat 

training centers

Italy CCP Virus Death Count Jumps to 2,503

Mnuchin proposes US$500B in

checks based on income, family size

Turkey closes land borders with Greece, 

Bulgaria, amid coronavirus outbreak

Zimbabwe Health Official Says

Management of Coronavirus Key in

Curbing Infections

Will the ICJ Myanmar Ruling Help

Bring Accountability for the Rohingya Crisis?

Utah hit with its strongest earthquake

since 1992

Scotland and Wales to close schools

by Friday due to coronavirus

Eurovision cancelled

US Imposes New Iran-Linked Sanctions

on Seven Entities

Democratic Party Symbol Changed

to Rat on Google Search Results

Detect, Deter, & Annihilate: How      

The American Police State Will Deal

With The Outbreak

US plans to turn back migrants 

caught at Mexican border

South Korea reports 93 new coronavirus

cases, total 8,413: KCDC

Kim Jong Un orders large new

Pyongyang General Hospital to be

built by October

White House, Fed rolling out big 

plans to save US economy

Iraq appoints new prime minister 

amid political deadlock

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases-UPDATED

Pentagon Preparing Navy Hospital

Ships Mercy, Comfort for Coronavirus Response

Anger builds over virus dangers

in immigration courts

Coronavirus Spreads To All 50 States

As 1st Case Reported In West Virginia;

NYPD Officer Tests Positive

European Union seals borders

to most outsiders

U.S. government, tech industry looking 

to harness your phone’s location data 

to combat coronavirus

People with Type A blood are

MORE likely to catch coronavirus

than those with Type O, study claims

Philippines Suspends All Financial Markets

Singapore Says Prepared for 

Malaysia Food Supplies Disruption

Iraq Daily Roundup: One Killed;

Clashes at Baghdad Protest

Ron Paul: The Coronavirus Hoax – OpEd

France deploys 100,000 security

forces for coronavirus

China imported new coronavirus

infections top local ones for 4th day

Maduro Declares Quarantine in 

Venezuela Over COVID-19 Starting on Tuesday

EU Confidential coronavirus

edition #1: Shutdowns & lockdowns

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

Boris Johnson tells 1.4m they

must stay in for 12 WEEKS

Fed says it will offer an additional

$500 billion in overnight repo funding markets

Coronavirus shutdown threatens jobs

As the coronavirus pandemic grows,

gun sales are surging in many states

Iran on ‘Warlike’ Footing as Senior 

Leader Admits He Has Coronavirus

Russian Scholars, Legal Experts

Sign Up Against 'Constitutional Coup'

Coronavirus: Malaysia in partial

lockdown from March 18 to limit outbreak

SCOTUS Postpones Hearings, Including

For Trump Financial Doc Cases,

Due To COVID-19

Coronavirus Pandemic Death Toll Tops

6,500 Deaths Worldwide, About

170,000 Confirmed Cases

How Romanians are turning a hidden

legacy of seismic risk into an

opportunity for disaster resilience

Somalia Confirms First Case of Coronavirus

Hezbollah says it won’t oppose

IMF aid under ‘reasonable conditions’

Rich People Are Raising Cash From

Their Art Collections

Dr. Anthony Fauci urges 'national shutdown'

as coronavirus spreads

EU executive proposes shutting

bloc's external borders for 30 days

Exclusive: Fed is ‘throwing money in

the wrong place,’ says Sheila Bair,

former top banking regulator

Turkey-Russia patrols start amid

protests on Syrian highway

Donald Trump 'strongly considering full pardon'

for Michael Flynn

Egyptian army officers said to be

infected with coronavirus

India Proposes Emergency Fund for SAARC

Saudi Arabia reports 15 new coronavirus

cases raising total to 118

Venezuela Urges Colombia to

Cooperate Over Coronavirus Outbreak

NZ central bank slashes rate to 0.25%

UN calls for calm in Iraq after latest

round of strikes on US targets

Slovakia declares state of emergency  

over coronavirus, orders shop closures

In the Middle East, Coping With the 

Coronavirus Is a Laughing Matter

Top US Infectious Diseases Doctor

Warns China About New ‘Blip’

in Coronavirus Cases

Iran Praises UAE’s Support for Its

Corona Fight

Italy hits one-day record with 368

new coronavirus deaths - latest updates

Coronavirus vs. Constitution

Strong quarantine measures in 

Italy but questions remain elsewhere

Turkey’s first coronavirus case shuts schools, 

impacts sports

America shuts down

Congress shutting US Capitol, House 

and Senate office buildings to public 

until April 1 in reaction to coronavirus

The entire country of Norway is 'shutting down'

Omar marries political consultant,

months after affair claim

Coronavirus In Ohio: State To

Shut Down All K-12 Schools For

The Next 3 Weeks

Trudeau and wife Sophie in self-isolation

"It caused a mass panic": travellers

in Europe rush to get back to US after

Trump order

Chelsea Manning ordered

released from jail

Fed to pump in more than $1 trillion in dramatic

ramping up of market intervention amid coronavirus meltdown

Trump to find out TOMORROW if

leader he shook hands with has coronavirus

79-year-old man becomes third victim in Lebanon;

15 nurses quarantined

U.S. targets Army Commander 

Shavendra Silva in Human Rights Report

Coronavirus: Up to 70% of Germany

could become infected - Merkel

Super-rich jet off to disaster bunkers

amid coronavirus outbreak

Middle East countries report more

coronavirus cases

China coronavirus epicentre records

digit cases as restrictions eased

Twenty-six Iraqi fighters killed in east Syria strike

Turkey largely agreed with Russia 

on details of Idlib ceasefire: Anadolu

Hospital staff in NSW told to prepare

for 8,000 coronavirus deaths

Egypt's intelligence chief meets

with Kiir in Juba

US airstrike in Somalia said to have

killed 6 civilians

Turkey’s Failed Gamble in Syria

Islamic Jihad chief, Russian FM

discuss US Mideast scheme, Palestinian unity

Trump urged Mnuchin to pressure

Fed's Powell on economic stimulus

in explosive tirade about coronavirus

Dow drops 1,400 points and tumbles

into a bear market, down 20% from

last month’s record close

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Test Positive

For Coronavirus As Outbreak Hits

‘Elvis Presley’ Film

Erdogan Stands by Russia Despite

Syrian Tensions

Pentagon Issues Multiple Contracts

for Development of Mobile Nuclear Reactor

Al Qaeda’s West African branch

seeks French withdrawal, then negotiations

Tunisia arrests 5 over attack near US embassy

Bernie Sanders: ‘Unlike Secretary Clinton,

I Don’t Want to Relive 2016’

36 Iranians Die of Alcohol Poisoning

Trying to Kill Coronavirus

Seattle’s Patient Zero Spread Coronavirus

Despite Ebola-Style Lockdown

Michigan Republican Mayor Who Voted For

Trump Switches To Biden:

‘Even More Deranged Now Than I Thought Then’

Israel seals itself off from

international travel

Putin approves legal changes in

bid to stay in power until 2036

3 things you need to know about

the coronavirus today

US commander says Taliban are not

keeping 'their part of the bargain'

Joe Biden in heated argument

with Michigan factory worker

NJ Announces 1st COVID-19 Death;

NY Deploys National Guard to New Rochelle

Secret Service faces unique challenge

of protecting Trump from coronavirus


Italy's coronavirus lockdown upends the

most basic routines and joys

Trump’s New Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows

Self-Quarantines After Possibly Meeting

Individual With Coronavirus

U.S. coronavirus threat fuels demand

for traditional herbal remedies

Canada’s First COVID-19 Death    

Believed to Be in B.C. Care Home

New York Prison Labor Makes Hand Sanitizer,

Prepares to Dig Graves if

Coronvirus Worsens

Trump Admin Infighting Over Open

Skies Treaty Infuriates GOP Hawks

Hoyer says Congress will stay at

work amid coronavirus — for now

Italy orders total lockdown over coronavirus

Markets plunge, WHO warns pandemic

risk 'very real' as virus spreads

Italy Expands Quarantine Throughout

Country As Coronavirus Cases, Deaths Surge

The Biggest Risk Is Not The Crash,

But How Long Asset Prices Remain

At Current Levels

Black Woman Carves "White Pride" Into

Sidewalk Outside Black-Owned Gym

Ireland cancels all St. Patrick’s Day

parades amid coronavirus outbreak

Two US troops killed by

‘enemy forces’

in Iraq: Pentagon

Ousted Diyarbak?r mayor sentenced

to 9 years in prison on terrorism charges

Mexican women hold historic

nationwide strike

35 killed in Ghana bus collision and fire

Turkey's handling of migrant

and refugee crisis 'unacceptable,' says Merkel

Canadian government says slumping

oil prices are a major concern

Syrian figures to found new opposition body abroad

Greece suspends all flights to

northern Italy on coronavirus

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302:

"The pain is unbearable"

Sudan's Prime Minister survives

assassination attempt

Trial of suspects in shooting down of flight MH17

begins in the Netherlands

Ireland set to cancel St. Patrick's

Day parades amid virus fear

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global  

Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

Criminals Cash In on Coronavirus

Officials not ruling out shutting down

mass transit in wake of coronavirus

American troops on their way out of 

Afghanistan under terms of peace deal

Fed to step up cash injections for 

banks to guard against market pressure

Bank Stocks Plunge Along With Oil Prices

Dow plummets 2,000 points, S&P 500 

sinks more than 7% amid oil price war

Oil prices plunge as much as 30% after

OPEC deal failure sparks price war

Coronavirus: Doctor says high

blood pressure a major death risk

End The Fed!

Sailor in Italy, Marine in Virginia

Test Positive for Coronavirus

Dem Rep. Speier: Trump Putting

‘His Most Ardent Supporters at Risk’

By Not Canceling Rallies

"This Is The Most Frightening Disease

I've Ever Encountered In My Career"

Says Architect Of National Pandemic Strategy

Meet The International Bank Head That

Swindled Millions Using Lawyers

And Crooked Bankers

Assume Crash Positions: Goldman

Cuts Brent Price Target To $30

"With Possible Dips Near $20"

USDJPY Crashes, Commodity

Pairs Plunge,

Oil Said To Open Down $10

Middle East Stocks Crater; Kuwait Halted;

Aramco Below IPO; Dow Indicated Down 500

Lebanon Announces Default On $1.2BN

Debt Payment In Historical First

Iran Official Says 200 Dead Of

Coronavirus In One Province Alone

Masked Men Attack Women's Day

Rally In Kyrgyz Capital;

Police Detain Demonstrators

New World Order Must Not Require Major 

Powers to Delegate Sovereignty to 

Multilateral Institutions, 

‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says

Egypt Reports Death of German National, 

its 1st from Coronavirus

CDC has tested 1,583 people for coronavirus

Taliban religious decree calls for its

emir to rule ‘Islamic government’ in Afghanistan

Italy quarantines north in drastic

bid to slow virus spread

Coronavirus panic shoppers throw

punches over toilet paper — another tasered!

CPAC attendee tested positive for

coronavirus-AXIOS OFC!

Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden

as Democratic presidential candidate

Austrian Alps: Six dead as two

avalanches hit two separate areas

Libya's UN-backed gov't targets east-based

army in southern Tripoli

Erdogan to Greece: Open your

borders to migrants

Special forces make biggest drugs

bust in Polish history

Iraq confirms two more coronavirus deaths,

raising total to six

US Blocks UN Statement Backing  

Russia-Brokered Ceasefire In Syria

"It's Like Scenes From A Mad Max Movie"

- Americans Continue Epic Run On Costco


In Wake of Terror Attack, New Legislation

Would Tighten Security Screening for

Foreign Military Students

Iran Caught Hiding Nuclear Work,

Sparking Call for Full Sanctions ‘Snapback’

Fuel tanker collides with two

buses in Syria, kills 30

Egyptian Foreign Minister to begin tour

of Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, on Sunday

Ankara, Athens exploit refugees

in dangerous political game

15 Americans quarantined in Bethlehem

as Israel & Palestine struggle to stop

coronavirus spread

Lebanon opts to default on $1.2bn

Eurobond debt

North Korea Slams European Nations for

'Illogical Thinking' Over Missile Launches

Cruise Ship Linked to Coronaviruses

Cases in US, Taiwan Quarantined

on Nile River

Trump Admin Rips International

Criminal Court Decision to Probe

U.S. Conduct in Afghanistan

China's coronavirus recovery is

'all fake,' whistleblowers

and residents claim

Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to

Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups

Arizona man described as

white supremacist drapes

Nazi flag at Sanders rally

Rescuers race to save 30 people

still trapped in collapsed five-star

hotel in China being used to

quarantine coronavirus victims

Seth Rich, Julian Assange, &

Dana Rohrabacher 

Will We Ever Know The Truth

About The Stolen DNC Files?

"Bull Market Has Reversed"

Surveillance Court Bans FBI

and DOJ Officials Who Erred in

Carter Page Wiretap Applications

How the White House protects Trump

and his staff from coronavirus

Trump Appoints Mark Meadows

as New White House Chief of Staff

Two members of Saudi royal family

‘arrested after plotting coup’

Ex-Brazil football star Ronaldinho,

brother arrested in Paraguay

Suicide attack outside U.S. Embassy

in Tunis kills policeman

The Strongest Evidence Yet That 

America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing

India braces for more coronavirus cases, 

but experts fear an epidemic

Maduro says US is hatching plans

for war against Venezuela

Pakistan's 'biggest feminist' under 

fire after sexist tirade

Guatemala court overturns government's

civil society restrictions

US Outraged at 'Reckless' ICC 

Ruling on Afghan War Crimes

Mueller report: justice department

ordered to turn over unredacted copy

China reports 143 new cases,

30 new deaths

Turkey-Russia agreed ceasefire in

Syria's Idlib comes into force

7 new deaths, 518 additional

coronavirus cases reported in South Korea

Turkish MoD Says 'Neutrilised'

21 Syrian Soldiers on 5 March After

2 Turkish Troops Killed

US Continues Its War On The

Rest Of The World – OpEd

NZ man with coronavirus attended

packed rock concert in Auckland,

health authorities say

‘Bond King’ Gundlach says Fed

panicked and short-term rates are

‘headed toward zero’

Southwest Airlines CEO warns

drop-off in domestic travel over

coronavirus has '9/11-like feel'

Warren ends presidential campaign,

centering race on 2 men

Mike Pence admits America does NOT

have enough testing kits to meet

coronavirus demand as senators

are told pledge for one million this

week will NOT happen

Washington state urges patience

as Covid-19 test delays stoke anger

Sochi 2.0: How Will New Turkey,

Russia Deal Play Out On The Ground?

US lawmakers agree to provide

$8.3 billion to fight coronavirus as

death toll mounts

Chinese social media censoring

'officially sanctioned facts' on coronavirus

Iran says 'no obligation' to let

UN nuclear watchdog into certain sites

How 9/11 spawned an anti-Muslim

playbook being weaponised in India and China

Trump says Democrat

'must pay a severe price' after

Schumer singles out Supreme Court

justices in speech

Truck carrying toilet paper catches

fire in Brisbane amid panic buying

Zelensky replaces PM in second

government shake-up in a month

Over 100 Countries, Regions Impose

Entry Bans or Tighten Procedures

for Travelers from S. Korea

COVID-19: Virus kills 9th in Washington,

first case confirmed in Argentina

Republicans Break with Barr on FISA Renewal,

Urge Reforms before Reauthorization

Trump to Host AG Barr, Rand Paul

and Mike Lee in Bid for GOP ‘Unity’ on

FISA Reform

"Ground Zero For Trade" – Port Of Long Beach

Warns Of Shipping Slump From China

School In Brooklyn Hands Out "Drag Queen

In Training" Stickers To 4-Year-Old

FEMA Is Preparing For Coronavirus

"Emergency Declaration"

South Korea Unveils $9.8 Billion

Extra Budget to Stem Virus Fallout

Ukraine Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk

resigns for second time

Brazil battered by deadly rains

and landslides

Tornadoes kill at least 25 in Tennessee

Iran takes nuclear

threat to the next level

Coronavirus: China reports 125 new cases,

31 new deaths; lowest number of

new cases since January

Coronavirus: US death toll climbs to six,

outbreak spreads to 11 states

ECB Says It’s Ready to Take Appropriate,

Targeted Steps Amid Virus

Kim Jong Un guided “strike drill”

of two rocket launch systems on

Monday: KCNA

COVID-19: Impact On Bintan’s

Tourism Sector – Analysis

Bulgarian PM Borisov Accuses EU

Of Not Paying Turkey In ‘Refugee Deal’

Pakistan confirms 5th coronavirus case

Saudi Arabia Suspends Visas

Over 1,800 test positive for coronavirus

in Italy as death toll reaches 52

Mexican Army and Navy prefer 

American-engineered aircraft

S. Korea confirms 477 more cases

of COVID-19, total hits 4,812

Indonesia's most active volcano erupts,

spews ash into sky

Taliban rejects taking part in Afghan 

talks until prisoners freed

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Declares Victory in Twitter Post

Coronavirus: Infections nine times 

higher outside of China

US Starts Afghan Withdraw Amid

Mixed Messages

Coronavirus Panic Is Causing A

Worst-Case Scenario For Oil

Governments Will Use The Coronavirus

Card To Downgrade Estimates And

Increase Interventionism

US Carrier Strike Group Enters

Mediterranean As Syria & Turkey Move To State Of War

2 missiles hit near US embassy in Baghdad

Uruguay swears in president to end

15 years of left-wing rule

Pakistan to request British govt for

Nawaz Sharif's deportation

We cannot guarantee safety of your 

planes over Syria: Russia to Turkey

"This Crisis Will Spill Over Into Disaster" 

Dr.Doom Sees 40% Collapse In "Delusional"

Stock Market

Coronavirus may have spread undetected

for weeks in U.S.

Coronavirus outbreak kills second 

person in Washington state after 

first New York case confirmed

Coronavirus hits China’s factories. 

Private survey shows weakest reading 

on record in February

James Kwan identified as first 

Australian to die from coronavirus

Local spread of coronavirus marks

turning point in U.S.

Video footage appears to capture

the moment a Su-24 was shot down over Idlib

U.S. Navy Fits Destroyer With 

ODIN Laser Weapon To Counter Drones

Nigeria steps up COVID-19 preventive 

efforts at airports following confirmed case

Virus reported in wider region of the

West Coast

Grocers Prepare for Surge in

Demand as Coronavirus Spreads

Coronavirus cases in the UK jump to 35

Alabama prepares for possible

arrival of coronavirus

US-Taliban Deal Hits First Speedbump

In India, Modi’s Policies Have Lit a Fuse

Russia fired 14 cruise missiles on

jihadist positions in Syria, sources report

Egypt and Ethiopia escalate war

of words over draft Nile Dam agreement

US, Afghanistan’s Taliban sign

historic peace deal

First U.S. death from coronavirus confirmed

in Washington; Gov. Inslee declares

state of emergency

CDC asks public to stop buying

facemasks as they don't prevent infection

The paradox of America’s endless wars

Trump speaks after first US coronavirus death:

New American travel restrictions announced

Local spread of coronavirus

marks turning point in U.S.

Key Missteps at the CDC Have Set Back

Its Ability to Detect the Potential

Spread of Coronavirus

U.S., Taliban to Sign Landmark Peace

Deal to End War in Afghanistan

Congressional Republicans Warn

Trump Against Inking Peace Deal With Taliban

Putin discusses Syria’s Idlib with Rouhani,


Malaysia in Crisis as Mahathir Mohamad

Rejects New PM Muhyiddin Yassin

Slovak Anti-Graft Parties Win Election Majority,

Exit Poll Shows

Catalan independence protesters

gather near Spanish border in France

90 trafficked minors intercepted

at Beitbridge

Turkey raises migrant pressure 

on Europe over Syria conflict

Oregon Officials Confirm Third Coronavirus

Case "Of Unknown Origin"; Risk Of

"Community Outbreak" Is High

PMIs Crash

Americans' Vanishing Fear Of Foreign Trade

Assange’s supporters say concerned

over his fate if extradited to US

Asian cities at risk due to sea-level rise

Pakistan: At least 20 killed as train

collides with bus at unmanned

crossing in Sindh

NATO Secretary General visits

the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Domestic Terror?

First Credit, Now The Corona-Crash

Is Freezing Equity Market Issuance

Trump accuses Democrats of politicizing

the coronavirus, calling criticism of

his handling of the outbreak their 'new hoax'

Turkey, Russia talk spiraling tensions

in Syria as migrants push west

North Korea's Kim Jong Un guides

military drills, warns of 'serious consequences'

if virus breaks out: KCNA

Australia announces Iran travel ban

amid coronavirus outbreak

Afghans hope for peace as U.S.-Taliban

gear up for troop withdrawal deal

Coronavirus unlikely to vanish next

year-NIH's Fauci according to source

Coronavirus testing is under scrutiny

after delays and questions over its


Trump plays down coronavirus

health and economic risks

U.S. to invoke special powers 

to boost production of protective gear

Hoarding in the USA?

Outbreak starts to look more like

worldwide economic crisis

Coronavirus hits tech companies:

Google employee tests positive

Republicans growing nervous 

about 2020 economy

Nigeria confirms first case of  

coronavirus - health ministry

French president warns of 'crisis'

in Europe as Italy's coronavirus cases surge

33 Turkish soldiers killed in

airstrikes by Syrian Air Forces

Former Taliban Hostage in Doha

to Witness Peace Deal

Indonesian Stocks Tumble as

Virus Concerns Mount

Syrian airstrike kills 29 Turkish

troops in Idlib

Dow plunges 1,100 points, bringing

its decline from a record high

to more than 10%

Coronavirus far more likely than

Sars to bond to human cells due

to HIV-like mutation, scientists say

Harvard department chair, BU

researcher charged with concealing

ties to China

Coronavirus bombshell as 14% of

patients who recovered test positive again

Coronavirus Precautions: Hundreds

In New York Asked To Isolate Themselves,

Including 112 On Long Island,

8 In Westchester

California is monitoring at least

8,400 people for the coronavirus

CORRECTED-U.S. spy agencies

monitor coronavirus spread,

concerns about India -sources

Covid-19 Infects Iranian Vice President,

Kills Iran Ambassador To Vatican

Masks Run Short as Coronavirus Spreads

CDC Confirms First US Coronavirus Case

Of 'Unknown Origin' As

South Korea Infections Soar

Scientists Discover HIV-Like "Mutation"

Which Makes Coronavirus Extremely Infectious

Coronavirus: Covid-19 outbreak worsens

with 45 countries confirming virus infections

First U.S. coronavirus case of unknown

origin confirmed in Northern California,

CDC says

Italy seeks to calm fears in Europe as cases,

deaths rise

Over 80 People Under Quarantine   

For Possible Coronavirus In Nassau

Thousands Of US Troops Return

To Saudi Base After 17-Year Absence

To "Deter Iran"

Two Turkish soldiers killed in

air strikes in Syria's Idlib

Tunisian parliament approves

new coalition government

Milwaukee Miller brewery shooting:

Six Molson Coors workers, including shooter,

dead in rampage

US blacklists new leader of Iran-backed

Iraqi militia

New Delhi death toll rises to 24,

expected to go higher

Obama tells pro-Trump super PAC to

'cease and desist' Biden attack ad

Libya’s GNA supports Turkey;

Two Turkish soldiers killed in Syria

Zimbabwean teachers say right to

education under threat

Malaysian king summons Mahathir Mohamad

who’s keen to become PM again

US: Syrian offensive devoid of fighting


US-Taliban peace deal will empower

ISIS in Afghanistan, say insiders

Taiwan raises epidemic response

level to highest

Americans Should Prepare For 

“Significant Disruptions” 

To Their Lives From Coronavirus, CDC Says.
CDC is responding to an

outbreak of respiratory disease

caused by a novel (new) coronavirus

that was first detected in

Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China and which

has now

been detected in 37 locations

internationally, including

cases in the United States.

The virus has been named


and the disease

it causes has been named

“coronavirus disease 2019”

(abbreviated “COVID-19”).

Head of Iran’s task force diagnosed

with coronavirus as WHO warns

pandemic possible

Hong Kong's 'coffin home' dwellers

stuck inside amid coronavirus outbreak

Desperate to stop virus’ spread,

countries limit travel

San Francisco Declares State Of Emergency

Over Covid-19; Germany Confirms 18th

Case: Live Updates
Coronavirus live updates: US

confirms 57 cases, CDC outlines

pandemic planning

CDC urges Americans to prepare

for coronavirus outbreak:

‘This might be bad’

"US Is In A Gigantic Bubble...

& Covid-19 Is Going To Be The Pin"

Hillary Clinton Still Blames Russia

For Her Loss To Trump

Julian Assange was

'handcuffed 11 times and stripped naked'

Bond Yields Crash To Record Lows

As Stocks Suffer Worst Breadth

Since DotCom Collapse

Stocks plunge for a second day as

the Dow lost more than 800 points on Tuesday

Spread of coronavirus in U.S. appears

inevitable, health officials warn;

U.S. financial markets drop sharply

US airstrike kills senior al-Shabaab leader

Turkey-Backed Rebels Say They’ve 

Seized Town in Syria’s Idlib in First Advance

Good deals — and bad ones —

with the Taliban

Man Arrested for Attempting 

to Blow Up Vehicle at the Pentagon

Tokyo Olympics more likely to be canceled than moved





Holy Iranian Cleric Blames Donald Trump

for Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran – 50 Deaths

Five killed in India protests as

Trump arrives on first visit

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Calls

for Ceasefire With Israel After

2 Days of Attacks

Survivor of Pearl Harbor attack dies,

leaving three who fled USS Arizona

More spies today in Australia

than at the height of the Cold War,

says intel chief

UN chief praises China's effort in

global fight against coronavirus\

Saudi, Egypt, Bahrain to resume 

Qatar post services despite dispute

Algeria: Former Chief of Protocol

of Presidency placed into temporary detention

Erdo?an: Russian delegation to 

visit Turkey to discuss Idlib

Oman reports first cases of coronavirus

Julian Assange and the Imperium’s Face:

Day One of the Extradition Hearings

Coronavirus latest: Hong Kong

schools to stay shut until April 20

Two Turkish Servicemen

Die in Libya - Erdogan

Iran announces the death toll 

of Corona to 14 people

4.9-Magnitude Earthquake Registered

Near Russia's Kamchatka

Peninsula - Seismologists

Turkish Shelling Kills 9 Regime 

Personnel in NW Syria

'Chaos' in Malaysian politics as 

both sides fight over the same PM

Harvey Weinstein taken to hospital

with chest pains

Chartered flight being arranged 

to bring back Indians on board cruise ship

China Sentences Swedish Bookseller 

to 10 Years in Prison

US seeks to shield Intelligence

service with Assange,say experts

Trump's 'war on journalists' behind

Assange extradition bid

Russia’s Frontline Struggle with

the Coronavirus Outbreak

Iran Confirms 12 Dead from Coronavirus,

but Rejects Higher Death Toll
MORE LIKE 50 PLUS.................................

Northern Italian dioceses take

drastic measures against coronavirus

Palestinians Fire Rockets at Israel;

Netanyahu Threatens War

Hong Kong to stop all arrivals from

South Korea, except returning residents,

over Covid-19 fears

Middle East disinformation: 2020

prospects & solutions

Islamic Jihad announces unilateral 

ceasefire as Israel launches more strikes

Croatis"s introduces new

measures on Coronavirus

Poland considers buying M1

Abrams tanks from US

India: Rising Skepticism

In Nagaland – Analysis

World must prepare for potential

COVID-19 pandemic says WHO

Famed torture victim Mazen

Al-Hamada returns to Syria

Coronavirus ‘rapidly becoming’

disease X we have long feared

Virus pushes beyond Asia, taking

aim at Europe, Mideast

Lab monkeys infected with

coronavirus in desperate bid to find vaccine

Dow plunges 1,000 points, gives

up gain for the year

Fidelity, Schwab say some clients

experienced technical issues

amid 800-point Dow plunge

10-year Treasury yield falls to

three-year low on coronavirus fears,

30-year rate hits record low

Trump wants to see Russia and Ukraine

"get along" - White House

Iraqi security troops kill one and

wound seven in Baghdad

Aleppo: activists report summary

executions by Assad forces

Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian,

injure 4 others

Lindsey Graham explains what he

wants answered about Trump-Russia probe

Palestinian rockets fired at Israel

following clash at Gaza border

Hong Kong Hit by ‘Tsunami’; Italy

Cancels Carnival: Virus Update

Militants, Israeli forces trade strikes

after army bulldozer is

filmed dragging Palestinian's body

Protests in Budapest against

anti-Roma campaign

IDF attacks Islamic Jihad targets in Damascus

Turkey closes border with Iran 

over coronavirus outbreak

Nine people killed in Turkey,

including at least three children,

after quake near Iran border

Far-right AfD faces exit from

Hamburg parliament after election flop

DHS Whistleblower against 

Obama Administration 

Philip Haney Found Dead– 

Shot as well as Killed

The coronavirus may run rampant in

some countries least prepared to deal with it.

If that happens experts say the

virus could become endemic.

Italy considering 'further measures'

after coronavirus outbreak infects 51,

kills two

A dozen towns in northern Italy

are locked down after coronavirus deaths

Malaysian A-G faces calls for his

removal after dropping terror case

Russia delivers Pantsir air-defense

systems to Serbia

8 students die after flash flood in

Yogyakarta river

Sudan to probe violence against

Khartoum protesters

Merkel to meet with V4 leaders in Prague

Erdogan announces Syria summit

as Turkish soldier killed in Idlib

‘God willing, peace will come’:

Reduction in Afghan violence brings hope;

some fighting goes on

Top civil servant asked to oversee

govt until ministers chosen

Iranian Leaders React After Apparent

Popular Boycott of Parliamentary Election

Brazilian Police on Strike Amid

Carnival Celebrations

Macron vows to defend French farmers,

fishermen in uncertain year

More Than 10,000 Civilians Injured

Or Killed In Afghanistan Last Year, U.N. Says

Hamas leaders invited to

ceasefire talks in Cairo

With video billboard messages in heart of Strip,

Bloomberg turns the tables on Trump

Trump heads to India for a giant rally,

but little else

‘Distressed’ coronavirus Brits are

‘in a bad way’ in ‘prison’ hospital

as worried son begs Trump to rescue them

Don’t buy China’s story:

The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab

South Korea becomes newest  

front in shifting virus outbreak

Coronavirus: Italy orders mass

closures after COVID-19 cases quadruple

Italian towns in lockdown over

coronavirus fears

Bernie Sanders briefed by U.S. officials

that Russia is trying to help his

presidential campaign

Trump Name Drops Matt Drudge At Colorado Rally:

‘He’s Starting To Like Me Again’

Biden Claims He Was Arrested Back 

in the '70s Trying To Visit Nelson 

Mandela - But No One Remembers It

How Nevada's caucus results

will be reported

with some help from Google

US and Taliban agree to terms

for peace deal and troop withdrawal

Putin tells Erdogan he is concerned’

by ‘aggressive’ extremist actions in Idlib

The lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein's

accusers sent a school bus to

Buckingham Palace with a wanted

poster telling Prince Andrew to call the FBI

Mexican immigrant's apparent

suicide marks 7th death in ICE custody

in 5 months

Chinese jails have become hotbeds 

of coronavirus as more than 500 

cases have erupted, prompting the 

ouster of several officials

Bulgaria names three Russians 

charged in arms dealer's poisoning

Assange to seek asylum in France,

lawyers say

A Jordanian NGO takes on social 

ills in Amman neighborhoods

Second round of Diamond Princess 

passengers return to Hong Kong

Trump’s New Spy Chief Used to Work

for a Foreign Politician the US

Accused of Corruption

White House Warns Beijing: 

'We Still Expect You To Honor Your 

Trade Deal Commitments'

CDC Warns Coronavirus Coming 

To US, Will Be 

"Tremendous Public Health Threat"

"Keenly Aware"- FDA Braces For Drug

And Medical Supply Shortages From China

Outbreak, Economic Ills Dim Luster 

of Japan’s Olympic Year

WHO team to visit Wuhan to

investigate coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak is reaching

a global tipping point, and the window

to contain it is 'narrowing,' according to WHO

Did The Fed Just Reveal Its Plans

For A Digital Dollar Replacement?

Pentagon 'Accidentally' Tells

The Truth About Idlib

Russia and Nato hail US-Taliban

deal in Afghanistan

Turkey at war in Syria, says Erdo?an

Ukrainians throw bricks at buses carrying 

coronavirus evacuees from China

Trump Says He Won’t Pardon Stone

Now But Complains About Trial

Why the COVID-19 outbreak
may help China move a
little further forward

Coronavirus – Thousands in US are

in voluntary quarantine to avoid

passing on killer virus

Portuguese parliament votes for

euthanasia law

Ukrainians riot to block China virus

evacuees, including Israeli, from area

Apocalyptic locust swarm stops

traffic as sky turns black in

terrifying footage

Plague of locusts threatens East

African economies as UN sounds alarm

Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother

and said she would 'do what she had

to do to get him "papers" to keep him

in U.S.', reveals Somali community leader

Georgia, Backed by U.S. and Britain,

Blames Russia for ‘Paralyzing’ Cyberattack

Suspect arrested after stabbing

at a London mosque

New Zealand killer of British

backpacker handed life sentence

The tug of war between Turkey

and Russia in Syria continues

Turkey says it might get US

missiles to protect troops in Syria

Ireland's prime minister Leo Varadkar 

resigns after inconclusive election result

Boat carrying 91 migrants goes

missing in Mediterranean

Melbourne man bashed to death,

left to die outside primary school

Iran, Russia, Turkey working to

agree on date for Syria summit

Tensions Escalate Between

Turkey and Syria

Indonesia installs nuclear radiation

data monitoring system

Pardoning Julian Assange:


WikiLeaks and the DNC

Man suspected of killing wife, 

three children in Australia car fire

The City of London Can’t Be Bullied by Brussels

China rejects N. Korean request to 

restart trade across border

Mexico arrests suspects in the

killing of seven-year-old girl

US: Iran Attempting Further Arms Deliveries

to Houthis

South Sudanese refugee killed

in Sudan’s White Nile

Three test positive for coronavirus

in Iran - health ministry

Kazakhstan officially prohibits personal

protective equipment export amid

coronavirus spread

Russian and Regime Reinforcements

Arrive at Brigade 93 in Raqqa

2 more Russians aboard cruise ship

diagnosed with virus

Netanyahu: Israel has broad ties

with Arab and Islamic states

Gunman who killed NINE people in 

bloodbath at two shisha bars in Germany 

'is found dead at his home alongside 

another body and confessional note 

expressing extreme right-wing views'

Ten dead after 'far-right'

terror attack in Germany

2 passengers of coronavirus-infected

ship die in Japan

Pompeo: U.S. Won’t Stand By as

Iran Continues Attacks on

American Outposts in Iraq

After protest, Army launches new 

competition for robotic mule

DARPA Wants Millions To Design An

Unmanned 'Flying Gun' Under Its

New Gunslinger Program

10 Plagues That Are Hitting Our

Planet Simultaneously

Iran sentences alleged UK and US

spies up to 10 years in prison

Chris Murphy Admits He Secretly

Met With Iranian Foreign Minister

Tom Cotton on Coronavirus: Establishment

Media ‘Spouting’ Chinese

‘Communist Party Line’

US sanctions subsidiary of Rosneft, 

Russia’s largest oil company, 

for helping Maduro

Kurdistan Region PM meets with

high-level official in Vatican City

Turkey issues detention request for

businessman Kavala hours after acquittal

Libya's GNA suspending ceasefire talks

after Tripoli port attack

Netanyahu’s corruption trial to start

on 17 March, two weeks after Israel’s elections

Ashraf Ghani declared winner of Afghanistan

presidential election

Russia to ban entry of Chinese 

nationals over coronavirus concerns

Cambodia PM Hun Sen Shrugs Off

EU Preferential Trade Status Decision

Syrian father teaches daughter 

to laugh at bomb explosions to 

make her less afraid

Guatemala: National and International

Organizations Condemn Approval of NGO Law

Soros Says Facebook CEO, COO

Should Be Removed, Accuses Zuckerberg

of Conspiring with Trump

Congressman Calls on California to Fire

Pension Official Tied to Chinese Spy Program

Los Alamos Experts Warn Covid-19

"Almost Certainly Cannot Be Contained",

Project Up To 4.4 Million Dead

Hamas 'posed as women'

to hack Israeli


Venezuela suspends TAP Air Portugal

for flying Guaido home

China says mainland death toll from

coronavirus reaches almost 1,900

Assad: Aleppo Will Return

as Strong

as Ever

Killing of seven-year-old girl stokes

anger in Mexico over brutal slayings

of women

Libya celebrates its revolution 

but a second civil war is raging

IMF Cuts Nigeria GDP Forecast to 

2% as Coronavirus Hits Oil

Pakistan will not be blacklisted,

say scholars

Turkey's Syrian mercenaries in Libya:

'We did it for the money'

India's top court

orders equal

roles for 

women in army

Ukraine Sending Plane To Evacuate

Citizens From China As Virus Deaths

Exceed 1,800

US Breaks Cruise Ship Quarantine, Flies

13 Infected Americans To Omaha Facility

China Detains Activist Who Accused 

Xi of Coronavirus Cover-Up

U.S. Vows to Continue Backing Fight 

Against Islamic Terror in Africa

Doctors raise alarm over Britain’s 

treatment of ailing Julian Assange

Border Patrol released more than

375,000 illegal immigrants directly

into US last year

Apple warns on revenue guidance 

due to production delays, weak 

demand in China because of coronavirus

Russia's 'biohackers' push boundaries

On Presidents’ Day, Jeb Bush urges

return to civility in politics

Justice Department opens inquiry 

into FBI interview at heart of Flynn's guilty plea

China’s coronavirus toll surges

past 1500, over 66,000 people infected

China reports major drop in coronavirus COVID-19 cases

U.S. President Donald Trump

gestures as he

walks out of the Marine

One helicopter'We Can't

Control the Consequences'

Misguided Trump Put DC, Tehran

'Close to a War' - Zarif

Mali violence: At least 30 killed

in spate of violence

Mexican Activists Protest After Gruesome

Killing of Woman, Publication of 'Horrific'

Crime Scene Photos

Haiti officials say 15 children

died in residence fire

COVID-19: 700 Korean evacuees

to be released from two-week quarantine

(URGENT) 193 Wuhan evacuees

released from Asan facility after

2 weeks in quarantine

Fifteen children killed in Haiti orphanage fire

FM Zarif says General Soleimani

assassination a miscalculation by US

Venezuela’s Maduro says arrest of 

Juan Guaido ‘will come’

US won’t charge ex-FBI official 

McCabe, a Trump target

Justice Dept. won’t charge Andrew McCabe, 

the former FBI official who authorized the i 

nvestigation of President Trump

Border Patrol Will Deploy 

Elite Tactical Agents to 

Sanctuary Cities

Pakistan will threaten any Afghan

peace deal

End of the world: Coronavirus panic

and African locust plague spark

Bible apocalypse fears

Kenyan farmers traumatized as

swarms of locusts devour crops in seconds

McConnell, top Republicans support

Barr's remarks on Trump tweets.

Critics are suspicious.

After shooting down regime helicopter,

uneasy calm prevails in rural Aleppo

amid suspension of regime aerial operations

Over 5,000 new cases of coronavirus

confirmed in single day in China

YouTube Removes Video Of Rand Paul  

Naming Alleged Ukraine Whistleblower

On Senate Floor

Economic fallout from China's

coronavirus mounts across the globe

Barr says he won't be "bullied" 

by Trump's tweets

U.S. Senate rebukes Trump with 

vote to curb war powers on Iran

U.S. Navy Seizes Suspected 

Iranian Weapons Cache In Arabian Sea

Syria: Israel carried out air strike

in Damascus

Missile Fired at Base Hosting US

Troops in Kirkuk, Iraq

South African opposition MPs

disrupt president’s speech

Pipeline Protests Cripple Canadian 

Railways, Raising CEOs’ Ire

COVID-19 cases fall in China epicentre,

cruise ship passengers disembark in Cambodia

Taliban fighters train at Mullah

Mansoor ‘Military Camp’

Pentagon shifts $3.8 billion more

to Mexico border wall

John Bolton Comes Out Swinging in Defence

of Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly

US military prepping for coronavirus

COVID19, the flu-like virus that originated

in Wuhan, China, is now responsible for

killing more

than 1,100 people and sickening

at least 45,000. While the rate of

new cases has

fallen in the past several days in

Wuhan and Hubei province, the death toll

continues to climb, 

topping more than 100 in a single day

Monday in China.
The number of cases in the U.S. remains at 13.

DoD 3551-13 calls for preparing for

a pandemic and ensuring open lines

of communication in the community,

diseases surveillance and detection,

response and containment.

China confirms 15,152 new coronavirus cases,

254 additional deaths

Coronavirus: Japan reports first death

from outbreak

Nearly 1 in 3 American workers run 

out of money before payday 

even those earning over $100,000

242 deaths & 14,840 new Covid-19

infections confirmed in Hubei, China overnight

Hong Kong schools extend closures

to at least March 16

India Inflation Seen Peaking,

Opens Room for Rate Cuts

Chile: Almost 10,000 People Arrested

in Four Months of Protests

Coronavirus deaths hit highest daily toll

WHO extends international emergency

over Ebola outbreak in DR Congo

Harvard and Yale's China connections


Marie Yovanovitch: The State Department

is in trouble

Iran, Russia, and the Taliban

exploited informational void in

U.S. military plane crash

Erdogan threatens to hit Syrian army


Surging Jihadist Wave In Western Africa:

Conflict Spillover

Pakistani Taliban confirm killing

of top leader



Pelosi calls for investigation into

Roger Stone sentencing recommendation

2 Officers Shot While Serving Warrant

In Northeast Baltimore, Suspect Was

Former State Correctional Official

U.S. Budget Deficit Grew 25% in First

Four Months of Fiscal 2020 on Calendar Quirk

China Invokes Edward Snowden

in Defense Against Equifax Indictments

Coronavirus cases on Diamond Princess cruise ship jump to 174

Palestinian chief and ex-Israeli PM

show 2 sides can talk

39 more novel coronavirus cases

confirmed on Japanese cruise

Coronavirus Fears Creep Into Official

U.S. Commodity Forecasts

Ukrainian President Zelensky hopes for

elections in E. Ukraine this fall

Terrifying moments students flung

around school bus after collision

Afghan Leaders: US-Taliban Peace 

Talks Making 'Notable Progress'

200+ Evacuees Quarantined for

CoronaVirus from China to be

Released in US

Palestinians' Abbas, at U.N., says

U.S. offers Palestinians 'Swiss cheese' state

Guaido Returns to Chaotic Scene in

Venezuela After Meeting Trump

Speculation For Extradition of Sudan

Ex-President Omar al-Bashir to

International Criminal Court

More than 5,000 Killed, Wounded,

Kidnapped Trying to Rebuild Afghanistan

LISTEN: Secret Audio Tapes Reveal

Bloomberg’s Racism Towards Minorities

DOJ expected to scale back Roger

Stone's 'extreme' sentencing recommendation:


Trump stirs pardon speculation

with condemnation of DOJ’s Roger Stone



Privilege & First Amendment Rights 

DENIED to Matt Couch, The Fight 

for Truth Continues

40,000 coronavirus cases may be 'tip of

the iceberg' as death toll nears 1,000

Greta Thunberg Gets TV Series

From BBC Studios

New Secretive Iranian Nuclear Sites

Spark Concern in Congress

DHS Not Prepared to Secure 2020 Elections

U.S. Steps Up Warnings on Russia

Over Syria’s Idlib, Military De-Confliction

US conveys its condolences to Turkey

Pentagon now reports 109 troops

suffered brain injuries in Iranian

missile strike

Coronavirus death toll passes 1000,

over 42,000 people infected

Merkel Regrets CDU Leader’s

Decision Not to Run for Chancellor

Gunman dead, 2 officers hurt in

Walmart shooting

Women, children abducted,

killed in Nigeria's Borno state

US Coast Guard shows off nine tonnes of cocaine

seized from drug-running boats

Turkey Retaliates After Deadly

Syrian Shelling

Georgian opposition leader gets three

more years in jail

Jeffrey Epstein’s mystery bank came

alive after his death, receiving

millions of dollars from his estate

Virgin Islands Bank Got Millions

From His Estate After His Death

Coronavirus: Are African countries ready?

Elizabeth Warren Transferred

Oil-and-Gas Investments to Her

Children To Protect Her ‘Green’ Political Profile

Sinn Fein demands place in Irish

government after electoral ‘revolution’

China coronavirus deaths rise past 900,

overtaking SARS toll

Coronavirus: Hundreds of thousands of

overseas Chinese stuck in China as

more countries impose travel ban

Wuhan coronavirus crematoriums

'working 24/7' burning

‘100 bodies a day' insider claims

Iran shows missile, launches satellite

which fails to reach orbit

US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

‘insider attack’ identified

Gunman ambushes New York police

officers twice in 12 hours

The public votes to make homophobia

a criminal offense in Switzerland

African Union Leaders Seek to

End Conflicts in Africa

Pakistan PM Imran Khan's party suspends 

leader for posters insulting minority Hindus

Five Urgent Issues for Indonesia’s

President to Address

Harvard Professor Arrest Highlights 

Intellectual Property Espionage

Russia urges end to stalemate in Venezuela

Inside Wuhan: The volunteers

Egypt's President Says Consensus on Libya

Being Violated by 'Well-Known Regional Sides'

Israeli Tanks Fire at Hamas Military Posts in 

Response to Shelling - IDF



Ireland general election: Sinn Féin surges

to 22% in exit poll

Israel strikes Gaza after projectile

Turkish, Russian delegations

discuss Idlib, Syria

France's ice skating chief resigns over

coach sex abuse scandal

Donald Trump justifies 'revenge sacking'

of 'insubordinate' soldier Alexander Vindman

Greece aims to outflank Turkey in Med

Sudanese leader says he ‘felt comfortable’

with Netanyahu during meeting

Thailand shooting: Explosions rock 

shopping centre where soldier killed 20 people

Death toll from coronavirus 

outbreak in China soars to 717

Syrian regime advance sends

hundreds of thousands fleeing in Idlib

Inside the shady private equity

firm run by Kerry and Biden’s kids

Top EU Diplomat Talks To US On Iran Trip,

Mideast Plan

Mississippi State Coach Deletes Posts Critical

of Romney Impeachment Vote

India's soldiers 'not ready for

women in combat'

Lockheed Martin drops out of 

Singapore Airshow over coronavirus 


US lawmakers push Justice Department

to investigate China Daily, label the

newspaper a foreign agent

EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland FIRED,

Trump Cleaning House

LTC Vindman FIRED, ‘Escorted From 

White House’, Brother Tossed Out As Well!

Russia rejects threats of U.S. 

sanctions for aid to Venezuela

Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market

Not The Source Of ‘Wuhan Pneumonia’

US confirms killing of al-Qaeda 

Arabian Peninsula leader

US security contractor kidnapped

in Afghanistan

Brazil: judge dismisses cybercrimes

accusations against Glenn Greenwald

Syria's Idlib offensive forces civilians to flee,

pits Turkey against Russia

Venezuela Imprisons 6 US Oil Executives

Coronavirus-infected residents 

rounded up in Wuhan, China death 

toll rises to 632

U.S. warns Venezuela of consequences

if Juan Guaido is harmed after Washington visit

Escobar's hitman Jhon "Popeye" 

Velásquez dies in Colombia

Call to Dissolve State Assembly

as Merkel Steps Into Row Over

German Far-Right

Kushner blames Palestinian leader

Abbas for recent violence in Israel

Koala 'massacre' farmer tells of

death threats

Two killed as train derails in Italy,

dozens injured

Philippine foreign secretary defends

US security act after Duterte threat

Pakistan welcomes Taliban’s willingness

to reduce violence

China scrambles to find beds for

virus patients as deaths hit 563

Syrian air defencss intercept 

Israeli missiles

A Passenger Plane Split into Three

Pieces at an Airport in Istanbul,

There are Killed and Many Injured

Turkish forces install new military 

post in Taftanaz military airbase

Record-breaking US astronaut

returns to Earth

‘Incredible icon’ Kirk Douglas

dies at 103

Jerusalem attack is ‘response’ 

to Trump peace plan: Hamas

Poland, France, Germany and Italy

call for new competition rules in EU

Nancy Pelosi ‘pre-ripped’ pages of Trump’s

SOTU speech

Trump acquitted of both charges

in Senate impeachment trial

Trump at State Of The Union:

"The Best Is Yet To Come"

How Mitt Romney Decided Trump Is Guilty

Iran Supreme Leader: Middle

East Peace Deal Dead on Arrival

Plane accident in Istanbul: 1 dead,

157 injured

Trump meets with Venezuelan

opposition leader Guaido

At least 138 deported to El Salvador

were later killed, human rights group says

Clashes in Iraq's Najaf Kill 6 after

Sadr Followers Storm Protest Camp

Russian-led forces enter Saraqeb town:

eyewitnesses, war monitor

Coronavirus: Dozen US cases confirmed

with latest patient quarantined in Wisconsin home

Gov’t unveils new electronic tags for

people under Wuhan coronavirus

home quarantine

Wuhan coronavirus crematoriums 

'working 24/7' burning ‘100 bodies a day' 

insider claims

China: Police Lock Potential 

Coronavirus Victim in Her Own Home

Chinese Official in Xinjiang Declares

Coronavirus Data Is a ‘State Secret’

At least 10 on Japan cruise ship test

positive for coronavirus

Iran Issues Death Sentence for

Alleged CIA Spy

Warming Israeli-Sudanese Relations

Worry Asylum Seekers Waiting for

Refugee Status

‘None of this is normal’: AOC to boycott

State of the Union over Trump’s

‘lawless conduct’

Lesotho PM's wife Maesaiah Thabane

faces murder charge

The Trans Mountain pipeline and the 

end of the ‘veto’ fallacy

Nigerians Decry New US Travel Restrictions

Trump set to confront his impeachment foes

‘Locust Invasion, January Rain Not Normal.

Repent.’ – Pastor Ng’ang’a Urges

US ‘fully’ backs Turkey’s response 

to Syrian fire

U.S. Confirms Its Eighth Case of  

Coronavirus; Pentagon to Provide

Quarantine Housing

Trump Admin Again Grants Iran

Pass to Conduct Nuclear Work,

Angering GOP Hawks

Kenya's former President Daniel arap

Moi has died, aged 95

UN: ISIS mounting increasingly

bold attacks in Iraq and Syria

White Helmets, Takfiri militants preparing 

false-flag chemical attacks in Syria’s Idlib,

Russia warns,-HTS-militants-preparing-false-flag-chemical-attacks-in-Syrias-Idlib,-Russia-warns

Israel, Sudan to Work Toward Normalizing

Ties After Leaders Meet

Coronavirus: China admits 'deficiencies'

in response to virus

Creator Of US BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus

Is Biological Warfare Weapon

Passengers sprayed with hoses on runway 

after flying from coronavirus epicentre

Boris Johnson Must Decide Between

Washington And Beijing

The Virginia 2A Protest Is The Model

For Counter Color Revolution

Nigerian cancer patients fret over

medical costs

Wuhan virus: Death toll in China 

rises to 361, total number of 

cases exceeds 17,000

Thailand marks progress in 

treatment of coronavirus

Fukushima radioactive water should 

be released into ocean, say Japan experts

Inside the destroyed Fukushima

nuclear plant: radiation, risk and reporting

Iraqi Protesters Reject PM-Designate 

Picked by Ruling Elites

Pakistan offers vast tourism 

opportunities: Amb. Khan

Indonesia: the
not so good news

Just-Freed Terrorist Killed by Cops

After London Stabbing Spree

Iowa caucuses: Race to decide

election candidates begins

Locusts by the billions: Africa is under attack

Secretary Pompeo arrives in Uzbekistan

IDF attacks underground Hamas war room

Iraq blocs settle on prime minister

candidate after weeks of jockeying

Firefighters use retardant to keep

blazes from Canberra

Boy, 15, and man shot dead at funeral in Florida

FBI investigates border wall gun battle that

left two wounded in California

UMass Boston student first confirmed

case of coronavirus in Massachusetts

Woman who breached Mar-a-Lago

security refuses to face judge

A Cancer Patient Stole Groceries Worth

$109.63. She Was Sentenced to 10 Months.

Nolte: CNN Trolls Trump’s Coronavirus

Task Force as Too White

Coronavirus death toll rises as

infections soar to almost 15,000

Palestinians 'cut all ties' with Israel, US

Wuhan is a ghost town. Dead man

lying on street, shop shelves empty

and roads deserted

Senators Reject Witnesses in 

Trump Impeachment Trial

DNC members discuss rules change

to stop Sanders at convention

Multiple Arrests Reported At Anti-Police,

Anti-MTA Fare Protest Amid Acts

Of Subway Vandalism

George Soros: Mark Zuckerberg 

Should Not Be in Control of Facebook

Trump’s former chief of staff says 

Senate impeachment trial without 

witnesses is ‘a job only half done’

Senate Votes Down Extra Impeachment Witnesses,

Paves Way for Trump Acquittal

Coronavirus Contains "HIV Insertions",

Stoking Fears Over Artificially

Created Bioweapon

Inside Wuhan: Dead man lies on empty

streets at coronavirus ground zero

U.S. declares public health emergency 

over coronavirus. What's next?


Sri Lankan airlines flight leaves 

Wuhan with 33 Sri Lankan students 

and family

Cartel de Sinaloa Were Helped by 

Prison Staff to Escape

Now It's 64: Wounded US Troop

Count From Iran Attack Still Growing

Venezuela's Supreme Court Rejects 

Attempted Takeover of Telesur

Inmates Facing US Extradition 

Escape Mexican Jail in Prison Van

Airstrikes reported in Gaza after

rocket attack, as region heats up

DR Congo: Rebels kill at least 21

civilians in Beni

Bolton busted taking over $100,000 

from Ukrainian oligarch who put 10 

million into the Clinton Foundation

IAF attacks Hamas targets in southern Gaza

Australia Declares Emergency in Canberra 

as Forecast Warns of Acute Bushfire Threat

China virus death toll rises to at least 

212 as WHO declares global emergency

Fourth-quarter GDP rose only 2.1%

and full-year 2019 posts slowest

growth in three years at 2.3%

100,000 Chinese "Under Observation" 

As Coronavirus Deaths Soar; State Dept 

Finally Issues "Do Not Travel To China" Advisory

Elites Have Destroyed A Possible US-Russia

Alliance To Contain China

Baghdad blocks US missile defenses after Iran strike,

Pentagon chief says

Italy Confirms Two Virus Cases, Stops

Air Traffic With China

China virus evacuations begin

as death toll rises

Wuhan Building Two Hospitals in Just Days

Coronavirus Attention

"Way Overblown",

Dr. Ron Paul Warns Real Danger Is Fed

"Doesn't Have Control"

Coronavirus Could Hinder Beijing's 

Ability To Fulfill Phase One Trade Deal

Reporters Claim To Have Proof China

Lying About Virus Death Toll As Total

Cases Near 8,000; Another 12,000 Suspected

Germany Has Proof That Huawei

Worked With Chinese Intelligence

Trump could be acquitted in

impeachment trial as early as

Friday-U.S. Senator

The Steele Trump-Russia Dossier Was

"Completely Fabricated",

Leading British Spy Expert

Trump Impeachment Trial: Senators

Ask Questions
Chief Justice Roberts Blocks

alleged whistleblower’s name…

How Viral Pandemic Benefits 

The Globalist Agenda

Naama Issachar: Putin pardons   

US-Israeli woman jailed in Russia

'Grave concern' - WHO to reconsider 

declaring global health emergency as 

coronavirus death toll rises to 133 people

Fed leaves key rate unchanged 

at low level amid global risks

British Officials: Vessel On Fire In Persian Gulf

Off Sharjah In UAE

Taliban kills at least 29 Afghan

security personnel in renewed clashes

Hackers infiltrated U.N. offices in Europe

Syria denounces so-called Deal of Century

Libyan comedian suing US border    

patrol after being pulled off bus and 

'racially profiled'

Turkey and Iran Lead Regional Condemnation 

of Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan

Palestinians in Gaza fire mortar at

southern Israel

A Better China Strategy for 

International Civil Society

John Kelly: ‘I believe John Bolton’
Trump’s former chief of staff talks up

Bolton as an “honest guy” after the

former national security adviser upends

the impeachment trial.

GOP lacks votes to block trial witnesses,

McConnell concedes

Mitt Romney wants Republican witnesses

in exchange for witnesses called by Democrats

UAE medical suppliers running out

of face masks amid coronavirus outbreak

US troops injuries in Iran missile

attack rises to 50

Assad troops capture Maaret

al-Numan town

Hungarian government raises alarm

about Soros's billion-dollar global

university network

Soros-backed Roma segregation fine

could ruin Hungarian town

Russian missile systems hit terrorist

targets in Syria; More US soldiers

injured after Iranian attack

Coronavirus: Australian scientists   

first to recreate virus outside China

McConnell Says GOP Doesn’t Have Votes

to Block Impeachment Witnesses

Feinstein says she’s a maybe on acquitting

Trump as his defense team ends

impeachment arguments

Robots deliver food to people trapped

in quarantined hotel as coronavirus spreads

How unpopular is Donald Trump?

Kushner: Palestinians have a perfect

track record of blowing every opportunity

Trump releases map of proposed

Israel Palestine state borders

All nine bodies recovered from

Kobe Bryant helicopter crash

US charges three researchers

with lying about links to China

Yemen president dismisses army

commander after battlefield setbacks

Lindsey Graham Wants Senators to

Read John Bolton’s Book….

in a ‘Classified Setting’

Trump Admin Reconsidering U.S. Aid

to Hezbollah-Controlled Lebanon

Mr. Barr responded by pointing to a pair of Justice

Department investigations of companies in those countries

and said he was worried that Mr. Trump had created

the appearance that he had undue influence over what

would typically be independent inquiries, according to the manuscript.

Backing up his point,

Mr. Barr mentioned conversations Mr. Trump had with the leaders,

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

of Turkey and President Xi Jinping of China.

Iran Lawmakers Call for Debate

on Quitting Nuclear Arms Treaty

Congress Threatens Massive Scale

Back in U.S.-U.K. Intel Sharing Over

Huawei Threat

Trump unveils his Middle East plan

amid Palestinian rejections

Turkey says will retaliate ‘without hesitation’

for any attack on Syria observation posts

US Navy's SEAL Team 6 reportedly

recovered 2 bodies and flight recorder

from Afghanistan crash

French firefighters clash with riot

police on streets of Paris in row over pay

Rockets Strike US Embassy in Baghdad

as Protests Continue

Philippines Temporarily Suspends

Arrival Tourist Visas For Chinese Citizens

Palestine calls for boycotting US

‘Deal of Century’

3 Indian-Americans among 8 people

sentenced in call center fraud scheme in US

Republicans ready to turn on Trump

after Bolton book is leaked

Wuhan virus: Death toll jumps to 106,

nearly 1,300 new cases as Chinese

citizens urged to reconsider overseas travel

Coronvirus Won't Sink China's

EconomyNot Yet

EU Tells UK It Will 'Never, Never, Never'

Compromise on Single Market

Taliban claims it shot down US Air Force      

plane in Afghanistan carrying CIA officers

US confirms plane crash in Afghanistan;

‘no indication’ it was downed

Cambodia Latest Regional Neighbor to

Confirm Case of Coronavirus Traced

to China’s Wuhan City

Dow posts worst day since October

and turns negative for the year as

coronavirus fears grow

U.S. State Department warns against

visiting China, citing coronavirus

John Bolton just shattered Trump's defense

in the impeachment trial and squeezed

Senate Republicans into a corner

Prince Andrew refuses to cooperate

with feds in Jeffrey Epstein probe

5 Coronavirus Cases

Confirmed in US

Kobe Bryant, daughter Gianna among   

9 dead in helicopter crash in Calabasas

Two killed as Iraqi security forces

clash with protesters

Deadly clashes erupt in Libya rendering

ceasefire 'useless'

Child found alive as Turkey earthquake

rescue winds down

Three rockets strike US embassy in

protest-hit Iraqi capital Baghdad

Palestinians Reject ‘Deal of the Century’

Syrian Kurds ready for dialogue with Turkey, says SDF chief

China suspends wildlife animal trade

over coronavirus outbreak

U.S. health officials identify 2 new

cases of coronavirus in Los Angeles, Arizona

In First, Dutch PM Apologizes Holland

Did 'Too Little' to Help Jews During Holocaust

Italy's center-left seen beating League

in key regional vote

Hillary’ lands in Sundance

and the 2020 election

like a hand grenade

Iran-Backed Militias Continue 

Attacks on U.S. Outposts in Iraq

Iran Has Spies Across U.S., Officials   

Warn After Tehran Posts $3M Bounty

on Trump

Kurdish authorities move 21 orphans

out of Syria al-Hol camp

Canada hospital says it has confirmed

case of coronavirus

Israeli Military Strikes Gaza After

Explosives Tied to Balloons Flown Into Israel

President Xi Warns Coronavirus Outbreak Is

"Accelerating" As Canada Confirms

First Case

This Is How China Is Hiding The True

Number Of Coronavirus Deaths

New Research Casts Doubt Coronavirus

Epidemic Started At Wuhan Food Market

UK Researcher Predicts Over 250,000 Chinese

Will Have Coronavirus In Ten Days

56 Million Chinese On Lockdown As  

Virus Spreads To Australia, Malaysia

U.S. Working to Evacuate American

Citizens From Epidemic-Stricken Chinese City

Situation in China grave as country

scrambles to contain coronavirus: Xi Jinping

Trump impeachment: President’s

lawyer claims Democrats are asking

Senators to 'tear up the ballots'

Several killed as Iraqi forces raid

Baghdad protest camp

Lebanese Security Fire Water Cannons

at Protesters Breaching Barricade

India Restores Some Internet In Kashmir 

After Nearly Six Months

Saudi Arabia in bid to buy Newcastle

football club

Trump debuts official Space Force logo

and it's literally a ripoff Of Star Trek

Five crew rescued after Navy helicopter 

goes down in Philippine Sea

Coronavirus outbreak: Emergency declared

in Hong Kong, official visits to

mainland China halted

Several Injured as Security Forces

Advance on Baghdad Square

India to end five-month internet blackout

in restive Kashmir

Iran slams US for ‘inhumane treatment’

with Iranian nationals at borders

Doctor in Hubei Becomes First Medical

Casualty to Deadly Coronavirus

International Court of Justice orders

Myanmar to prevent genocide against Rohingya

China’s Unproven Antiviral Solution:

Quarantine of 40 Million

Coronavirus Confirmed In Chicago;

Woman In Her 60s Being Treated For Symptoms

CDC confirms second US case of

coronavirus and is monitoring dozens

of other potential cases

Coronavirus outbreak: First confirmed

cases in Europe as France declares

three infections

Death toll rises to 22 after earthquake

hits eastern Turkey

Africa in the news: UK-Africa Investment

Summit, Turkey’s increased engagement,

and Angola fraud scandal

Jordan slams Israel over aggression

at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Trump to Reveal Israeli-Palestinian

Peace Plan ahead of Upcoming

Visit by Netanyahu, Gantz

Militant sentenced to 19 years for

role in Benghazi attacks

Chinese Coronavirus Outbreak Traced

Back To Snakes, Study Finds

Student at Texas A&M University being

treated for suspected case of novel coronavirus

LAX passenger quarantined after

showing potential coronavirus symptoms

Three Americans Killed in 

Australia Firefighting Plane Crash

Iran to respond to any threat with

high quality defensive weapons: defense min.

Food market at centre of deadly coronavirus

outbreak admits selling live koalas, snakes,   

rats and wolves

Top UN court to rule on Myanmar 

genocide case

40 Syrian forces killed, scores

wounded in militant attack in Idlib

Pakistan Tests Surface to Surface

Ballistic Missiles, Capable of

Delivering Nuclear Warheads

To direct venom at Greta Thunberg is to miss

the point of her message

India’s Delhi Chief Kick Starts Poll 

Bugle with Supporters Dancing to 

Campaign Song - Video

Russian forces committed a massacre

in Saraqeb city in Idlib, on January 23

Coronavirus death toll DOUBLES to

17 as more than 470 cases of

‘mutating’ bug confirmed

Survey: Nearly 4 in 10 Americans 

would borrow money to cover a $1K emergency

Veterans Differ With Trump Over 

Injuries From Iran Missile Attack

Pentagon racks up $35 trillion 

in accounting changes in a year

Bloomberg rises to 4th place 

in new national poll

Syria: Cluster Munition Attack on School

The US plans to force passengers to

change routes, and potentially redirect

entire flights, to make sure they get

screened for the Wuhan virus

First US case of Wuhan coronavirus

confirmed by CDC

Macau confirms first Wuhan virus case,

tightens screening in casinos

Venezuela intelligence agents raid

Guaido offices: Opposition

Colombia/Venezuela: Armed Groups 

Control Lives at Border

What's Libya's impact on EU

foreign policy?

5 suspects arrested over killing of

former Batangas congressman

Lebanon forms government with 

backing of Hezbollah and allies

More U.S. Troops Evaluated for 

Possible Injuries After Iranian 

Missile Attack on Base

Senate Democrats privately mull

witness trade in impeachment trial:

A Biden for Bolton

Republicans reject subpoenas as

impeachment debate goes on

Human-to-human transmission

confirmed in China coronavirus

Two rockets land near US embassy in Baghdad,

no casualties reported

S Korea to dispatch troops to Hormuz Strait 


Migrant caravan: Clashes on 

Mexico-Guatemala border as over 

1,000 immigrants march to US

Democrats: McConnell impeachment trial

rules a 'cover up,' 'national disgrace'

White House Calls Impeachment Charges

‘Frivolous’ and ‘Dangerous’ in Legal Brief

Clearview app lets strangers find your name,

info with snap of a photo, report says

Caravan of 3,000 Tests Mexico’s Pact

With Trump to Stop Migrants

Extremists have used 4chan to mobilize 

and threaten violence over gun safety legislation in Virginia

China coronavirus: Number of cases 

jumps as virus spreads to new cities

Cruz: Hearing from witnesses could

extend Senate trial to up to 8 weeks

Two police officers killed in Hawaii shooting,

multiple homes up in flames

Berlin: Libya peace summit agrees 

on commitment to UN arms embargo

Virginia leaders issue warning

and brace for far-right pro-gun rally

Bolivia: Morales names MAS party

candidates for May election

Hundreds wounded in weekend

of Lebanon clashes

No escape: Senators to be quiet,

unplugged for Trump trial

As gun rights rally looms in Virginia,

Richmond residents fear another Charlottesville
HERE WE GO.......................................................

The 2020 Democratic field is outraising

Trump by a huge margin 

that didn’t happen to Obama or Bush

ICE issues list of ‘fugitive’ illegal immigrants

freed by New York City’s sanctuary city policies

Iran to examine downed plane's

black boxes, no plan yet to send 

them abroad






F-18 Fighters To Drop Live Bombs

On Florida Swamp This Weekend

Virginia Gun Sales Soar As Dems Consider

Draconian "Assault Weapons" Ban

New Mexico: Anti-Gun Lawmakers  

Gearing up for Session by Pre-Filing

Gun Control Bills

False Flag? Fmr CIA Officer Suggests      

US Hacked Ukrainian Plane Transponder 

To Provoke Iran Shootdown

944 Trillion Reasons Why The Fed  

Is Quietly Bailing Out Hedge Funds

A Surge of Migrants Rushes a

Mexican Border Crossing

Trump sends Senate angry response

to impeachment summons

What Do World Powers Really Want in Libya?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

abdicate royal titles, public funds

Virginia braces for enormous

gun-rights rally Monday

Mystery deadly virus that causes lung 

lesions has ‘infected hundreds’ 

and sweeping China and Japan, 

scientists warn

3 more linked to neo-Nazi group

arrested in Georgia

Men Discussed Opening Fire at

Pro-Gun Rally in Richmond, Officials Say

Virginia State Police have been photographed

arriving in the capital city of Richmond,

bringing with them a ROOK armored

SWAT carrier

Antifa Group Plans To March Alongside

Pro-Gun Protesters In Virginia-HUH????

History shows Chief Justice John Roberts

could cast tie-breaking votes at

Trump's impeachment trial

The Secretive Company That Might

End Privacy as We Know It

Pentagon denies trying to underplay

injuries from Iran attack

Cash, Plastic or Hand? Amazon Envisions

Paying With a Wave

Over 1,000 Central American migrants

try to enter Mexico

GPS reception may be unavailable  

or unreliable over a large portion of 

the southeastern states 

and the Caribbean during offshore 

military exercises scheduled 

between January 16 and 24.




Virginia: Crisis “Actors” Sought Ahead

Of Northam’s Lobby Day Trap

Red Flag Law declared DOA in 

Mississippi Senate

Northam ‘grateful’ after Virginia  

Supreme Court upholds weapons ban 

for upcoming gun rally

Mississippi Legislature 2020 

Regular Session

Former U.S. congressman Collins

gets 26 months for insider trading

China's population passes 1.4 billion      

for the first time, amid fears for slowing


Ukraine rocked by leaked audio scandal

'Satanic' sect kills pregnant woman 

and six children in violent 'exorcism'

President Trump Just Said This.. 


Trump warns of 'attack' on 2nd Amendment

ahead of Virginia gun rights rally

Pence Says Impeachment Backfiring

on Democrats: ‘The Real Verdict Will

Be in the Fall of 2020’

Supreme Court to Look at

Electoral College Rules

Parnas and Ukraine aid bombshells 

jolt impeachment trial

One dead, 1 seriously injured after

Lake Tahoe avalanche

5 People, Including 3 Children, Shot 

on Chicago’s West Side

Trump warns Iran’s Khamenei to

‘be very careful with his words’

Somali military kills more than

40 al-Shabaab militants

McDermott Is Said to Prepare for  

Bankruptcy as Soon as Next Week

The Virginia Gun Rights Conflict:

Best And Worst Case Scenarios

Red Flag Nation: Anti-Gun Laws, Sanctuary Cities, 

& The Second Amendment

US Debt Got Us Hooked On Petrodollars... 

And On Saudi Arabia

The Robots Are Coming, And They're Going

To Take Over Millions Of Jobs

'Mendacity, Hubris & Lies' Defined US

Nation-Building In Afghanistan,

Watchdog Tells Congress

US military training for Saudi students 

could resume soon

Justice Dept. Investigating Years-Old

Leaks and Appears Focused on Comey

Democrats release more Parnas evidence,

including voicemails with Trump associates

F.B.I. Arrests Suspected Members of Neo-Nazi

Group Before Virginia Gun Rally
The three men had obtained guns and discu