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TNFM RADIO with Pastor Sam

7 April 2020







Afghanistan: Journalist killed

in Kabul roadside bombing

Venezuela Announces New Fuel Prices,

Distribution Program

Belgian Prince Joachim tests

positive for COVID-19

Backlash against Trump exiting

WHO as world virus cases top 6 mn

South Korea says it will discuss

Trump's invitation to G7 summit with the U.S.

Iranian-backed organizations establish 

a foothold in the Gaza Strip

13 police officers injured, guns

spotted as George Floyd riots continue in US

Trump to invite Russia

and other non-member G7

countries to summit

Fox news reporter attacked at

White House protest

Massive Looting In Center City Drowning

Out Message From Peaceful

George Floyd Protesters

Tear gas and burning cars in US

cities as unrest continues

Rioter: ‘We’re Gonna Start 

Coming to the Suburbs’

White House on LOCKDOWN as 

George Floyd protests break out in 

capital and across US for fourth night of rage

Avigan still awaits Japanese  

approval as coronavirus cure

What does Libya’s ‘Syrianization’

scenario mean for key actors?

Turkish coast guard rescues

60 asylum seekers

WHO, 37 countries launch alliance 

to share crucial tools to battle COVID-19

Russia: Journalists Held Over

Peaceful Pickets

Trump rages at 'haters' after uproar

at his threat to shoot looters in Minnesota

Gripped by disease, unemployment

and outrage at the police,   

America plunges into crisis

Fiery Atlanta rally among US

protests of George Floyd death

Merkel rebuffs Trump invitation

to G-7 summit

Hong Kong warns Trump against

the removal of its special status

SpaceX's latest Starship rocket 

prototype just exploded during  

an engine test

U.S., Britain raise Hong Kong at 

U.N. Security Council, angering China

Barack Obama Says Racism Cannot 

be 'Normal' in US after African-American 

Man Killed by Police

George Floyd and Officer Derek

Chauvin Worked Security at the

Same Minneapolis Club Up to End of Last Year

Mother of Louisville police shooting

victim calls for peace

Bannon: We Will Be in a Kinetic War

with China If We Don’t Win
the Information and Economic War

EU says China sanctions no 

resolution to Hong Kong crisis

Russian Activists Detained For

Protesting Against Jailing Of Journalist

Body of renowned Palestinian dancer

Ayman Safiah found on a beach near Haifa

Oil explorers revert to pre-shale drilling

level across U.S.

China Tightens the Reins on Hong Kong, 

and Trump Ups the Pressure on Iran

Derek Chauvin Charged with Murder 

of George Floyd


Twitter posts warning on official White House tweet

Van Jones: White, Liberal Hillary

Voters More Dangerous Than the KKK

Gang Of Monkeys Attacks Lab Assistant,

Escapes With Coronavirus Test Samples

National Guard says it was given no clear

Trump adds fuel to protest fires 

with denounced tweet

US should stand with Minnesota

violent protesters as it did with HK rioters

CLEAR! FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spot the Difference: Pompeo’s

Concerning Dinner Parties vs.

Obama’s ‘Intellectual Escapes’

'All-out combat' feared as India, 

China engage in border standoff

Could the China-India border dispute

trigger a military conflict?

US and allies condemn China over 

Hong Kong national security law

Smooth sailing for Iranian tankers 

with China’s backing

The Return of Great Power Rivalry: 

the US, Russia, China, Iran … and Venezuela?

Fire devastates key China

Venezuela oil project

The Bully of Beijing

China’s new H-20 bomber raises US fears

Pelosi: Hong Kong Security Bill

Is a ‘Brazen Move’ for China

US Indicts North Korean, Chinese Nationals  

in $2.5 Billion Scheme Tied to Nuke Program

China's Parliament approves plan

for HK security law

NPC endorses plan for

national security law,

bypassing Legislative Council in Hong Kong

China donates medical supplies to Cuba

Canada's Huawei extradition ruling 

could unleash more Chinese backlash

Minneapolis wakes up to smoke 

and destruction after police death riot

Trump retweets video declaring

'the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat'
MSM SPIN HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Violent protests rock Minneapolis

for 2nd straight night

Looter is shot dead by pawn shop owner

U.S. economy shrank at 5% annual rate 

in the first quarter

Another 2.1 million file jobless claims,

but total unemployed shrinks

EU pledges coronavirus recovery plan

will not harm climate goals

US, UK, Australia, Canada oppose

Beijing's moves on Hong Kong

US to cancel Chinese grad student visas

Fauci warns as US virus death toll hits 100,000

Dominic Raab 'deeply troubled'

by China's actions

France moves to next phase of 

relaxing coronavirus lockdown

China Drafts Sovereign Immunity Bill

to Fight Global Coronavirus Lawsuits

Leader of La Línea arrested on MURDER WARRANT after (US?) signals intercept.

This "sicario" arm of the Juarez Cartel

are the #1 suspects for the


"The Strawberry" is also charged with fuel theft and drug crimes.

Trump Admin Says Hong Kong 

No Longer Autonomous From China

YouTube Censors Criticism of China

Trump Will Sign Executive Order 

On Social Media After Lashing Out At Twitter

US to end sanction waivers that 

allowed some countries to work at 

Iran nuclear sites

US House passes Bill to sanction

Chinese officials for Uyghur treatment

‘A Suez Moment’: Inability to Halt

Iran-Venezuela Oil Aid Exposes

Deepening US Decline - Academic

WHO launches foundation to expand

its funding base

SpaceX launch postponed by weather,

rescheduled for Saturday

‘It’s Real Ugly’: Protesters Clash

With Minneapolis Police After

George Floyd’s Death

'I'm looking for the truth': States

face criticism for COVID-19 data cover-ups

Delete Trump tweets suggesting

wife was murdered

Twitter Must Cleanse the Trump Stain

Putin Sets Date for Delayed 

World War II Victory Parade

Brazil stocks experience worst

year since 2008 as pandemic strikes

Russia backs immediate Libyan ceasefire & talks,

Lavrov tells Haftar ally in phone call

Syria’s Assad confronts economic crisis,

Russian tensions and family feud

Lockdowns Loosen Further as NYSE

Trading Floor Reopens

China Builds Massive Spying Capacity in Africa

Chinese Embassy In France Tweets and

Deletes Anti-Semitic Imagery

Donald Trump Warns of ‘Rigged Election’

with ‘Fraudulent’ Mail-in Ballots

Erdo?an threatens Israel over West Bank

annexation plan

Israel turns down Hong Kong

investment bid amid US-China trade war

Israeli court rules Malka Leifer is

mentally fit to be extradited to Australia

Elon Musk’s SpaceX raises $346

million ahead of debut astronaut mission

WHO warns coronavirus is yet to peak,

amid race to develop vaccine

Dominic Cummings Edited Old Blog

He Claimed Predicted Coronavirus Crisis

Cuban President: Arrival of Iranian

oil tanker in Venezuela breaks US 

"criminal" blockade

India overtakes Iran to become one

of the 10 worst-hit Covid-19 nations,

but reopens air travel

Russian prosecutors seek 18 years 

for ex-US marine in spy trial

‘What planet are they on?’ No respite

for UK’s Johnson and aide

The Russian Wagner mercenaries left

western Libya, Anadolu said

Spain wants to welcome foreign tourists back from July

Greece in bid to save its tourism season

Africa Day: Covid-19 has multiplied SA's

hardships, but continent will rise - Thandi Modise

Top Egypt medical union warns

of health system 'collapse'

'Saudi is led by kids': Adviser

to crown prince destroys TV

during charity event

Spike in D.C. numbers and crowds at Maryland

and Virginia beaches renew coronavirus concerns

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski

wants Trump blocked by

Twitter: ‘A call is being set up’

'It will destroy us'

Not Everyone Is Playing By The

Rules At LA County Beaches As

Restrictions Ease

China says virus pushing US ties to 

brink of 'Cold War'

The theory pushed by Trump that the

coronavirus began at a laboratory in

Wuhan is 'pure fabrication,' according

to the lab's director

Bolsonaro attends rally as Brazil

political scandal heats up

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at 

largest protest since shutdown

Alligator rumoured to have been Hitler’s dies in Moscow

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

attacks justice system as corruption

trial begins

The significance of MiG-29s

entering the Libyan conflict

Libya’s war | First fighter of Russian-backed

Syrian mercenaries killed in Libya’s battles,

and number of recruits jumps to 450

With 84 Fatalities, New York Reports Lowest Number of Daily Covid-19 Deaths in Weeks

Turkish Army Dispatches Reinforcement

to Eastern Euphrates

U.S., Iran Approach Showdown Over Oil

Tankers Headed for Venezuela

Koch-Soros Think Tank Features

Defender of Chinese Censorship

Turkey imposes nationwide lockdown

during Eid al-Fitr to contain pandemic

Kim Jong Un Reappears After

Another 3-Week Absence

Libya: Khalifa Haftar to press on

with Tripoli campaign

Taliban declares three-day Eid

ceasefire in Afghanistan

Trump administration discussed

conducting first U.S. nuclear test in decades

Massive fire erupts at San Francisco's

iconic Fisherman's Wharf

The Drones Were Ready for This Moment

Why Hong Kong isn’t dead yet

40 bodies recovered, dozens more

feared dead in Pakistan plane crash

Egypt: 70 churches legalised as church

and mosque demolished

We Should Take Women’s Accusations

Seriously. But Tara Reade’s Fall Short.

Iran lauds arms supply to Palestinians

against ‘tumor’ Israel

Priti Patel Announces 14 Day Quarantine

for People Entering UK

Mysterious MiG-29 Fighter Appears At

Libyan Air Base Held By Russian-Backed Forces

From lockdown to takeoff:

The case for a federal eurobond

COVID-19 deaths: Russia anticipates

a sharp rise in May

Hydroxychloroquine tied to increased risk of death:


AstraZeneca-Oxford trial COVID

vaccine moves to crucial phase

with $1 billion in U.S. backing

Mysterious flying object lighting

up sky in central Victoria believed

to be space junk

James Carville Goes on Unfiltered Rant

Predicting Trump ‘Will Get His Fat Ass Beat’ in 2020 Election

China Dares Trump to Hit Back

With Hong Kong Power Grab

The Healing Power of Proper Breathing

China signals plan to take full

control of Hong Kong

Shooter in custody, one injured after 

lockdown at US naval air station

'Grave consequences': Turkey

warns Libya's Haftar against attacks

US and Sudan reach 'common understanding'

over 1998 embassy bombings

Yemen in Focus: War has hindered

Yemen's chances to beat coronavirus

Russian Influence Grows in the 

Middle East and North Africa

Dozens killed as 'end of the world'

cyclone hits India and Bangladesh

Al-Watiya defeat derailed UAE’s

Libya plans

Lebanon is at risk of a major food crisis,

PM Hassan Diab warns

WHO reports most coronavirus

cases in one day as total nears 5 million

Jobless claims total 2.4 million, still

elevated levels but a declining

pace from previous weeks

Dems Ask Trump to Put Flags at

Half Staff Once U.S. Reaches 100K Coronavirus Deaths

GO TO WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nation’s Top Mental-Health Official

Warns Against a Second

Coronavirus Lockdown

QAnon IS IT the newest American religion?

Trump in Private: I Wish I Could

Run Against Hillary Again

More than 5 million Americans

will be infected

Mnuchin sees 'strong likelihood' of   

needing another COVID-19 relief bill

FBI director stuck in the middle 

with 'Obamagate'

Trump Admin Sanctions Chinese Firm 

Aiding Iran’s Weapons Smuggling Network

New ISIS leader

'captured by special forces in Iraq'

Trump wants to host G-7 leaders at Camp David in

sign of 'normalization'

Bolivia arrests health minister over 

costly ventilators

Mexico’s Development Banks Fuel

the Fossil Energy Trade

Fort Hood soldier found shot dead

inside burning vehicle miles from Texas base

UN Calls for Peace Talks as Civilian

Casualties by Afghan, Taliban Forces Rise

Russia, UN and Vatican condemn 

unilateral Israeli annexation plan

Sept. 11 Convict Now Says He

Renounces Terrorism, Bin Laden

Despite widespread talk of reopening, 

WHO just reported a record number of 

new coronavirus cases in a single day

Senate Committee Issues First Subpoena 

in Hunter Biden Corruption Probe

New Zealand mulls 4-day workweek 

post-coronavirus. Could that work in Canada?

Trump threatens to withhold federal

funding for these states considering


Demanding Answers: Flights From 

Countries Hard Hit By Coronavirus 

Still Coming, So Are Precautions In Place?

White House now predict swift 

economic recovery, despite warnings 

that major problems could persist

Phone Calls Between Biden 

And Ukraine's Poroshenko Leaked; 

Details $1 Billion "Quid Pro Quo" 

To Fire Burisma Prosecutor

Michigan To Send Applications

For Mail-In Voting To All Voters Statewide

Donald Trump gives WHO 30-day 

ultimatum to change on coronavirus - 

or lose US funding forever

Parents in China find son abducted 

outside hotel 32 years ago

President Emmanuel Macron loses

absolute majority in French Assembly

Trudeau to Push for Keystone XL

Pipeline Regardless of Who Wins

US Presidential Election

Iran emphasizes pivotal role of Afghan

gov't in all processes

Syria’s family fortunes

'Bolsonaro Is at War With Science'

Brazilian Doctor Warns

Time To Break Up The FBI?

Fresh Rocket Attack On US Embassy

In Baghdad Amid Renewed

Anti-America Protests

White House Vaccine Czar Sells

$12 Million Slug Of Moderna Options

For Massive Profit

Nancy Pelosi fears for 'morbidly obese' 

Trump after hydroxychloroquine admission

Study: COVID-19 Much Deadlier

Than Flu; 1.3% Death Rate Among

Symptomatic Patients

Biden's virtual campaign speech

repeatedly interrupted by geese

Illegal Aliens Jam Phone Lines as 

California Offers $500 Each in 

Coronavirus Relief

US lockdown protests may have 

spread virus widely, cellphone data suggests

‘Staggeringly Good’ Moderna

Coronavirus Vaccine

Experimental coronavirus vaccine

generated virus antibodies in small,

early stage study

India, Bangladesh May Shift Millions

As Category 5 Storm Nears

China Pledges $2 Billion In

Coronavirus Funding

FBI phone probe links al Qaeda to

Saudi who killed three at Florida base,

Barr says

William Barr doesn’t expect criminal

case into Obama, Biden over Russia probe

Iranian ‘Anti-Zionism’ Law Mandates

Increased Support for

‘Palestinian Intifada’ Against Israel

Stacey Abrams: Trump And Republicans

"Deeply Afraid" Of Vote-By-Mail Due

To COVID-"Incompetence"

Over 100 Million in China’s

Northeast Face Renewed Lockdown

As it prepares to fly humans,

Elon Musk's SpaceX faces the

biggest challenge in its history

Cops: Virginia Booze Thieves

Wore Watermelons On Head As Disguise

Bill Gates, bogeyman of virus

conspiracy theorists

Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead In Home,

Sparking Avalanche Of Rumors Amid Tensions With US
FF WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congressional Republicans Clash With 

Trump Admin Over Lebanon Aid

Qatar Waging Stealth Influence

Operations Across U.S. Academic System,

Documents Show

All Indications Are That the DNC Will

Not Endorse Biden

CA Gov. Newsom: Federal Government

Has ‘Moral’ And ‘Ethical’ Obligation

to Financially Support States

Former neurosurgeon says masks are

ineffective against COVID-19

and can cause health problems

Chinese State Media Warn Country

Will Interfere in U.S. Election

Tracking Africa's coronavirus cases

Dr. Judy Mikovits interviewed by

the Health Ranger on the coronavirus

pandemic: Fauci fraud, NIH corruption

and more

Study Points To COVID-19 Lab Creation; 

Lead Author Suggests 'Forced Selection'

Vs. Genetic Engineering

Kansas City would receive millions

under House Democratic bailout for states,


U.S. Space Force launches X-37B

unmanned spacecraft into orbit for

classified mission

Canadian Local MPs Upset Over Gun Ban

Afghan President Ghani and rival

Abdullah sign power-sharing deal

Brazil overtakes Spain and Italy in

COVID-19 cases

Egyptian journalist arrested while

interviewing jailed activist's mother

outside prison in Cairo

Assad's cousin rejects government

demand he step down from mobile operator

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia form world's

first Covid-19 travel bubble

Feds warn of attacks related to bogus

COVID-19 conspiracy theory


Conspiracy theorists burn 5G towers

claiming link to virus

Reality star allegedly spent

$1.5 million from federal small

business program on jewelry, Rolls-Royce

11 firefighters injured, multiple

buildings damaged after

explosion in downtown L.A.

Second more deadly wave of coronavirus

'to hit Europe this winter'

DOD Awards $138 Million Contract,

Enabling Prefilled Syringes for Future

COVID-19 Vaccine

Obama mocks Trump’s coronavirus

response in online commencement speech

Protesters scuffle with police at 

anti-lockdown rally in London's Hyde Park

Bosnians Protest Mass in Sarajevo

for Nazi-Allied Soldiers

Italy looks to reopen borders next month

Democrats launch inquiry into

Trump firing of watchdog who was investigating Pompeo

Brazil Overtakes Spain to Be 

World’s Fourth-Most Infected Nation

Alleged financier of Rwandan genocide

arrested after more than two decades

in hiding, will face tribunal

Fury in Germany as thousands join protests

across country over lockdown measures

and a vaccine plan by Bill Gates as

Angela Merkel's popularity falls

While the House of Assad crumbles,

the West plays Sykes-Picot 2.0 with

Syria’s Kurds

COVID-19 was found in semen of 

recovered patients. Is it a sexually 

transmitted disease?

Heads Exploding in Washington

as Trump Fires State Department IG

24 Indian migrant workers killed in

horrific traffic accident

Record virus death toll reported in Russia

Pakistan resumes domestic flights,

insists on masks and empty seats

Secretary Pompeo: President Trump

‘Committed’ to Holding Chinese Communist

Party Accountable for Coronavirus Pandemic

Government Could Enforce Who 

You're Allowed To Socialize With

Via Tracking App


Democrats push new $3T coronavirus

relief bill through House

Trump tweets video of a reporter

being hounded by anti-lockdown protesters,

calling them 'great people'

Fed sees Wall Street stress if

virus takes 'unexpected' turn
OFC IT DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turkey rebukes EU statement on

EastMed tensions

Trump says govt will work at 

‘WARP SPEED’ to deliver vaccine 

BEFORE year’s end

US on Track to Pull Troops From

Afghanistan Despite Turmoil

COVID-19 shows crucial role of the UN,

says next General Assembly President

Trump Names Leaders Of 

'Operation Warp Speed' Vaccine Effort

Nevada earthquake: Magnitude-6.5

temblor struck near Tonopah, closes

down highway

Will the United States Sanction

China Over Xinjiang?

UN rights chief urges lifting,

suspending anti- Iran sanction

Coronavirus: Brazil’s health

minister quits as crisis worsens

Ahmaud Arbery may have gone 

to construction site for water before 


EU to push Israel to ditch West Bank

annexation plans

UK and EU deadlocked after

'very disappointing' trade talks

US targets Huawei with tighter

chip export rules

Trump ally says making Obama 

testify would 'open up a can of worms' 

 and set a 'bad precedent'

US considers response to Iran's

fuel shipment to Venezuela

WTO chief announces he will

step down on August 31

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club to partially reopen 

with social distancing in the Jacuzzi

U.S. issues advisory to counter

sanctions evasion by N.K., Iran, Syria

Turkish President Erdogan, NATO Chief Stoltenberg Discuss

COVID-19 Response, Libya

US and China tensions soar after Trump 

trade threat

Brennan: Rand Paul’s ‘Inane Comments’

Show He Has No Understanding of

Intelligence Profession

White House would likely support

a new round of stimulus checks

Trump visits another mask facility

without wearing a mask

this time in Pennsylvania

FBI serves warrant on senator in 

investigation of stock sales linked to 


Mom Arrested After Confrontation

With NYPD Officers Over Face Mask

Private jet company founded by Trump

donor gets $27 million bailout

Oil Price War Puts Entire Kingdom 

Of Saudi Arabia At Risk

A Third Of Americans Will Remain

In Quarantine Even If Instructed

To Get Back To Normal Life And Work

Taliban Say They Are Ready to

Battle Afghan Forces

Bangkok's heritage vanishes as

urbanization speeds up

Italy gov't approves €55B virus

stimulus package

Disinformation: The Spreading

Of Islamophobia – Analysis

Obama’s Crocodile Tears for the

Rule of Law

FBI 'Mistakenly' Releases 9/11

Bombshell In Court: Key Saudi

Diplomat Who "Tasked" Hijackers Named

EU bid to salvage summer with

social distancing in hotels

Trump Says He Disagrees With

Fauci Over Reopening

Hezbollah leader says Israel

turns attention to hitting missile-making

sites in Syria

Powell warns of a possible

sustained recession from pandemic

Texas sees 1,000 new coronavirus

cases 5 days in a row

Team Trump Pushes CDC to Revise

Down Its COVID Death Counts

WH whistleblower warns this winter

will be ‘darkest in modern history’

if US doesn’t step up COVID response

American Airlines Group Inc


Dow falls for a third-straight day,

losing 500 points after Powell’s warning

Talk of military takeover in Brazil grows

China Claims U.S. ‘Sabotaged’ Global 

Coronavirus Efforts

You'll Still Be Homeschooling

Your Kids This Fall, Dr. Fauci Says

Why coronavirus is so bad in Russia

Federal judge halts the Justice Department's

effort to drop its case against Michael Flynn

Saudi Arabia to enforce nationwide

24-hour curfew for Eid holiday

Newborns die in hospital attack

Vaccines, treatments still a bridge too far,

says US expert

Russia, China refuse to participate 

in UN Security Council meeting on Syria

Coronavirus and travel restrictions:

EU to unveil plan to revive vital

tourist industry this summer,

from flight compensation to

social distancing

Lesotho Prime Minister Thomas 


to quit




Americans Giving Up Citizenship Faster

Than Ever Before Reports Bambridge

Accountants New York

Supreme Court appears likely to reject

Trump immunity claim

“Your Every Move Will Be Watched”:

Post-COVID Offices To Resemble

China’s Social Credit System

Saudi Aramco’s Profit Drops 25%

After Oil Price Plunge

Venezuelan State TV Implicates

Donald Trump in Bizarre Coup Attempt

Police arrest more terrorists who

failed to infiltrate into Venezuela

Botched Infiltration Of Venezuela

Leaves Guaidó Tainted Beyond Repair

Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro's right-hand-man 

publicly exposed American mercenaries' names, 

photos and coup plan on live TV a month BEFORE 

failed 'invasion'



Documents show Silvercorp

sought investors for Venezuela attack

Family of ex-Green Beret captured

in Venezuela says men likely believed

they were trying to liberate the oppressed

Bolivia De-Facto Govt Repress

Protesters That Can't Afford More Lockdown

Wuhan to test entire population of

11m as uptick in cases prompts

alarm at possible second wave

IDF soldier killed in West Bank

OPEC's Next Domino to Fall

Could Be Nigeria

Grenell Gives DOJ List Of Obama

Officials Involved In Flynn Unmasking

Scandal; Waiting On Barr To Release

London's Trains Packed With 

Commuters As PM Johnson Lifts 

'Stay Home' Order

US Army To Develop Wearable

COVID-19 Detectors

The TEN TWEETS That Foretold
Trey Gowdy Was a Deep-State Puppet

NIH Director Talks Vaccines, 

Virus Mutation and Clinical Trials

White House staffers told to wear

masks after coronavirus outbreak

Democrats move to consider virtual

options for summer convention

Buffett-Backed Solar Project Near

Vegas Wins Trump Blessing

The French coronavirus approach could be working

COVID-19 Cases On The Rise In Germany,

Days After Restrictions Eased

China: New COVID-19 Outbreak Spreads Concern

Will the Pandemic Weaken Russia’s ‘Deep State’

—or Make It Stronger Still?

Hindu community in Abu Dhabi supports

call to pray for humanity

WHO says 'extreme vigilance' needed in

exit from lockdowns

New World Order

(conspiracy theory)

Fauci won’t appear in Senate after 

exposure to White House staffer 

infected with coronavirus, 

Pence will also be self-isolating

Pence spends weekend at home after

exposure to infected aide

John Podesta Admits in Testimony Both

DNC and Hillary Campaign Split the   

Cost for Bogus Trump-Russia Dossier

That Launched the Coup

Mexican President Demands Clarity 

or Apology from United States over Obama’s 

“Fast and Furious” Gun Running Program

'Bombshell' report alleges China's 

complicity in spread of COVID-19

South Korea reverses on reopenings 

following nightclub outbreak

Niger attacks: At least 20 killed in

Tillaberi villages

Iran offers US new talks on prisoner 

swaps amid health fears

Turkey threatens to target LNA  

forces in Libya if attacks persist

UK PM unveils 'conditional plan'

for next-phase response to

COVID-19 pandemic

Indonesia condemns abuse of   

fishermen aboard Chinese boats

after release of corpse video

‘Pakistan patient recovers after

plasma therapy’

AG Bill Barr stands by declaration

of innocence for Michael Flynn

White father, son charged with  

murder in Ahmaud Arbery case

Isis suspect who defied coronavirus

lockdown in Barcelona arrested

Omar Attacked as Insufficiently Anti-Israel

US blocks UN vote on pandemic 

resolution over China's 'false narratives'

California's Governor Keeps Moving

the Goalposts to Reopening State. Why?

Australian States Have Power 

on Relaxing Virus Rules

Turkish doctors turn detectives

to track virus

Afghan president appoints team to 

probe migrant drownings in Iran

US unemployment rate surges 

to 14.7 pc, the worst since Great Depression

Libya: UN condemns indiscriminate attacks on civilians

Venezuela charges Americans

with terrorism,


Record 103,415,000 Not in Labor Force; 

Participation Rate Sinks to 47-Year Low

Federal Debt Tops $25 Trillion for First Time; 

Jumped $1 Trillion in Just 28 Days

Iran attempted hack of Israel's water system

Positive coronavirus cases shake

White House

'American Soil' Is Increasingly Foreign Owned

Justice Department dropping 

Flynn’s Trump-Russia case

Trump cheers DOJ move to drop Flynn case

Trump accuses Obama's DOJ of 'treason'

Trump retains power to strike

Iran as Senate fails to override veto

Turkish media: Russia recruits

Syrian militants to fight in Libya

US Special Forces hostages give

signal they are LYING: Airan Berry, 41,

looks up quickly

when asked if his human rights are

being respected on Venezuelan TV

day after Luke Denman,

34, looked off screen as he said

Donald Trump ordered coup

As coronavirus kills another Amazon worker,

the company’s response is

adding to employees’ fears

TX Gov. Abbott issues executive order

freeing salon owner Shelley Luther from jail

Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade

says she'll take a lie-detector 

test if he takes one

African Artists Take Creative 

Approach To Fighting The COVID-19 Pandemic
Friday, 8 May 2020, 10:14 am 
Press Release: UN News 

U.K. economy forecast to  

shrink by most since 1706

Kim Jong Un congratulates Chinese 

leader Xi Jinping on COVID-19 “success”

Hunger strikes low-income Argentinian

communities amid pandemic

Japan's State Guest House   

silently awaits return of VIPs

Venezuela to Request Extradition 

of American Allegedly Involved in 

Suspected Plot

A Bay of Pigs-style fiasco in Venezuela

Maduro's capture in Venezuela TV statement

Iraqi Parl. approves Mustafa

al-Kazemi's cabinet

Israel's Supreme Court clears

Benjamin Netanyahu to form  

government despite corruption charges

Pakistan's 'Tiger Force' to combat

coronavirus economic woes

Syrian government to revive university

classes and transportation

Poland’s May 10 presidential elections

will not take place  coalition

Air France-KLM Warns Rebound 

Will Takes Years

Pentagon: 132 civilians killed in

U.S. military operations in 2019

Chemical Gas Leak At India Industrial

Plant Kills At Least 8 People

Homeland Security’s Biometrics 

Database Is on Its Way to the Amazon Cloud

Man Arrested After Fight Outside

Dorchester Bank Over Lack Of

Coronavirus Social Distancing

Speculation About Kim’s Death 

Could Be a Sign of Waning Relations 

Between North Korea, China

EU to propose process for how WHO

can learn from Covid-19 outbreak

California Sheriff: ‘I Refuse to Make Criminals

Out of Business Owners’

At least eight killed after chemical

gas leak in India

Donald Trump vetoes ‘very insulting’

Iran war powers resolution

Italian researchers claim to have

'the first vaccine in the world' that

kills the coronavirus and are now

planning human trials as

Health Secretary Matt Hancock

admits a jab may NEVER be found

Dramatic moment Venezuelan army foils

'amateur' coup attempt led by Green Beret

with his two Special Forces buddies 

and 'backed by shadowy US billionaires' -

as they set out to assassinate President Maduro

with '300 hungry, untrained men'

Trump and some top aides question

accuracy of virus death toll

Arizona halts work of experts

predicting a later peak


Trump Denies US Involvement In 

Venezuelan 'Coup Plot' After 

American Mercenaries Captured

Researcher On Cusp Of 

COVID-19 Breakthrough

Killed In Bizarre Murder-Suicide

Ramadan 2020: tradition and 

technology combine to put virtual iftars 

on the menu

El Salvador clamps down on shopping

trips to curb coronavirus spread

Egypt reopens slowly to revive

coronavirus pandemic-hit economy

Coalition continues to support

the repatriation of foreign ISIS fighters

not local prosecution in Syria: Spokesman

Expelled Progress Singapore Party

member apologises to Singapore

People's Party chairman Jose Raymond

over allegations of foreign funding

Indonesia Postpones Regional

Elections Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

US Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg 

back in hospital

FBI Defends Chris Wray, Throws

James Comey Under the Bus in Statement

on New Flynn Documents

Green New Deal, Healthcare for Illegals:

Soros-Funded Groups Push Dems

to Use Virus to Achieve Progressive Wish List

ICC Colluding With Terror-Tied        

Groups to Push Prosecution of U.S.,

Israeli Personnel

Scientists say a now-dominant

strain of the coronavirus could be

more contagious than original

Philippines forces top media network off air

Venezuela arrests two Americans

for failed 'invasion'

A Neuroscience Startup Uses Helmets

to Measure Brain Activity

Coronavirus Latest: New University

Of Penn Model Predicts 350,000

Deaths By End Of June If

All States Fully Reopen

Congress Launches Investigation

Into Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Colleges

Trump Works to Disrupt Iranian Weapons

Smuggling Operation With New Sanctions

World leaders pledge €7.4bn to

research Covid-19 vaccine

Tearful Nurse Blows Whistle on New York 

Hospitals ‘Murdering’ COVID Patients 

With ‘Complete Medical Mismanagement’

China hits back at US claims of

‘evidence’ coronavirus came from Wuhan lab

Syria’s air defense systems repel

Israeli missile attack near Aleppo - agency

Three charged in killing of store

security guard in United States after

face mask argument

Seven crew killed in Somalia plane crash

Italy starts unwinding its lockdown

U.S. Navy sends ships to Russia's

Barents Sea for first time since 1980s

Trump administration projecting 

3K daily coronavirus deaths by June

Fever-reading drones just first of a

wave of privacy challenges, civil

liberties advocates say

China set to unveil new nuclear 

stealth bomber that could reach Los Angeles

Third Russian Doctor Mysteriously 

Falls From Hospital Window Amid 

Coronavirus Outbreak

Pulitzer Prize to New York Times

Essay Falsely Claiming American

Revolution Was Fought to Preserve Slavery

Venezuelan Officials Claim to 

Have Stopped an Armed Incursion

CALLED IT 2 YEARS AGO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama

ticket to replace Joe Biden?

Is it even possible?

Brazil's Bolsonaro headlines

anti-democratic rally

Syrian tycoon Rami Makhlouf

decries ‘inhumane’ security forces

Iranian Border Guards Beat Afghan 

Migrants and Throw Into a River

Mike Pompeo says 'significant evidence'

COVID-19 came from Wuhan lab

NYPD Chief Of Department Says

‘We Are Past The Point Of Warnings’

When It Comes To Social Distancing

Coronavirus health passports for

UK 'possible in months'

‘No Explanation’ for Delay in Prison Release

'I'm worried about people showing

up at my door or me getting fired':

Missouri residents

who tipped off county about lockdown

rule-breakers fear retaliation after

details of more than 900 'snitches'

are released online

George W. Bush: 'We are not partisan

combatants' in fight against coronavirus

Dow futures fall more than 

300 points amid concerns over 

reopening the economy

How an ex-Green Beret organized a 

'private coup' funded by US billionaires 

to remove 

Venezuela's Maduro and trained 300 

soldiers in Colombia before it 

spectacularly fell apart

How Venezuela’s government

uses rich contracts to buy loyalty

of top military officers




ANALYSIS: Trump’s re-election odds

just plummeted to 1 in 8 due to his 

own supporters refusing to wear masks

in public

All roads into Gallup, New Mexico,

are closed over "uninhibited"

COVID-19 spread

Ramadan: UAE police warning

over fake charities and

'WhatsApp begging'


Zimbabwe Extends COVID Lockdown,

Despite Pleas From Workers

Hillary Clinton shows off cloth mask: 'VOTE'

Argentineans protest release of

prisoners over COVID-19

Rural Counties Seeing Faster

Growth in COVID-19 Cases, Deaths

Fearing Political Peril, Republicans

Edge Away From Trump on

Pandemic Response

How an ex-Green Beret organized a 

'private coup' funded by US billionaires 

to remove 

Venezuela's Maduro and trained 300 

soldiers in Colombia before it 

spectacularly fell apart

First wave of virus litigations are filed

New White House Press Secretary

Gives First Briefing, Annihilates WHO

Strong earthquake hits off the 

Greek island of Crete

U.S. Tweets Support for Taiwan,

Sparking Opposition From China

Buffett stays on sidelines with cash

pile rising to US$137 billion

Islamic State militants kill ten Iraqis

in 'fierce clashes'

Remdesivir: Ebola drug granted

emergency approval to treat coronavirus in US

Protests mark growing unrest with 

California stay-home order

Rural Counties Seeing Faster

Growth in COVID-19 Cases, Deaths

White House blocking Fauci from

testifying before Congress about

coronavirus response

Air travel will never be the same

after coronavirus

Trump Works to Disrupt Iranian

Weapons Smuggling Operation

With New Sanctions

Kim Jong Un reappears in 

state media following 21-day


Countering Trump, again, 

WHO says virus is ‘natural in origin’


Trump calls protesters who carried

guns into the Michigan Capitol

'very good people' and says the

governor should 'make a deal' with them

Trump orders meat processing

plants to remain open amid

COVID-19 pandemic

Trump push to keep meatpacking

plants open comes as pork producers

profit from China trade deal

Japanese aquarium asks people 

to video-call lonely eels who have 

forgotten humans

Siberian Officials' Fight Over 

Wildfires Heats Up As Locals See 

Power Struggle

Ireland announces five-stage exit 

plan from May to August




Ugandan drug maker starts supplying

ARVs to South Africa

Lebanon Signs Request for IMF Assistance, 

Protests Persist

WHO Says Has Grave Concerns About

Covid-19 Impact on Weak Systems

Elon Musk goes on bizarre Twitter rant 

that sends Tesla shares tumbling 

after he boasts his company's stock 

is 'too high' and pledges 

to 'sell of his physical possessions' 

before reciting the Star Spangled Banner

Canada bans assault weapons 

after mass shooting in Nova Scotia

Coronavirus pandemic likely to

last two years,

report says

Congressman warns national debt 

could reach $30 trillion by end of September

Public companies received $1 billion 

in stimulus funds meant for small businesses

Hundreds of protesters, some carrying

guns in the state Capitol,

demonstrate against Michigan's

emergency measures

Coronavirus: Michigan lockdown

protesters enter statehouse

Where’s the Beef?

Coronavirus originated from China's

Wuhan lab: Trump ...

Afghanistan likely facing coronavirus

'health disaster': U.S. watchdog

Brooklyn funeral home under

investigation after 'unconscionable' act

At least 10 Egyptian soldiers

killed in Sinai explosion

US, California police officer

punches teenage boy in arrest

Vatican, bishops’ conference

preparing to celebrate fifth anniversary

of Laudato Si’

Italian churches prepares to 

have funerals again, but public 

Masses are still banned

Kim Yo-jong among most likely

to succeed N.K. leader: CRS report

Protesters Took To The Michigan Capital

Thursday Against Governor’s Stay

At Home Order

DC May Not Reopen for Another 3 Months,

Officials Say

New Vehicle Sales Continue Downward

Slide in April, Edmunds Forecasts

Fed's balance sheet at $6.7 trln, 

but growth pace down sharply

Germany announces total ban on Hezbollah

Weaponising water in Libya

despite coronavirus pandemic

Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ 

Aims to Rush Coronavirus Vaccine

Trump begins day with Twitter meltdown over

newly released Michael Flynn FBI note
A note, written in January 2017 by

then-counterintelligence director Bill Priestap,

ponders how to approach

Mr Flynn’s questioning. “What’s our goal?”

asks Mr Priestap. "Truth/Admission or to get him to lie,

so we can prosecute him or get him fired?"

U.S. Spies See No Human Role

in Making or Modifying Coronavirus

Cuba releases PHOTOS of bullet-riddled

DC embassy after shooting suspect arrested

South Africa: Nelson Mandela ally 

Denis Goldberg dies

Dem-Controlled House Committee

Opens Inquiry Into Trump Halting

WHO Funding

Handwritten FBI Notes Unsealed –

They Framed Flynn! “What is Our Goal?

Truth/Admission or

to Get Him to Lie, So We Can Prosecute

or Get Him Fired?”

Dr. Fauci Says He Hopes To Watch

Baseball This Summer

"Even If It's Only On TV"

Moscow Hospitals Overwhelmed

As Russia Hits 100,000 COVID Cases,

Surpassing Iran & China

VA Cracks on Coronavirus Shutdown:

Governor Admits State Met Metrics

for Phase One Reopening

Canadian Navy helicopter on

Nato mission crashes in sea

between Italy and Greece

Covid 19 coronavirus: New York Mayor

Bill de Blasio breaks up rabbi's funeral

and lashes out over social distancing

U.S. Seeks To Extend Iran Arms Embargo,

Setting Stage For Clash Over Nuclear Deal

79 Lebanese soldiers injured in

protests over economic woes

Hands Of Malaysian Frogmen

GDP sinks 4.8% in the first quarter,

biggest drop since 2008 and there is

worse to come

As ‘quarantine fatigue’ spreads, 

Fauci says second wave of coronavirus is 


Germany faces having to bring BACK strict

coronavirus lockdowns as cases surge just

days after easing them

Signs From North Korea Only

Raise More Questions About

Absent Kim Jong Un

Kushner predicts much of the

country will be 'back to normal' in June

Humanitarian group supports more 

than 37,000 families in Kurdistan 

affected by COVID-19

YouTube Censors Viral Video Of California

Doctors Criticizing "Stay-At-Home" Order

Lebanon: Protesters set banks

on fire amid price hikes

Putin Extends Russian Lockdown

After Virus Cases Surpass China

Haftar forces claim formal control over Libya

Elon Musk takes shot at ‘sanctimonious’

Valley as Tesla CEO set to earn

$750m from stock payout

Rabo: Pelosi's Stunning Proposal

"Shows How Bad Things Are Right Now

Out There"





France will not lift lockdown May

11 unless new virus infections drop

below 3,000 per day: PM

Inflammatory symptoms in children

might be linked to coronavirus,

doctors warn

Pentagon officially releases military

videos of UFOs

Three weeks of Trump coronavirus briefings

under a microscope: 2 hours spent on attacks,

45 minutes on self-congratulation 

and 4½ minutes of condolences for victims

Despite McConnell comment,

states can’t go bankrupt, only default

EU trade relations with Mexico

lifted to a new level

‘The Last Narc’ Docuseries Trailer 

Promises To Unearth Truths About 

A Fallen Agent From ‘Narcos: Mexico’

House CANCELS returning to work next

week a day after announcing decision

because Washington D.C. remains a

hotspot and after Democratic members warned move was 'dangerous'

Brazil edges toward being next

big coronavirus hot spot

Losing It: 72% Of Locked-Down

Americans Say They’ll Reach

‘Breaking Point’ By Mid-June

Grows Over Delays Trying

To Sign Up For Unemployment,

‘People Have No Food, People

Are Talking About Suicide’

Doctors Blow Whistle on Coronavirus,

Destroy Media in Press Conference

‘It’s Time to Get Back to Work’

Ukrainian forces accused of trying to

‘erase village from the Earth’ after unprovoked weekend assault

Pakistani Opposition Questions

Rollback Of Federal Rights

The Strange Story of a Las Vegas

Radio Station Co-Opted by China

North Korea shares letter from

Kim Jong Un to South African president

dated today

Trump is a danger to the American people.

But the Republicans refuse to stop him
Suzanne Moore-SO IS BAT SOUP HUH?????

IMF managing director urges

more global action to soften

coronavirus’ economic toll

Singapore faces worst situation

for Covid-19 in Southeast Asia

Belgians urged to eat more chips

by lockdown-hit potato growe

China Is Pushing a ‘Zero’ Myth on COVID-19




Duck Dynasty Star and Family 

SURVIVE Drive By Shooting

"We Are Moving Into The End-Game": 

27 Tankers Anchored Off California,  

Hundreds Off Singapore As Oil Industry 

Shuts Down

US Beefs Up Gunship Presence In 

Gulf Ready To Back Trump's Iran 'Red Line'


Publicly Traded BioTech Company 

That Created Covid-19 Treatment

Madrid stores close, city falls

quiet in pandemic

Message from Kim Jong-un

amid speculation

Saudi Arabia to end executions  

for crimes committed by minors,

says commission

Italy to lift lockdown from May 4

Pompeo Renews US Waiver for Iraq 

to Import Electricity From Iran for 30 Days

US Navy Announces Discharge of 

Last COVID19 Patient From USNS Comfort, 

Leaving NY by End of April

Bangladesh garment factories reopen,

defying virus lockdown

Gaza doctors to get COVID-19 

training in Israel

NYC tailor defies state order: 

‘I’m opening my doors come 

hell or high water’

Mnuchin: 'You're going to see the 

economy really bounce back in July, 

August, September'

Trump Tries Again to Use Sarcasm

Defense After ‘Noble Prize’ Tweet Flub

General Mike Flynn Breaks His Silence

After Government Releases Brady Documents

Showing He Committed No Crimes

"What Else Has The FBI Buried?" -

Stunning Newly-Disclosed Docs Exonerate

Gen. Mike Flynn

Recent Taliban Violence Harms

Hundreds of Afghan Civilians

Socialist Regime in Venezuela

Closes All Entrances to Caracas in

“Plan Damasco”

State Health Commissioner 

Predicts Reopening Virginia 

‘Will Be a Two Year Affair’

"This Is The Final Leg": Hugh Hendry

Takes A Break From Retirement

To Reveal His Latest Market Thoughts

'No Evidence' That Recovered

COVID-19 Patients Are Immune, WHO Says

Rouhani Says Tehran Watches US Closely

EU, foreign ministers call for Libya truce

U.N. pushes for virus vaccine as 

Trump disinfectant theory sparks uproar

Working-Class and Immigrant

Communities in Paris Rise Up and Riot

Iran Reveals Plan to Strike

‘400 American Targets’

New Bill Would Require Warning

Labels on Apps Made by China, Russia

Kim Jong Un in Worsening Condition

After Undergoing Cardiovascular Procedure

CNN’s Tapper: Trump’s ‘Lysol-Gate’ 

Claim of Sarcasm ‘a Bald-Faced Lie’

Navy Recommends Reinstating 

Captain Who Warned About COVID, 

But Decision Is Esper’s

Brazil's justice minister resigns in

clash with President Bolsonaro

Could This Be Russia’s New Stealth Helicopter?

Army Develops Kamikaze Drone

To Defeat Enemy Attack Drones

US government review of first

Wuhan repatriation says safety

protocols not followed

‘It is impossible to overstate the pain’:

Fight against coronavirus will define our era,

Bill Gates says

'Constitutionalist sheriffs' won't

enforce coronavirus restrictions

Renowned Microbiologist Claims Wuhan Lab

'Did Absolutely Crazy Things'

With Coronavirus

Escobar: What Did U.S. Intel Really

Know About The "Chinese" Virus?

"ISIS Has Nothing Over Saudi Arabia":

Kingdom Reaches 800 Beheadings

Under Salman

Brazil Hit With Its Deadliest Day of 

Coronavirus Outbreak

Urban Planning and its Legacy in Kuwait

Israel warns Hezbollah militants

about forthcoming IDF attacks

Venezuela Turns To Iran For A Hand

Restarting Its Gas Pumps

Syrians ‘Tricked’ Into Fighting in

Libya for Rogue General Khalifa Haftar

Barack Obama launches another 

veiled attack on Donald Trump

Trump adviser suggests reopening

economy by putting

'everybody in a space outfit'

Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant,

Shining UV Light Inside Patients to

Kill Coronavirus in Bizarre,

Rambling Tangent-DRUDGE GONE FOLKS!

Missouri files lawsuit against China   

over coronavirus, Beijing calls claims

The state's attorney general said

Beijing had caused an

"unprecedented number of jobless claims."

Judicial Watch Sues FBI for Records

on Seth Rich

Barr Threatens Legal Action Against

States for Keeping People Under

“House Arrest”

McConnell Says He Favors Allowing

States to Declare Bankruptcy

Pelosi retreats on House proxy 

voting during virus pandemic

Earth Day: Greta Thunberg calls

for 'new path' after pandemic

El Salvador: Bukele Vetoes Aid

to COVID-Vulnerable Citizens

This is what air travel could

look like in a post-coronavirus world

nurse faces off with Arizona

lockdown protesters after saving

lives of coronavirus patients

How the Coronavirus Outbreak

Is Impacting Public Opinion

On Earth Day, pope says nature 

will not forgive our trespasses

Iran military satellite launch 

likely to stoke US tensions

Mexico: Record 3000 Homicides in March,

the coronavirus link...

Pompeo Vows To Hold Iran

Accountable Over Satellite Launch




Iran, Turkey Weigh Plans to Shield

Trade from Coronavirus

Barr Reveals Likely Trump Administration

Legal Playbook to ‘Jawbone’ the States

into Reopening for Business

Kim Jong Un Is ‘Touring Provincial Areas,’

Not Gravely Ill: South Korea

Coronavirus: US state files lawsuit against

Chinese government because of pandemic

Germany’s Oktoberfest, Spain’s

Running Of The Bulls Canceled Due

To Coronavirus

South Africa’s Ramaphosa Announces

500 Billion Rand Virus Support Package

Air Force awards $84 million contract

for new Air Force One manuals

Trump announces plan to temporarily

halt all immigration

Seven virus cases appear linked to

Wisconsin in-person voting

Canada shooting death toll rises to 22

Iowa Sends National Guard Troops

to Defend Meat Plants From Virus

Trump pledges funds for oil industry

to avert deeper job losses

Here are the largest public companies

taking payroll loans meant for small businesses

New warning: COVID-19

nothing compared

to EMP, 295M dead

‘Worst is yet ahead of us’ in

coronavirus outbreak, WHO warns

Russia Defends ‘Unsafe’ Intercept

of U.S. Spy Plane Over Mediterranean

Oil is getting crushed again with one

futures contract down 98% to record

low under $1

Front-Month WTI Crude Crashes Below

Zero For First Time Ever

Coronavirus: Chinese app WeChat censored

virus content since 1 Jan

'Land of the free!': Healthcare workers

are heckled as they stand in front of


protesters cars' in Colorado

and more demonstrations erupt across the US

In Spain, coronavirus death

counts prompt anger, confusion

When will a second wave of the

coronavirus hit, and what will it look like?

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro 

denounced for joining pro-dictatorship rally

Scotia Shooting, Death Toll Expected to Rise

Merkel issues stark warning as 

Germany begins opening up

Lesotho PM to stand down after 

sides agree to ‘dignified retirement’

Iran, Syria call for lifting sanctions

during pandemic

US Supreme Court rules that jury

verdicts must be unanimous

Trump Warns That

Chris Wallace,

Fox News Are

‘On A Bad Path’ After

Pelosi Interview

Gunman kills 16 in Nova Scotia,

worst mass murder in Canadian history

Wynn Calls for Reopening of Nevada

How the Obamas could easily 

win eight more years in the White House 

yea ok

Spain "Authorizes" Military Planes 

To Spray Disinfectants Over Cities

Canada shooting: Nova Scotia gunman

'dressed as policeman' arrested

Don’t bet on vaccine to protect us

from Covid-19, says world health expert

US governors feel heat to reopen

from protesters, president

Why Americans may see a meat

shortage during the coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus measures could cause

global food shortage, UN warns

Treasury secretary Mnuchin predicts

US economy will rebound in months

and not years: 'We are going to have

terrific breakthroughs'

France to unveil plan to gradually

end lockdown

‘Cartels are scrambling’: Covid-19

snarls global drug trade

Man released by prisoner amnesty

bill detained over homicide in western Turkey

Regime airforce intelligence 

arrests civilians in rural Daraa

US Builds Up Naval Forces In 

Caribbean In Pressure Campaign 

Against Maduro

Maduro Not Ruling Out Delaying

Legislative Elections Due to

COVID-19 Outbreak

The Timeline Of WHO's Cover-Up Exposed

US Abruptly Ends Continuous Bomber

Presence In Guam Days After B-52

'Show Of Force'

Conservative News Mogul Matt Drudge

Fires Back At Trump, Says His

Web Traffic Is At Record Levels

The US nurse left his family to

save strangers, now he's unsure

if he'll make it back

Madrid’s medical heroes in the

fight of their lives

China urged to ease coronavirus

curbs on foreigners and speak

out against racism

Pentagon to extend U.S. troops 

movement freeze to June 30 
CHINA HEADLINE FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pelosi Says Very Close to Deal

on Emergency Relief Package

CDC Labs Were Contaminated,

Delaying Coronavirus Testing, Officials Say

Covid 19 coronavirus: WHO spending

'risks alienating supporters' at crucial time

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says schools

to remain closed for rest of academic

year but eases some coronavirus restrictions

WHO: China's revision of COVID-19 

figures is an 'attempt to leave no case 


Nasa to launch first manned mission

from US in decade

Oil War Shifts to Price Slashing

as Crude Demand Plummets

Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti says

Ramadan prayers to be held at home

US surpasses 700,000 coronavirus cases

- latest updates

France sees glimmer of hope as 

fewer hospitalized patients registered

Trudeau gives aid to energy workers,

hints at liquidity help

Infectious Disease Hobbyist Dr. Phil

Destroyed For Wild Coronavirus

Appearance on Fox News

Wild animals are reclaiming cities

and streets during coronavirus lockdown

Syria's Rojava confirms first death

from COVID-19

U.S. coronavirus crisis takes a sharp

political turn

COVID-19 Patients Need to be Tested

for Bacteria and Fungi, Not Just

the Coronavirus

The Shutdown Backlash Is Coming Soon

—With a Vengeance

2 NASA Astronauts, Russian

Cosmonaut Return to Earth From ISS

Germany claims to have Covid-19

pandemic under control

Tracking the novel coronavirus in the U.S.

Fresh produce goes to waste as   

coronavirus wrecks supply chains

Federal government open to new law

to fight pandemic misinformation

B.C. health officials try to dispel

COVID-19 misinformation among

Chinese-Canadian community

No, Dean Koontz did not predict

the coronavirus in a 1981 novel 

Coronavirus began months earlier 

and not in Wuhan, bombshell UK 

report claims

'If he's sitting watching TV, he should

go to work': Cuomo roasts Trump over

coronavirus response in fiery press conference

China Quietly Keeping Residences

Quarantined Despite ‘Reopening’ Wuhan

Iranian Vessels Come Dangerously

Close to U.S. Military Ships

Inside Huawei’s D.C. Influence Campaign

No ‘Business As Usual’ With China

After Coronavirus, U.K. Says

Saudi Arabia reports 518 new COVID-19

cases with total at 6,380

Seven U.S. states extend coronavirus

shutdown to May 15, as Trump prepares

to map out plan

Brazilian Health Minister Says Fired

by Bolsonaro

Trudeau's daily coronavirus update: 

Rent help coming for small businesses

France coronavirus death toll nears 18,000

Yemen's warring sides to agree to 

UN-led measures aimed at ending war

Africa CDC steps up coronavirus 

response by rolling out 1m tests

Dozens dead as nearly 400 emaciated 

Rohingya refugees saved from boat  

adrift for two months off Bangladesh

US nursing home where bodies found

‘was overwhelmed’

‘Grave concerns’ about Covid-19

immunity passports

Another 5 million people filed jobless

claims last week, bringing total to

almost 22 million in one month

Trump’s call with 

Wall Street didn’t 

go as planned

New York and other East Coast states 

extend shutdown of nonessential 

businesses to May 15, Gov. Cuomo says

Barack Obama’s endorsement of 

Joe Biden is comedy gold

Gun battle erupts in Cairo between

security forces, fighters

IMF Predicts 'Worst Recession 

Since Great Depression'

US Military Dismisses Threat from 

Latest North Korean Missile Test

Rio de Janeiro Governor Says

Tested Positive for COVID-19

Milley says U.S. in doubt over

origins of coronavirus

Trump announces WHO funding is

suspended and blames organisation

for coronavirus deaths

Weaponizing COVID-19: New Trend

In Pandemic Era? – Analysis

What Dr. Fauci has coming

Israeli president allows more time for

parties' effort to form coalition

Coronavirus: Trump plays video praising

his actions at bizarre White House briefing

Russian Oil Bluff Is Called,

and Economic Losses Keep Mounting

Raging wildfires close in on

Ukraine’s defunct Chernobyl power plant

Nigeria extends coronavirus lockdown

in key cities for two weeks

DR Congo reports third case of Ebola

'Pro Justice' seeks to hold Assad

and his aides accountable

Networks flee Trump briefing as he

wheels out 'propaganda' video

Kuwait plans to repatriate 40,000 citizens on

188 flights amid coronavirus


France extends coronavirus lockdown 

for a month as Macron apologises for  

government ‘not being prepared enough’

Federal Tax Collections Were Up in March

—Despite COVID-19 Shutdown; Total Taxes

Set Record in First Half of FY2020

WHO officials say it’s unclear whether 

recovered coronavirus patients are 

immune to second infection

Scientists Reveal 2 Easy Steps To

Lower Spread Of Coronavirus In

Your Workplace

U.S. government gave $3.7million

grant to Wuhan lab at center of

coronavirus leak scrutiny

that was performing experiments on bats

from the caves where the disease

is believed to have originated

OPEC, Russia Approve Oil

Production Cut



Fauci: Earlier COVID-19 action would

have saved more American lives

Top US Navy official who resigned

under pressure was reportedly angry at an

aircraft carrier crew's emotional

send-off of the captain he had fired

Julian Assange fathered two children

during time at Ecuadorian Embassy,

his partner reveals

Iraqis say Iran, Not COVID-19,

is the More Infectious Virus

Publicizing The Sugar Crisis Report: 

An Opportunity To Sanitize Pakistan 

Tehreek-E-Insaf’s Political Priorities

Portuguese priest brings Easter

to his flock, in a Smart convertible

Trump Admin Moves to Revoke

China’s Authority to Provide Telecom

Service in U.S.

Turkish interior minister resigns 

over failed coronavirus lockdown

Reopening U.S. economy by May 1

may be unrealistic, experts say

Kashkari Says U.S. May Face

18 Months of Rolling Shutdowns

Arab Coalition in Yemen says Houthis

committed 241 ceasefire violations in 48 hours

Kuwait Grants Entry Ban Exemptions

for S. Korean Business People


Police find Paris church holding secret Easter service

JPMorgan Predicts GDP Will Completely Crater,

Forecasts a Staggering 40 Percent

Second Quarter Drop

Taliban to release 20 Afghan

government officials

Video of Man dragged off of bus in Philly

Top doc Fauci admits lives could

have been saved if US had shut down

in February – but recommendation ‘not taken’

It’s ‘People, People, People’ as Lines

Stretch Across America

20,000: US death toll overtakes Italy’s

as Midwest braces

Banish ‘self-centredness’, Pope Francis

tells the world as it faces coronavirus

Israel president denies Gantz more

time to form government

Pakistani prime minister appeals for debt relief

to combat coronavirus fallout

Billionaire Tilman Fertitta claims he

laid off 45,000 workers quickly as a ‘favor’

Son of Egyptian coronavirus victim

doctor recalls terror of mob attack

Oil Price War Ends With Historic OPEC+ Deal

to Cut Production

Foreign Ministry speaks on anti-epidemic

steps and Africans in China

UN delivers 90 tons of Covid-19

aid to Venezuela

After 9/11, we gave up privacy for security.

Will we make the same trade-off after Covid-19?

A vaccine test volunteer on why

she chooses to participate in trials

Four Mexicans detained with $13 million

in methamphetamine in Vancouver

Saudi Arabian Officials Announce

Cease-Fire in Yemen Amid

Coronavirus Pandemic

Kushner’s team seeks national


surveillance system

Farmers are panic-buying to keep America's

95 million cows fed.3.

Coronavirus Update: Already Struggling

Small Businesses In South Bay

Being Targeted

By Robbers

US hits new record for highest number of

coronavirus deaths in a DAY: 1,917

fatalities are reported in 24 hours to bring

death toll to 12,935 while infections surpass 402,383

US Sends Military Ships to Caribbean Sea 

to Disrupt Drug Cartels and Cut Off 

Socialist Maduro Regime Transfers of 

Illegal Drugs

Pentagon considers new moves,

including Stop Loss program,

to maintain force amid coronavirus crisis

Pacific's monster storm Harold moves on to Fiji

Trump looms large over an aircraft carrier's

struggle with the coronavirus

that has upended the Navy

How China Is Using Mask Diplomacy

to Shape Its Political Narrative

Covid 19 coronavirus: Celebrated singer-

songwriter John Prine dies at age 73

Dr. Fauci says people should 'just forget about

shaking hands' even after the coronavirus threat is over

Israeli man arrested on charges of spying for Iran

Maduro Says Possible to Find Solutions on

Oil Market Stabilisation at OPEC+ Meeting

'Mission essential' modifications allow flight

training to continue at Vance Air Force Base

The CDC's Revised Face Mask Advice Is 

Based on Information That Was Available Months Ago

France: 1,400 coronavirus deaths in one day

China lifts Wuhan travel ban, Britain,

NY report record deaths

In Wisconsin, Republicans are more

afraid of losing elections than

they are of COVID-19

Talks between Afghanistan government 

and Taliban hit a snag

Trump threatens World Health

Organization funding

US ambassador denies supplies 

to fight COVID-19 have been blocked

Acting Navy Secretary Modly resigns

NY has biggest 1-day jump in virus deaths

Rand Paul says he has recovered

from COVID-19 and is volunteering at a hospital

Stark photos show miles-long row     

of cars waiting outside a Florida food

bank as 

demand surges by 600 per cent 

and more than half-a-million residents 

file for unemployment

Sailors slam Navy for virus response on ships,

Naval Base San Diego

China Appointed to U.N. Human Rights Group 

Despite Routine Human Rights Violations

Australian Court Overturns Sex 

Abuse Conviction of Cardinal George Pell

Bodies found after canoe accident claims 

two members of the Kennedy family

Military Exercise Defender Europe-20 

Is Cancelled: What Does It Mean For  

The Baltic States

Coronavirus death toll officially    

passes 10,000 in U.S., with nearly

half in New York

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson 

moved to intensive care

U.S. airlines want a $50 billion bailout.

They spent $45 billion buying back their stock.

5G-coronavirus conspiracy theory spurs rash

of telecom tower arson fires

U.S. oil industry pumps near record 

volumes even as demand and prices collapse

Bulgaria offers free education

and scholarships for Bulgarians living abroad

Federal judge orders new hearing after

siding with woman accused of spying for Russia

So It Begins: US Military Counter-Narcotics 

Operation Starts By Killing LeBaron Family 

“Mormon Massacre” Assassins!

Several killed in Mexico drug cartel violence

Official IMHE Model for Coronavirus

Used by CDC Just Cut Their Numbers by Half!...

They're Making It Up As they Go Along!

Govt. Models Overestimated Hospitalizations

by 8 Times; ICU Beds by 6.4 Times;

Ventilators Needed by 40.5 Times

Virus hot spots in South poised 

for disproportionate suffering

US braces for 'Pearl Harbor moment' 

as coronavirus death toll rises

Japan To Declare State Of Emergency

On April 7

Food Banks Overwhelmed As America's

"Working Poor" Starve During Lockdown

Despite Soaring Body-Count Across

The Nation, Americans Continue To

'Resist' Lockdown Orders

Scotland's chief medical officer

resigns after flouting own coronavirus guidance

Mexico's president to lay out 'unorthodox' 

coronavirus plan to help economy, poor

Covid-19 coronavirus: Norway shows

a network of test labs is key to success

Guatemala seeks curbs on U.S.

deportation of immigrants

Syrian refugees villainized as

Turkey faces costs of coronavirus

UN chief urges govts to protect women

during virus lockdown

Turkey pursues Libya campaign 

despite growing financial woes

Bill Gates calls coronavirus pandemic a

‘nightmare scenario,’ but predicts lower

death toll than Trump

Hong Kong government censures

public broadcaster for raising question

on Taiwan’s WHO membership status
The station calls it a move to

"shoot the messenger"

Anti-parasitic drug kills coronavirus

within 48 hours in lab grown cells

Russia Cancels Evacuation Of

Citizens Stuck Overseas,

Promises To Resume

19 killed in clash between drug gangs in

northern Mexico

Turkey reports 3,013 new COVID-19 cases,

76 deaths in 24 hours

‘Look at New York where rich people 

live’: Imran Khan warns Pakistan on Covid-19

Eleven Killed, Four Injured in Coal

Mine Explosion in Colombia

Two dead, five more injured as 

knifeman runs rampant in French town 

under lockdown

Waiting for the Next Historic Number:

Global Economy Week Ahead

Britain set for long lockdown as 

death toll rises to 4,313

Store owners boarding up buildings

across Manhattan

Mainland China sees rise

in new coronavirus

Trump: 'Going to be a lot of death' in U.S.

next week from coronavirus

U.S. attorney general orders release of

more federal inmates due to

coronavirus pandemic

El Salvador’s Reformist President 

Takes an Autocratic Turn

Russian long-range supersonic

bombers perform tasks in the Pacific

Russian Telecom Provider Begs People

to Stop Sending Coronavirus Memes,

Not Overload Network

Kenya’s Covid-19 survivors speak

Merkel back to office after 

ending self-quarantine

Navy relieves captain who raised

alarm about coronavirus outbreak

on aircraft carrier

Coronavirus cases reach 1 million worldwide,

death toll hits 50K

Trump’s Saudi-Russia Oil Gambit

Faces Resistance at Home

Biden joins fellow US Democrats in

call for easing Iran sanctions

Turkey finally releases epidemic

figures: coronavirus epicenter in Istanbul

Oil Market Still Under Pressure

Despite Record Futures Surge

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Coronavirus

Curbs on Children and Older People

Are Ill-Conceived

What to watch: Key data points as

US nears 1 in 1,000 infected

U.S. Army rolls into Seattle with 

field hospital built for combat

Iran, US Heat Up War of Words

Coronavirus: Half of humanity

now on lockdown as 90 countries

call for confinement

Two-Thirds Support Closed-Borders

for Their State, Fines for Social

Distancing Violators

Disaster in motion: 3.4 million

travelers poured into US

as coronavirus pandemic erupted

Germans snitch on neighbours flouting virus rules,

in echo of the Stasi past

Democrats Create Select Committee

to Investigate Trump’s Coronavirus Response



Italy Reports Leveling Off of Virus Deaths,

New Cases

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Addresses Nation on Coronavirus Pandemic

Pakistan Court Overturns Conviction

in Death of Daniel Pearl

New York's scramble to brace for 

peak crisis is warning for rest of U.S.

Los Angeles mayor says all

residents should wear masks

Venezuelan Expats Hopeful After 

US Indictment of Regime Figures

Cambodia Halts Hydropower Construction

on Mekong River Until 2030

China is bracing for a second

wave of coronavirus

Turkish forces hack regime forces’

communications and threaten ‎‎them

with death if they breach ceasefire

Coronavirus: Fearing 'losing ground'

to drug cartels during pandemic,

Trump sends in military

Trump says Iran planning to 

attack US troops in Iraq

Climate summit in Glasgow postponed

to 2021 because of coronavirus -officials

France Reports Record Number

of COVID-19 Deaths in 24 Hours

Military will begin evacuating

aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus

Trump warns 240,000 people in the

US could die as result of coronavirus

Govt set to release 'contact tracking' 

app which detects nearby virus carriers

European experts ready smartphone 

technology to help halt coronavirus spread

Pentagon Seeking 100,000 Body

Bags for Civilians in Crisis

Florida governor Ron DeSantis finally 

issues a statewide lockdown after 

revealing coronavirus 

first started circulating in Miami in 

early February during the Super Bowl and state

cases surge to 6,955

Biden: States Should Prepare

for Remote Voting in 2020 Elections

Prince Charles tells Brits to

‘look forward to better times to come’

after battling coronavirus

Fed steps in once again to try to

smooth out lending markets

Concerns Grow Over Wuhan

Doctor Amid Call For Return to Work

White House projects 100K to 240K

US deaths from virus

Trust the CDC? A Reminder of When The

Former head of The CDC Was Arrested on

Sex Abuse Charges

Army National Guardsman Tells

Project Veritias ‘It’s the Flu! It’s the Flu!’

Some Good News: Navy’s Stealth 

Destroyer Almost Ready for Combat

Coronavirus: Trump says wear

scarves as face masks to fight

COVID-19 'plague'

Migrant workers in India sprayed with disinfectant


Syria claims it shot down missiles

fired from Israeli warplanes

The Inspector General’s Disturbing FISA Memo

New York hospitals overflowing with bodies

Australia Bans Exports of Medical Supplies

After Items Sent in Bulk

to China Amid COVID-19 Pandemic




A Major Medical Staffing Company

Just Slashed Benefits for Doctors

and Nurses Fighting Coronavirus

Pence task force freezes coronavirus

aid amid backlash

McConnell: ‘I Still Think We Have an

Excellent Chance to Hold on to Our Majority’

Arrest Warrant Issued For Florida Pastor 

Who Defied Order To Suspend Church Service

New York governor begs for help

amid ‘staggering’ death toll

DC mayor threatens jail time for

leaving home during coronavirus

Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million,

unemployment rate may hit 32%, Fed estimates

Chinese researchers isolated deadly 

bat coronaviruses near Wuhan animal market

Global lockdown tightens as

virus deaths mount

France Reports Largest Single-Day

Jump In Deaths, Virginia Issues

'Stay At Home' Order

Yellowstone slaughters wild bison to

shrink park’s herds

Trump Downplays China’s 

Coronavirus Disinformation: 

‘They Do It And We Do It’

IRS orders office evacuation, affecting most

agency employees

Deborah Birx: Could Be Up to 200,000

Deaths ‘if We Do Things Almost Perfectly’

Dutch museum says van Gogh

painting stolen in overnight raid

Saudi Arabia to raise oil exports to

record high

Colombia's ELN guerrillas declare

unilateral cease-fire amid coronavirus

Prince Harry, Meghan post final message

as working members of the Royal Family

N.Y. Virus Deaths Hit 1,200;

Rise in Infections Is Slowing

Dolly Parton Believes Coronavirus Pandemic

Is a 'Lesson' From God

Police Break Up Funeral With 40 To 60

People At Northwest Side Church

Amid Stay-At-Home Order

Governor issues stay-at-home order

for South Florida

The next American struggle:

Waiting out the coronavirus

Italy Risks Losing Grip in South With

Fear of Looting, Riots

Pandemic-Related Unemployment 

and Shutdowns Are a Recipe for Social Unrest

Harlem Detective Is First NYPD Officer

To Die From Coronavirus; Nearly

700 Members Test Positive

U.S. military command teams in charge

of protecting homeland security are

being isolated in the infamous

Cheyenne mountain bunker where

they will remain 'sealed off' until

the coronavirus pandemic passes

The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet

of Ventilators. The Mission Failed.

Pandemic Historian: Coronavirus

‘a Disease of Globalization’

Trump says keeping US Covid-19

deaths to 100,000 would be a

‘very good job’

Syria: Riot breaks out at prison

holding IS militants

Tokyo's Sudden Rise in Coronavirus Infections

After Olympic Delay Sparks Questions

N. Korea says it tested


multiple rocket launchers

Indonesia: The rally of
a community facing
a coronavirus threat




Guatemalan deported from US

tests positive for COVID-19: Official

Turkmen, Belarusian diplomats

discuss measures to prevent

spread of coronavirus,_Belarusian_diplomats_discuss_measures_to_prevent_spread_of_coronavirus/

Surviving Globalism and Losing 

Factory Culture in the Embroidery 

Capital of the World



DHS memo says gun stores 'essential'

business as gun-rights groups sue

states closing them

German state minister kills

himself as coronavirus hits economy

Trump Admin Indicts Venezuela’s Maduro

for Drug and Gun Trafficking

Plane catches fire at Manila airport,

killing all 8 aboard

Ukrainian Diaspora in Poland in Flux As

Thousands Attempt to Return Home Due to Coronavirus

Chinese Distributed Faulty Coronavirus

Test Kits Throughout Europe, Reports Indicate

U.S. Space Force Successfully Launches

First Rocket Into Orbit

Fauci says 100,000 to 200,000

Americans could die from coronavirus

Virus pulls federalism debate into 21st Century

Unity must be more than a slogan 

for EU in crisis, says French minister

How bad will the next few weeks

be for California as coronavirus cases surge?

Bishops Accused of Sexual Abuse

and Misconduct
A Global Accounting

CDC asks residents of N.Y., N.J.

and Connecticut to refrain from

'non-essential travel' for 14 days

Trump pushes back against congressional

oversight for $500 billion bailout fund

New York: Quarantine By Trump

Would Be a "Declaration of War"

Italy's coronavirus death toll tops

10,000 – latest updates

North Korea fires two 'projectiles'

into sea in latest apparent missile test

Saudi-led coalition intercepts

missiles over Riyadh, Jizan

Russia’s Rosneft Withdraws from Venezuela

Houthis offer Saudi Arabia POW

swap for jailed Palestinians

Choppy waters await Navy as 

virus strikes aircraft carrier

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s wife

has recovered from coronavirus

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Expands Quarantine

to Louisiana Travelers, Installing Checkpoints

on Roads

Spain: over 5,000 deaths

and 72,000 infected with virus

Suspending The Constitution:

Police State Uses Crises To

Expand Its Lockdown Powers

13 Reasons To Fear The Coming

COVID World Order

Spain sets grim new record with

832 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours

Saudi airline to start repatriation

flights to the UK

Italy, Spain suffer record virus

deaths as infection rate surges

Turkey incited riots at Greek border -

German intelligence report

Terrifying cellphone ‘heat map’ shows

just how much people are still traveling

Hubei Residents Riot After Quarantine

Lifted; Police Beaten With Their Own Shield,

Cop Cars Overturned

"If Getting Us Into $6 Trillion More

Debt Doesn’t Matter, Then Why Not

$350 Trillion?"

Pentagon eyes Chicago, Michigan,

Florida, Louisiana as coronavirus spreads

Coronavirus killing people in

New York City at rate of one every 17 minutes

Congressman Massie denied,

$2 trillion coronavirus bill passed

without a recorded vote

Army Corps of Engineers Commander

Conducts News Briefing

Jacinda Ardern says no change in

Australia's stance to New Zealanders

Mr. No': Meet the U.S. congressman

who requested a formal vote to

delay the coronavirus bill

Trump Rages Against ‘Third Rate’

GOP Congressman for Threatening

to Block Stimulus: Throw Him

‘Out of Republican Party!’

Coronavirus could kill 81,000 in U.S.,

subside in June -Washington University analysis

A Coronavirus Great Awakening?

Italy tops 9,000 coronavirus deaths,

overtakes China in cases

The world has entered a recession,

worse than 2009 financial crisis: IMF Chief...

North Macedonia becomes 30th

member of NATO

Cat found infected with coronavirus

in Belgium

Amazon driver deliberately

SPITTING on a package

and rubbing it in with his hands

Bill Gates warns lockdown could

last 10 WEEKS and should be ‘nationwide’

United Airlines warns aid isn’t enough

to avoid workforce cuts

Irish PM tells nation to stay home to

slow coronavirus spread

US Space Force launches first

mission despite coronavirus

Mexican governor says poor are

immune to coronavirus

UN sees guns go silent as world faces

off against common enemy

Vietnam Will Stockpile 190,000 Tons

of Rice For Food Safety

Standing too close to one another

in Singapore could now land you in jail

U.S. has most coronavirus cases in world,

next wave aimed at Louisiana

Indonesia may ban Idul Fitri exodus

to stop coronavirus transmission

Asian markets extend gains,

dollar sinks on stimulus pledges

Canada criticizes U.S. proposal to

deploy troops at border

Military tries to calm public fears of martial law

Coronavirus: US overtakes China

with most cases

Benny Gantz, Benjamin Netanyahu

To Form Emergency Government

Those who intentionally spread

coronavirus could be charged as terrorists

Man faces terror charges after

coughing on grocery store worker

Traders Puke After Bernie Sanders

Threatens To Hold Up Coronavirus Package

47,000 Stores Shutter Across The

US As Virtually All Retailers

Stop Paying Rent

Ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson

believed to have died in Iran, family says

New Zealand declares state of emergency




Pharmacies Running Low On

Prescriptions For Other Conditions

Three HUNDRED inmates from

New York City's notorious Rikers Island

with less than a year

left of their sentence will be released

to stop coronavirus spread as prisons

continue to free prisoners to control pandemic

Trump’s Bible study teacher claims

‘coronavirus is God’s punishment

for gay people and environmentalism’

NYC morgues near capacity,

DHS briefing warns

Thousands of inmates released

as jails face coronavirus threat

Negative rates come to the US:

1-month and 3-month Treasury bill

yields are now below zero

Nearly half of New York City's

coronavirus cases found in adults under 45

‘I Take My Hat Off to China’: Obama’s

China Ambassador Praises Chinese

Response to Virus

House Stimulus Bills Envision

‘Digital Dollar’ to Ease Coronavirus Recession

US House Wants Economic Stimulus

Payments To Leverage eWallets

House Democrats introduce a $2.5  

trillion coronavirus stimulus plan as

Senate bill stalls

Donald Trump wants US reopened by Easter,

despite biggest jump in coronavirus deaths

Who is Dr. Deborah Birx?

India joins coronavirus lockdown, 

WHO warns US: Live updates

First child in US dies of coronavirus

3 US Navy troops on board aircraft carrier

in Philippines test positive for coronavirus

in first-ever case on deployed ship

'Coronavirus is very, very infectious':

Expert describes how one patient could

infect up to 59,000 others as the virus is

almost THREE TIMES more infectious

than flu

Trump, New York's Cuomo clash over

federal response to virus

Mortgage Firms Brace for Wave

of Missed Payments as Coronavirus

Slams Homeowners

Gov. DeSantis derides those 

'bringing the virus' from hot zone

MSM FEAR CONT.........
Coronavirus Traces Lingered in

Vacated Cruise Cabins for 17 Days

Iranian Officials Stole More Than

$1 Billion in Humanitarian Coronavirus Funds,

Pompeo Says

The UK has gone into full

coronavirus lockdown

US Slashes Assistance to Afghanistan

After Leaders Fail to Reach Deal

South Africa announces biggest COVID-19 

lockdown on African continent

China reports doubling of

coronavirus infections

WHO warns: Virus is accelerating

Italy’s unions threaten general strike over

‘war economy’ decree

Libya: Two expats killed in raid by

Haftar forces in Tripoli

UAE takes tough measures to

beat coronavirus

Sudan to impose partial curfew

over coronavirus

'I know, but what do you want me to do?':

Fauci's strikingly honest review of

Trump's coronavirus response

California police to use Chinese-made

patrol drones with night-vision cameras

during coronavirus lockdown

November could turn into ‘election by mail’

due to coronavirus

Gilead Suspends Emergency Drug Access

In Unprecedented Move, Fed Unveils 

Open-Ended QE Including Corporate Bonds

The Fed Is Now Buying Investment

Grade Bond ETFs Like LQD

Trump Weighs Easing Stay-At-Home

Restrictions To Curb Economic Chaos

The Federal Reserve just pledged

asset purchases with

no limit to support markets

Surgeon General has coronavirus warning:

'This week, it's going to get bad'

Secret Service employee tests 

positive for coronavirus

Lost sense of smell could be a

peculiar clue to coronavirus infection

Pompeo arrives in Afghanistan

on urgent visit

Saudi Arabia imposes curfew, UAE

halts passenger flights as coronavirus

grips Middle East

Rand Paul becomes first known

senator to test positive for coronavirus
Paul tweeted that he "is feeling fine

and is in quarantine."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel 

in quarantine after a doctor tests 

positive for coronavirus

India at 'critical stage' in 

coronavirus outbreak

PA premier declares wide-scale 

lockdown to head off spread of virus

Riot in Colombia prison leaves 23 dead,

government says

Egypt's el-Sisi says handling 

coronavirus crisis 'transparently'

Global majority supports closing

borders over coronavirus

Syria Confirms 1st Coronavirus Case

Synagogues in Argentina completely

close due to nationwide coronavirus lockdown

Ireland readying 'significant'

coronavirus income aid

Turkey’s Coronavirus death toll raises to 30,

289 new cases - health minister

Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer

help those over 60

L.A. County gives up on containing

coronavirus, tells doctors to skip

testing of some patients

L.A. to Move Homeless into

Neighborhood Recreation Centers

Cuomo warns 80% will get virus over

‘9 months’ as Mnuchin tells 80m to

prepare for 12-week shutdown

Fed will make up to $4 trillion in loans

to businesses to rescue the U.S. economy,

Mnuchin says

DOJ seeks new emergency powers

amid coronavirus pandemic
One of the requests to Congress

would allow the department to

petition a judge

to indefinitely detain someone

during an emergency.

Washington, D.C., Closes Streets to Prevent

Coronavirus Transmission

The dangers of using

a filter mask

Iran leader refuses US help,

citing virus conspiracy theory

Strong Earthquake Shakes Croatia,

Damages Buildings

Spain new coronavirus deaths cross 1,700

Singapore, Vietnam impose stricter

entry bans to curb COVID-19

Libya: 1 killed, 2 injured in attack 

by Haftar forces

Toilet paper theft in UK: 3 people detained

Turkey imposes a curfew on a specific

class of its citizens

Intelligence officials' early alarms

about possible pandemic went unheeded

The development of the fastest

computer in the world to help eliminate


Huge chunk of Yellowstone National Park,

the size of Chicago, is 'breathing' in and out

due to magma trapped underneath the surface

Country music icon Kenny Rogers dies

Much of life comes to a standstill

as countries shut themselves off from

the rest of the world

Election limbo as coronavirus

outbreak upends US primaries

Spanish coronavirus cases surge

by 5,000 overnight

'Let's go to battle': New Slovak

government takes office amid

coronavirus fight

Army Blocks Streets in Milan 

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Jordan starts nationwide curfew 

as virus spreads in Mideast

Egypt shuts mosques and 

churches over coronavirus fears

Pakistan suspends international

flights for two weeks

WHO warns young people 'not invincible,’

death toll exceeds 11,400

Military Role Widens in

Pandemic Response

U.S. jobless claims may reach 2.25 million,

Goldman Sachs economist estimates

NIH director: Up to 70K coronavirus

cases could be confirmed in US by

end of next week

Ethiopian Airlines suspends flights

to 30 countries

The Libyan army accuses Turkey of   

transporting “mercenaries” on flights

to return the stranded to Misurata

UAE weather: Dubai hit by spectacular 

lightning and rain storm

Trump eyes 2 week quarantine,

only drug, grocery stores open

Taiwan says WHO ignored Dec warning

‘I want nothing less than some kind

of martial law imposed by the government,

and to hell with civil liberties

and human rights. Supermarkets

should be compelled to operate

rationing system’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer not 

enacting ‘martial law’; National Guard 

activated for coronavirus aid

Four senators dumped millions in stocks

while Capitol Hill was being briefed on

the coronavirus threat but BEFORE

markets started tanking

Senator Dumped Up to $1.7 Million of 

Stock After Reassuring Public About 

Coronavirus Preparedness

Italy calls in military to enforce

lockdown as coronavirus deaths rocket

UAE announces first two deaths

from coronavirus: WAM

S. African Airways suspends int'l 

flights over COVID-19

With no confirmed cases of COVID-19,

Mozambique prepares for looming outbreak
A lot of misinformation circulates

on social networks

Briefing With Senior State Department Official 

On the Global Oil Market

Coronavirus – Illinois joins New York 

and California to give ‘stay at home order’ 

affecting 20% of citizens

Ayatollah’s American Allies Seize

on Pandemic in Fresh Push for Sanctions Relief

Netflix to slow Europe transmissions

to avoid broadband overload

NATO expects members to maintain 

investment despite COVID-19 crisis

Counterfeit coronavirus test kits 

seized at Chicago airport

Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who once ran 

crypto-currency firm, sold off stock 

ahead of coronavirus market crash

Kremlin Under Siege From

Simultaneous Health, Economic Crises

America’s Commandos Deployed

to 141 Countries

California Governor Issues

‘Stay at Home’

Order for Residents

Candace Owens Responds With


Rep Omar Attacks Ivanka’s Family

Escobar: China Locked In Hybrid War With US

"He Must Resign From The Senate

And Face Prosecution": Tucker Carlson

Blasts Burr For Liquidating Stock

While Downplaying COVID

NASA Warns Two Asteroids Could  

Cause Atmospheric Explosion Over

Earth This Week

Frustration mounts at Trump's 

reluctance to use emergency  

production powers

After Long Legal Battle, India Hangs

Four Brutal Rapists, For Second

Time in Recent Years

Coronavirus in Italy: Military transports 

coffins as death toll overtakes China

29 soldiers killed in terrorist attack in Mali

Haiti Confirms First Two Cases of COVID-19

This is what coronavirus numbers 

look like in the United States

China Boots U.S. Journalists

Revealed: the great European refugee scandal

400 foreigners stranded in

Panama after 'tribal' festival

Coronavirus Origins: Covid-19

Wasn’t Produced In A Lab, Scientists Conclude

Florida congressman tests positive

for coronavirus

England's schools to close

and exams cancelled

European Central Bank announces

€750B coronavirus stimulus

Canada announces USD 56.4 billion stimulus 

package to help people buy groceries, pay rent

Australian airline Qantas to cut

all international flights

Iran to pardon 10,000 including

'security' prisoners

Markets Enter New Phase—

Where Cash Is All That Matters

HIV drug combo fails as treatment

for severe COVID-19 in China study

Drive-thru coronavirus test sites

popping up slowly across America

Trump taps emergency powers as virus

relief plan proceeds

NYSE to temporarily close floor, 

move to electronic trading 

after positive coronavirus tests

Hello from Italy. Your future is grimmer 

than you think.

Why The Financial Sector Now Rules

The Global Economy

US-Canada border to close amid virus crisis

Army stops unit rotations to combat 

training centers

Italy CCP Virus Death Count Jumps to 2,503

Mnuchin proposes US$500B in

checks based on income, family size

Turkey closes land borders with Greece, 

Bulgaria, amid coronavirus outbreak

Zimbabwe Health Official Says

Management of Coronavirus Key in

Curbing Infections

Will the ICJ Myanmar Ruling Help

Bring Accountability for the Rohingya Crisis?

Utah hit with its strongest earthquake

since 1992

Scotland and Wales to close schools

by Friday due to coronavirus

Eurovision cancelled

US Imposes New Iran-Linked Sanctions

on Seven Entities

Democratic Party Symbol Changed

to Rat on Google Search Results

Detect, Deter, & Annihilate: How      

The American Police State Will Deal

With The Outbreak

US plans to turn back migrants 

caught at Mexican border

South Korea reports 93 new coronavirus

cases, total 8,413: KCDC

Kim Jong Un orders large new

Pyongyang General Hospital to be

built by October

White House, Fed rolling out big 

plans to save US economy

Iraq appoints new prime minister 

amid political deadlock

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases-UPDATED

Pentagon Preparing Navy Hospital

Ships Mercy, Comfort for Coronavirus Response

Anger builds over virus dangers

in immigration courts

Coronavirus Spreads To All 50 States

As 1st Case Reported In West Virginia;

NYPD Officer Tests Positive

European Union seals borders

to most outsiders

U.S. government, tech industry looking 

to harness your phone’s location data 

to combat coronavirus

People with Type A blood are

MORE likely to catch coronavirus

than those with Type O, study claims

Philippines Suspends All Financial Markets

Singapore Says Prepared for 

Malaysia Food Supplies Disruption

Iraq Daily Roundup: One Killed;

Clashes at Baghdad Protest

Ron Paul: The Coronavirus Hoax – OpEd

France deploys 100,000 security

forces for coronavirus

China imported new coronavirus

infections top local ones for 4th day

Maduro Declares Quarantine in 

Venezuela Over COVID-19 Starting on Tuesday

EU Confidential coronavirus

edition #1: Shutdowns & lockdowns

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

Boris Johnson tells 1.4m they

must stay in for 12 WEEKS

Fed says it will offer an additional

$500 billion in overnight repo funding markets

Coronavirus shutdown threatens jobs

As the coronavirus pandemic grows,

gun sales are surging in many states

Iran on ‘Warlike’ Footing as Senior 

Leader Admits He Has Coronavirus

Russian Scholars, Legal Experts

Sign Up Against 'Constitutional Coup'

Coronavirus: Malaysia in partial

lockdown from March 18 to limit outbreak

SCOTUS Postpones Hearings, Including

For Trump Financial Doc Cases,

Due To COVID-19

Coronavirus Pandemic Death Toll Tops

6,500 Deaths Worldwide, About

170,000 Confirmed Cases

How Romanians are turning a hidden

legacy of seismic risk into an

opportunity for disaster resilience

Somalia Confirms First Case of Coronavirus

Hezbollah says it won’t oppose

IMF aid under ‘reasonable conditions’

Rich People Are Raising Cash From

Their Art Collections

Dr. Anthony Fauci urges 'national shutdown'

as coronavirus spreads

EU executive proposes shutting

bloc's external borders for 30 days

Exclusive: Fed is ‘throwing money in

the wrong place,’ says Sheila Bair,

former top banking regulator

Turkey-Russia patrols start amid

protests on Syrian highway

Donald Trump 'strongly considering full pardon'

for Michael Flynn

Egyptian army officers said to be

infected with coronavirus

India Proposes Emergency Fund for SAARC

Saudi Arabia reports 15 new coronavirus

cases raising total to 118

Venezuela Urges Colombia to

Cooperate Over Coronavirus Outbreak

NZ central bank slashes rate to 0.25%

UN calls for calm in Iraq after latest

round of strikes on US targets

Slovakia declares state of emergency  

over coronavirus, orders shop closures

In the Middle East, Coping With the 

Coronavirus Is a Laughing Matter

Top US Infectious Diseases Doctor

Warns China About New ‘Blip’

in Coronavirus Cases

Iran Praises UAE’s Support for Its

Corona Fight

Italy hits one-day record with 368

new coronavirus deaths - latest updates

Coronavirus vs. Constitution

Strong quarantine measures in 

Italy but questions remain elsewhere

Turkey’s first coronavirus case shuts schools, 

impacts sports

America shuts down

Congress shutting US Capitol, House 

and Senate office buildings to public 

until April 1 in reaction to coronavirus

The entire country of Norway is 'shutting down'

Omar marries political consultant,

months after affair claim

Coronavirus In Ohio: State To

Shut Down All K-12 Schools For

The Next 3 Weeks

Trudeau and wife Sophie in self-isolation

"It caused a mass panic": travellers

in Europe rush to get back to US after

Trump order

Chelsea Manning ordered

released from jail

Fed to pump in more than $1 trillion in dramatic

ramping up of market intervention amid coronavirus meltdown

Trump to find out TOMORROW if

leader he shook hands with has coronavirus

79-year-old man becomes third victim in Lebanon;

15 nurses quarantined

U.S. targets Army Commander 

Shavendra Silva in Human Rights Report

Coronavirus: Up to 70% of Germany

could become infected - Merkel

Super-rich jet off to disaster bunkers

amid coronavirus outbreak

Middle East countries report more

coronavirus cases

China coronavirus epicentre records

digit cases as restrictions eased

Twenty-six Iraqi fighters killed in east Syria strike

Turkey largely agreed with Russia 

on details of Idlib ceasefire: Anadolu

Hospital staff in NSW told to prepare

for 8,000 coronavirus deaths

Egypt's intelligence chief meets

with Kiir in Juba

US airstrike in Somalia said to have

killed 6 civilians

Turkey’s Failed Gamble in Syria

Islamic Jihad chief, Russian FM

discuss US Mideast scheme, Palestinian unity

Trump urged Mnuchin to pressure

Fed's Powell on economic stimulus

in explosive tirade about coronavirus

Dow drops 1,400 points and tumbles

into a bear market, down 20% from

last month’s record close

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Test Positive

For Coronavirus As Outbreak Hits

‘Elvis Presley’ Film

Erdogan Stands by Russia Despite

Syrian Tensions

Pentagon Issues Multiple Contracts

for Development of Mobile Nuclear Reactor

Al Qaeda’s West African branch

seeks French withdrawal, then negotiations

Tunisia arrests 5 over attack near US embassy

Bernie Sanders: ‘Unlike Secretary Clinton,

I Don’t Want to Relive 2016’

36 Iranians Die of Alcohol Poisoning

Trying to Kill Coronavirus

Seattle’s Patient Zero Spread Coronavirus

Despite Ebola-Style Lockdown

Michigan Republican Mayor Who Voted For

Trump Switches To Biden:

‘Even More Deranged Now Than I Thought Then’

Israel seals itself off from

international travel

Putin approves legal changes in

bid to stay in power until 2036

3 things you need to know about

the coronavirus today

US commander says Taliban are not

keeping 'their part of the bargain'

Joe Biden in heated argument

with Michigan factory worker

NJ Announces 1st COVID-19 Death;

NY Deploys National Guard to New Rochelle

Secret Service faces unique challenge

of protecting Trump from coronavirus


Italy's coronavirus lockdown upends the

most basic routines and joys

Trump’s New Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows

Self-Quarantines After Possibly Meeting

Individual With Coronavirus

U.S. coronavirus threat fuels demand

for traditional herbal remedies

Canada’s First COVID-19 Death    

Believed to Be in B.C. Care Home

New York Prison Labor Makes Hand Sanitizer,

Prepares to Dig Graves if

Coronvirus Worsens

Trump Admin Infighting Over Open

Skies Treaty Infuriates GOP Hawks

Hoyer says Congress will stay at

work amid coronavirus — for now

Italy orders total lockdown over coronavirus

Markets plunge, WHO warns pandemic

risk 'very real' as virus spreads

Italy Expands Quarantine Throughout

Country As Coronavirus Cases, Deaths Surge

The Biggest Risk Is Not The Crash,

But How Long Asset Prices Remain

At Current Levels

Black Woman Carves "White Pride" Into

Sidewalk Outside Black-Owned Gym

Ireland cancels all St. Patrick’s Day

parades amid coronavirus outbreak

Two US troops killed by

‘enemy forces’

in Iraq: Pentagon

Ousted Diyarbak?r mayor sentenced

to 9 years in prison on terrorism charges

Mexican women hold historic

nationwide strike

35 killed in Ghana bus collision and fire

Turkey's handling of migrant

and refugee crisis 'unacceptable,' says Merkel

Canadian government says slumping

oil prices are a major concern

Syrian figures to found new opposition body abroad

Greece suspends all flights to

northern Italy on coronavirus

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302:

"The pain is unbearable"

Sudan's Prime Minister survives

assassination attempt

Trial of suspects in shooting down of flight MH17

begins in the Netherlands

Ireland set to cancel St. Patrick's

Day parades amid virus fear

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global  

Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

Criminals Cash In on Coronavirus

Officials not ruling out shutting down

mass transit in wake of coronavirus

American troops on their way out of 

Afghanistan under terms of peace deal

Fed to step up cash injections for 

banks to guard against market pressure

Bank Stocks Plunge Along With Oil Prices

Dow plummets 2,000 points, S&P 500 

sinks more than 7% amid oil price war

Oil prices plunge as much as 30% after

OPEC deal failure sparks price war

Coronavirus: Doctor says high

blood pressure a major death risk

End The Fed!

Sailor in Italy, Marine in Virginia

Test Positive for Coronavirus

Dem Rep. Speier: Trump Putting

‘His Most Ardent Supporters at Risk’

By Not Canceling Rallies

"This Is The Most Frightening Disease

I've Ever Encountered In My Career"

Says Architect Of National Pandemic Strategy

Meet The International Bank Head That

Swindled Millions Using Lawyers

And Crooked Bankers

Assume Crash Positions: Goldman

Cuts Brent Price Target To $30

"With Possible Dips Near $20"

USDJPY Crashes, Commodity

Pairs Plunge,

Oil Said To Open Down $10

Middle East Stocks Crater; Kuwait Halted;

Aramco Below IPO; Dow Indicated Down 500